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  1. Memorabilia, what other bid books have you got? I currently have: NONE!!!
  2. Also, the Denver 1976 and Sofia 1992 sets look decent, I asked the seller for pictures so I got to see them. I also found the Toronto 1996 set, I emailed the seller for pics but no reply, probably sold or something. Also that Moscow 1976 book is too expensive.
  3. Shipping of the Bid Books are really pricey, I found the Salt Lake 1998 set for £18.00, I emailed the seller for pictures of the book and it's current condition. They told me shipping is another $75.00!! I'm still buying it though.
  4. Thanks TNMP. I managed to go through the Bid Library via Wayback Machine. Do you still have: Athens 1996 Athens 2004 Sion 2006 2012 Bid Books 2010 YOG Books 2012 YOG Books Madrid 1972 USOC Books Halifax 2014 EURO Bid Books Sorry if I'm asking too much.
  5. I'm fine about the Milan books, thanks for the rest though.
  6. Anyone want Lillehammer 2016? I found a digital version.
  7. I just checked his profile and he was last online on the 22nd of August 2014, so I guess he's been inactive for a while.
  8. No luck, I found out that the user thatsnotmypuppy give bid book downloads. Beijing's Bid Book was available on it's website but now the links are broken.
  9. I've already checked in that one and managed to get London 2012, Sochi 2014 and Vancouver 2010, there was also another thread called "The Bid Library: Now Open!" But that website has been taken down, another thread called "Bid Book Downloads!" Had links Toronto, Istanbul, Beijing 2008 and Eygpt 2010 but they don't work.
  10. Also would love Quebec 2002, Manchester 2000, Salzburg 2010, Anchorage 92 or 94 (Don't matter which one) and Jaca 98 Sorry if I'm requesting too much, but I really want to read these books and see what went wrong with the bids if some are not found then it is fine!
  11. Hi Everyone! I just signed up to this website and I am really happy because there is actually a world that is interesting in not only watching the Olympics, but talking about the bids. Studying bids have been a hobby of mine, I've been called wierd by my friends when I'm asked about my hobbies, but I don't care. Anyways, I see that some people here are very generous and give download links on Bid Books. I love reading Bid Books and the problem I've only read 2, I hope anyone generous will give me download links to the following Bid Books: Toronto 2008 Paris 2008 Istanbul 2008 Leipzig 2012 Milan 2000 Eygpt 2010 Libya/Tunisia 2010 Morocco 2010 If links are given, then thank you to those who do give them. Sorry for spellings or grammar mistakes, I'm typing from my tablet.
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