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  1. Port-au-Prince? Haiti having resources? That would be a very long way down the line, I'm afraid.

    Obviously, the three previous host cities could on paper do it again at some point as well. Santo Domingo may not have been great at the time, but with a better organisation it could work again, and so could Havana one day.

    If Havana want to host the Pan Ams or any other Multi-Sports Events (Like the Central American and Caribbean Games) then I would suggest they renovate their Venues because they are in terrible condition, Estadio Panamericano can do with a New Track, Seating & A Decent Paint-Job on the outside. Estadio Pedro Marrero needs more seats and work on the Exterior, Parque Jose Marti Stadium can be demolished and redone. The only decent Stadium in Havana has to be Estadio Latinoamericano. I can see Havana as a host in the future but they need to work on their venues more... I would also see Kingston and San Juan or even Ponce host the Pan Ams in the future too.

  2. So far, there have only been 3 Pan Ams held in the Caribbean, those being:

    -San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1979

    -Havana, Cuba in 1991

    -Santo Domingo, Dominian Republic in 2003

    The last 2 (and the 2 Upcoming) were/are held in either North America or South America. Central America has not hosted yet. So, which Caribbean or Central American City do you think can host the Pan Ams in the future?

  3. Damn it still looks like there's a lot of work to be done. When are these games supposed to be held?

    I know.... But it still looks great! Better than the one Maputo made for 2011:


    ^That Stadium was made with the help of the Chinese...

    The Games are to open on the 4th of September 2015 and are to be closed on 19th September 2015.

  4. I’ve been very eager to set up a Bid Contest!! I went and looked around in the Forums and found there was already a 2023 Pan Ams Comp, but it didn’t finish. I hope to get this Contest from start to finish and I hope we get a variety of entries! To enter, here is what you have to do:

    -Name the City you are bidding with

    -Submit a Logo (With ‘Candidate City’ since I don’t want to do a whole Applicant Phase)

    I will accept 1 US City only, so the first to enter a US City will bid for the US. If I feel kind then I might do more than 1.

    The Deadline for Applicants: Thursday 4th June 2015

    After you have submitted your Logo, you can start work on your Candidature File. It’s up to you whether you create a Full-Sized Bid Book or a Brochure. It must be in PDF Format, However, it must be able to explain the following:

    -An Introduction:

    -Why the City you have chosen will be a Good Host

    - The Concept of the Bid

    -The Venue Plan

    -Maps and Pictures of Venues

    -Media Facilities



    ^That is what is needed but you can add on to it if you want :)

    The Deadline for Candidature Files will be: Sunday 31st June 2015

    If Extensions are needed, I’ll add a week, but that’s all.

    I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! If there are questions, then just leave em below! :)

  5. The 2015 All-Africa Games are just 4 months away, the Games are scheduled to be held in Brazzaville.

    Here is the Official Logo:


    The Venues being built look awesome too! Here is the Main Stadium:



    Actual Thing:


    Brazzaville were award the Games since the 2015 edition would mark the 50th Anniversary of the Inaugural Games (Also held in Brazzaville) in 1965.

  6. Why we're all being charmed by the glitz and glamour of the Baku venues, this is what many of the Azeri citizens are living through now. Once again, everything is just a facade.

    Families living in poverty in the shadow of Azerbaijan's luxury sports stadiums


    As authorities invest heavily in hosting European Games, residents ask who will benefit from the event.



    Fucking circus. I'm so done with these events lately, to be honest. I'm glad they didn't picked Russia for 2019

    Wow..... I do hope in the future they select hosts that have ready built venues that they can use/renovate instead of building new ones... That is sad..

  7. I have sent you my China bid pdf to your email... Lost the file from my HDD, so I forwarded the email

    Thank you so much Griff! I have uploaded the China 2026 Bid Book on FantasyDocs, it may take time for it to show since it is still converting! Please, Please, Please and again, PLEASE send me your Bid Books at KaptainKharisma11@gmail.com Thanks!

    Check the Bid Books out at:



  8. NEWS:

    After a month of neglection, MAJOR Updates are going to be made to the FantasyDocs Library! I will start to hunt down more Bid Books! Be sure to check the FantasyDocs Library more often!

    Link: www.issuu.com/fantasydocs

    I know I keep repeating this, But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE AND PLEASE!!!!!! Can you send links to your Bid Books to this Email:


    Most of the Links here are broken but with your contribution the FantasyDocs Library will expand and I will be truly grateful!

    Thanks! :)

  9. My main target are the Gymnastics Events from the 1991 Pan Ams, I did find coverage but I believe it is partial coverage. I'm searching for:

    -The Compulsories

    -Team Final


    -Event Finals

    If anyone has any of these and are willing to upload them or help me in my search for them then I will be truly grateful.

  10. This is more of a request than a find, I don't know if anyone's into WAG (Women's Artistic Gymnastics) but I sure am, however, the competitions I'm looking for, I cannot seem to find, if anyone has any Gymnastics Coverage then please tell me since I've got like a huge To find list.

  11. I have seen some pictures of the proposed venues, but I can not remember where.

    Were they Renders? That would be interesting! I would imagine Kirov Stadium being the Centerpiece of the Venue Plan whilst the Lenin Sports and Concert Complex hosted a few events.

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