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  1. I did some research and found they intended to Bid for the 1996 Winter Olympics, So this kinda shows the Bid was considered back when Winter and Summer OGs were held in the same year. I also found out that they Leningrad 1996 Olympic Committee met with the Committee of Anchorage 1992 basically saying that they will support their bid if they support Leningrad's for 1996.

  2. This Bid has got me really interested over the past few weeks. However, researching on it was extremely difficult, there is like nothing about this Bid that exists apart from:

    This Wikipedia Page:


    And I believe a picture of the Mascot Neptune:


    It's interesting since Saint Petersburg (Leningrad) hosted the Goodwill Games in 1994 too. I wanted to know if Candidature Files or Bid Related Materials were published since the Wikipedia Page shows parts of the Venue Plan but does not tell the source e.e

  3. Oh I'm sure the Opening Ceremony will be amazing! Isn't it the same guy who did the OC for Athens 2004 who is doing this one?? Athens 2004 was my favourite OC of all time, I can't wait to watch this one (I even considered going there just for that, as the cheapest ticket for the OC is like 20€, but the flights there, nope)!

    Is he? I can't wait then! Athens' OC was amazing!

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  4. Hm, I see what you mean, it wasn't Sydney's fault, also, the US Team was plagued with numerous injuries, Morgan White was meant to be on the team but was injured so Tasha Schwikert replaced her, Kristen Maloney and Elise Ray were injured because of the vault too. The US Team was weak, I'm still annoyed they didn't replace Dominique Dawes with Vanessa Atler....Also, Elise was the only one to qualify for Event Finals, it was the first Olympics since 1972 the US did not medal in. Until 2010 of course..

  5. Well, I shouldn't have used 'Screw' I should've instead said 'I hope they prepare the Gymnastics Events with caution' There was a lot of chaos at the 2000 Gymnastics Events:

    -Vault being set 5cm low, many athletes were injured

    -Andreea Raducan was stripped wrongly of her All Around Gold

    -China was stripped of Bronze because Dong Fangxiao was underage

    -Esther Moya was robbed of Bronze on Floor (Thats my opinoon XD)

    Raducan took a cold pill before the All Around, the pill contained a banned substance, 'Apparently' she was stripped because the substance gives you strength, but after some research they found that instead it makes you dizzy. She was still stripped of her gold and that was given to her teammate who won silver, Simona Amanar, Maria Olaru took silver and Liu Xuan took Bronze.

    The Vault was 5cm low during the All Around, Russia's Svetlana Khorkina and USA's Elise Ray, who were favourites to be on the podium, fell on both vaults, they complained, but were ignored. Australia's Allana Slater complained and they found it was 5cm low, They raised it and allowed the gymnasts that fell to redo their vaults. Some were badly injured such as China's Beam Specialist Kui Yuanyuan.

    China was stripped because Dong Fangxiao listed her birthdate was listed two years earlier than it really is, that would make people think Dong was 16 (That was the age limit back then) a

    but was actually 14, they found this out in 2010 and stripped China of Team Bronze and gave that to USA

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