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  1. I'm afraid I'm going to have to withdraw my bid, my Fiance has booked ticket to our first destination (South Africa) only next week. I wish the best of luck to the other applicants.

    Cairo Withdraws 2028 Olympic Bid

    Cairo, Egypt.

    It has been reported that the Egyptian Capital Cairo will have to withdraw it's bid for hosting the Summer Olympics in the year 2028. A vote ended the Egyptian Capital's dreams in hosting the games. 'It is very unfortunate that the vote came down to this' said a rather disappointed citizen. 'The Games are not meant to be here, it will cost us too much' said another citizen who was rather pleased with the voting results. It seems Egypt has no interest in hosting the games now, but the Cairo'28 Bid Comittee hinted a possible 2032 Bid.

  2. Cairo'28 Bid Members inspect proposed Venues in Alexandria

    Alexandria Egypt.

    As reported earlier tonight, Alexandria will host 4 events if Cairo wins the rights to host the Summer Olympic Games in 2028. The following sports will be hosted in Alexandria:


    -Canoe Kayak Slalom


    -Football (Preliminaries)

    Several members of Cairo'28 were sent to inspect the proposed sites in Alexandria, the Alexandria Stadium is amongst the proposed venues. There is likely to be a Inspection Report which will be sent back to the Headquaters in Cairo. We will report back to you as soon as possible.

  3. Cairo to release bid video soon:

    Cairo, Egypt.

    It has just been reported during a meeting held by the Cairo 2028 Bid Team that member have been working on a promotional video that will soon be released. The video will cover the venues that are going to be used during the games in Cairo and Alexandria. It has also been reported that only 4 sports will be hosted by Alexandria and the rest will be hosted by Cairo.

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  4. Cairo to include Alexandria in 2028 Olympic Bid:

    Cairo, Egypt.

    Soon after the announcement that the Egyptian Capital Cairo will be bidding for the 2028 Summer Olympics, a presentation was shown to the Egyptian Olympic Committee which would include details of the venues, accommodation and more. The presentation also included that Cairo will include Alexandria in its bid. Alexandria was a candidate for the 1920 Summer Olympics which were given to Antwerp, Belgium respectively.

  5. Cairo to bid for the 2028 Summer Olympics:

    Cairo, Egypt.

    Minutes ago in front of a huge crowd, Cairo announced it will be bidding for the Summer Olympic Games in 2028. There was a mixed reaction after the bid was announced, many were angered by the idea but the anger was soon taken over by the roar of the majority of the citizens who were pleased by the thought. 'I strongly believe it's Africa's turn and what other place can we celebrate the first African Games than Cairo?' Said an overjoyed citizen. Cairo made a previous attempt in hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics, but did not make the shortlist. Alexandria also bid for the 1920 Summer Olympics but they were given to Antwerp, Belgium respectively. Cairo's current and only competition is a joint bid from Copenhagen and Malmo. We wish all other applicants the very best!

    Details on our logo and applicant file will soon be revealed.

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  6. That's kind of how I felt about Pyeongchang 2018 and Tokyo and Istanbul for 2020. I'm one who craves details and venue renders, not just of the outside but of the inside and an actual vision of what the games will look like, so when I saw those bid books, I was hugely disappointed when there was hardly any details, just aerial shots of the indoor venues. They really just kind of coasted and didn't care. I thought they were of very poor quality. Of course it doesn't mean that they won't put on a decent Olympics and all the actual venues usually end up looking totally different, but still, I'm someone who likes to see what kind of vision and ideas they have and when they don't do that, it kind of is a big let down.

    Yeah, me too, I usually go for the Details and Venue Renders....

    Lille's 2004 bid book was very poor grade. Talk about being sloppy. They had a mix of artistic renditions and poor 90's renders and even a simple aerial view with drawn rowing course.

    It's like they weren't even trying.

    Well, I still want them and I will keep looking for them until I find it.

  7. Wowza, that's crazy! I'm surprised Quebec ever got approved as a candidate considering there is no ski hill in the province with a hill high enough to hold Alpine events. At least in the speed category. I'm keeping my fingers crossed Vancouver pops up soon! :) Hopefully you can find what you are looking for too!

    Probs the reason they wounded up last place. I remember being there, I was a little girl and we were on vaccation in Quebec, we went to see the announcement at the square or whatever it was... There were protesters that were booed out, everyone was disappointed that SLC won and Quebec got eliminated. People were crying etc. Pretty dramatic,,,

    I've been looking for years, San Juan was the one I wanted the mosted along with Lille...

  8. To be honest with the comments coming out of SA it seems they never really wanted this event. With the 2024 Olympic news now out I will not in the least bit be surprised if they skip this altogetherThe commies is too small to get the SA public behind it. People hardly watch it. Yes it would have been for a build towards Olympics but I feel they know they couldore easily get the public behind a 2024. Also with the current energy issues back in the government has zero public sympathy. They know this. This bid would not go down well now and frankly that is probably the reason they have been so hard to commit. I will honestly be surprised to see them go through with a proper bid

    I agree, Durban is showing 0 interest in their bid for the 2022 CG, Edmonton seems miles ahead of them with jusr a website and logo. Durban only released a Promotional Video.... I think they're getting carried away with 2022 SOGs too.

  9. I've been looking for years, but if anyone has an extra Vancouver 2010 Bid Book around that they'd be willing to sell, or if anyone can direct me to where I could purchase one. I would dearly love to get my hands on a copy for sentimental reasons. I know PDF versions can be found, but it's just not the same thing. I'd absolutely love to purchase a physical version, if anyone can help out, direct message me! Thanks a bunch!

    IKR, there are so many PDF Versions but it just ain't like the real thing. I'll be on lookout for a Vancouver set and will message you ASAP if I find one :)

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