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  1. Here are some of mine:

    -Olga Korbut's Amazing Backflip on the Beam in Munich.

    -Nadia Comaneci's Perfect 10 in Montreal.

    -Mary Lou Retton's All-Around Gold in LA.

    -Nigeria's Bronze Medal in the Women's 4x100m Relay.

    -US Women's Team Gold in the Team Final in Atlanta.

    I would put the 1996 Relay but I was kinda upset that Nigeria didn't win. They had a great start with Afolabi and then Yusuf made a huge gap behind her, the problem was the 3rd leg, when they passed it to Charity Opara she lost that gap and was overtaken by Kim Graham of USA, Ogunkoya had to do an awful lot to catch up with Jearl Miles who won Gold for USA. If Opara did not run 3rd Leg, then Nigeria would have taken Gold no doubt.

    The Reason I put the 1992 Relay was because of their reaction towards their Bronze finish:

  2. Great Logo! Application Entries end on Friday 5th June 2015 at 18:00 GMT so if anyone else would like to enter I suggest you do ASAP! Here are the Bids so far:

    Houston, Texas, USA (BR2028, LatinXTC)

    Brasilia, Brazil (bairrosfelipe)

    New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (DamC)

    Buenos Aires, Argentina (mr.bernham)

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (plusbrilliantsexploits)

    Withdrawn/Cancelled Bids:

    Havana, Cuba (MissEurasia)

    I am still waiting for logos from New Orleans and Vancouver, I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  3. Welcome! So happy to have you on board! About Vancouver, mr.bernham did ask me if Canada was ruled out due to Toronto and I did say 'Yes' so I think it'd be unfair on mr.bernham if he wanted to do Vancouver, so I'd ask mr.bernham first. Other than that, Welcome!

    Here are the entries/bids so far:

    Houston, Texas, USA (BR2028, LatinXTC)

    Havana, Cuba (MissEurasia)

    Brasilia, Brazil (bairrosfelipe)

    New Orleans, Lousiana, USA* (DamC)

    Buenos Aires, Argentina* (mr.bernham)

    Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada* (plusbrilliantsexploits)

    * Means logo has not been revealed yet.

  4. Can you accept a second U.S. bid pleeaaase? I really want to bid with New Orleans!

    Beacause of that extra long please and me being in a good mood, Sure! I'll cancel the Prelims, I'll accept 3 US Cities.

    * Because

    Here is the List of Entries so Far:

    Houston, Texas, USA (BR2028, LatinXTC)

    Havana, Cuba (MissEurasia)

    Brasilia, Brazil (bairrosfelipe)

    New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (DamC)

    More entries are welcome!

  5. Ok, I have found a few things I missed out on the file requirements, lets go through this again.

    The Candidature File must have the following:

    -An Introduction (Why your chosen City would make a good host, Proposed Dates)

    -The Venue Plan (Include the Capacities of Proposed Venues during the Games)

    -Maps and Pictures of Venues

    -Media Facilities

    -Misc (Accommodation and Weather)

    For Misc you can do either of the two.

  6. Havana submit Bid for 2023 Pan American Games

    Havana, Cuba

    Last night, the Cuban Olympic Committee met with PASO (Pan American Sports Organisation) to discuss it's plans to host the 2023 Pan American Games in Havana. Havana has already hosted the Pan American Games back in 1991, they have also hosted the Central American and Caribbean Games back in 1982. Havana also made 2 unsuccessful attempts at hosting the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics, failing to make the shortlist. In the meeting last night the COC discussed the potential venues for the Games if Havana does host. Venues include sites built for the 1991 Pan American Games such as Estadio Panamericano and Velodromo Reinaldo Paseiro. The COC also revealed their logo:


    (Couldn't upload the Logo, so I just put up a link)

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