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  1. BRASILIA!!!! Congratulations bairrosfelipe! A very well presented Bid Book jam-packed with Info! I'd also like to thank Woohooitsme83 for his awesome Ottawa Bid! Thanks to all who took part! Final Round Results - 1. Brasilia - 7 2. Ottawa - 5 Once again thanks! & Congratulations!
  2. Well, from a lot of Candidates it came down to just 2, I would like to thank everyone else for their enthusiasm and know that making a Bid Book is pretty time consuming. Anyways, back to the voting. Here are the Bid Books: Brasilia (Bairrosfelipe) http://issuu.com/fantasydocs/docs/none-18-brasilia-2023-pan-american- Ottawa (Woohooitsme83) http://issuu.com/woohooitsme83/docs/bidbook_wdv Here is the Poll: http://strawpoll.me/4957850 Voting closes Tomorrow 6PM GMT.
  3. Ok then, it comes down to Ottawa & Brasilia, Voting Poll will be up soon..
  4. Deadline is Today at 6PM GMT! This is the final Deadline, I will NOT extend it anymore, so if no Bid Books are turned in the Brasilia wins.
  5. Glad they got rid of that hideous thing, it was way overdone. The Japanese tend to keep things simple and the outcome of that looks real good so I'm glad they scrapped that design.
  6. Ok, well, the deadline has paased (6PM GMT) We only have 1 Bid Book, therefore I will extend the Deadline one last time to Saturday 6PM GMT. I apologise to bairrofelipe for the long wait and thank him for submitting his Bid Book well before time. I hope everyone else manages to submit something because I won't extend the deadline after that, and that's a pinky promise.
  7. Oh, that's a shame, I thought no one would drop out (Well, I did because I thought we'd lack people) Hope you bid again soon DamC! Everyone else must submit Bid Book before 6:00PM GMT Tomorrow.
  8. Ok, the Deadline is soon coming to can end, You all have rougly a week left! DEADLINE: Wednesday 15th July 2015. Here are a List of Candidates: Houston, Texas, USA (BR2028, Latin XTC) Brasilia, Brazil* (bairrosfelipe) New Orleans, Lousiana, USA (DamC) Buenos Aires, Argentina (mr.bernham) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (plusbrilliantsexploits) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (woohooitsme83) Withdrawn/Cancelled Bids: Havana, Cuba (MissEurasia) *=Already Submitted Bid Book. If no Bid Books are turned in then Brasilia will be announced as the Winner. You can submit Bid Books before the Deadline. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
  9. Looking at just Athletics, then I would definitely include Nigeria. I would've expected these Athletes to have picked up Medals, if not Gold, then a Bronze or Silver: - Oludamola Osayomi: 2010 Commonwealth Games 100m Gold Medallist, later stripped for some stimulant. 2011 Africa Games 100m Gold Medallists and was part of the Bronze Medal winning Nigerian Team in the Women's 4x100 Relay in Beijing. She failed to qualify for the 100m Final. If she qualified, she would have at least taken 4th Place. From looking at the competitiors, it would be really hard for her to get into the Medals against Jeter, Campbell-Brown & Fraser-Pryce. - Blessing Okagbare: 2008 Long Jump Bronze Medallists, 2014 Commonwealth Games 100m and 200m Gold Medallist, Fastest Woman in Africa. I watched her run in the 100m Heats and she was amazing, she caught upto Tianna Madison (Now Bartoletta) really quickly and won her heat. Her performance in the finals was really poor, she wounded up 8th Place. Could've battled Jeter for the Bronze. - Regina George: Nigeria's 400m Specialist. She was a favourite to win a Medal in the 400m. She won her 400m Quarter Finals but after a poor Semis, she did not proceed to the Finals. Falilat Ogunkoya, who won Bronze in the 400m in 1996, Predicted George would be the one who will break her 400m African Record which is 49.10. I do hope Nigeria medal in Rio, Okagbare and George seem very strong. I have not seen much of Osayomi in 2013-Now. I would also look out for the 4x400m Relay Team that'll be lead by George and the 4x100m Relay Team that'll be lead by Okagbare and Asumnu.
  10. Anyone know where I'll be able to watch the Athletics Events for these Games? Kinda hard in the UK because most of the Sports Events broadcasted in Africa do not show here.....
  11. ^^ Looking at all the responses, it seems a Week is not enough so the deadline shall be extended to June 15th. I will take no excuses that day.
  12. 4 Days to go - Extension or no Extension? If completed, start upload your Candidature Files. Brasilia is the only City to have submitted!
  13. Eh, nevermind, on the hunt for Track & Field Coverage, if you have the Track and Field events from the following meets: -2010 Commonwealth Games -2011 World Championships -2012 Olympics -2013 World Championships -2014 Commonwealth Games -2015 World Relay Championships Then please PM me! Also, about that US Gymnastics Team Deduction - The US Team was in Bronze Medal position when they moved onto Uneven Bars, the Alternate, Rhonda Faehn, was given the job to move the Springboards away after a Gymnast mounts the Bars, During one routine, Rhonda moved the Board but stayed on the Podium. The Head Judge, Ellen Berger, took a 0.5 Deduction from that routine because of Rhonda being on the Podium, I find that excuse stupid. Also, East Germany, who used Steroids took Bronze, and what annoys me the most is that Berger is East German.
  14. @Durban Please clear your inbox! Thanks!

  15. I must say, a very nice Bid Book! Good Job! Can't wait to see the others! only 7 Days left! I've added the Brasilia Bid Book to the FantasyDocs Library.
  16. ^You can upload it on a Website like 4Shared or ISSUU and then we can download and read them.
  17. Erm.. the bid won't be evaluated like how the IOC or PASO would do. All I'm going to do is make a new thread which will contain the links to everyone's bid books, after the other users have gone through them, they will vote for the bid of their choice on a poll set up by myself. The bid with the least votes will be eliminated in each round.
  18. 11 days to go! Can't wait to see what you all come up with! If your done, then feel free to post the earlier.
  19. Wow.... Such a shame, would have been great to seem them in The Netherlands, oh well, what's next? Minsk? they were contending against the Netherlands, along with several cities from Poland...
  20. Here something I found (Thanks to Ikarus' advice) Egypt 2009 U-20 World Cup OC: ^Just Part 1 but you can follow on from the side.
  21. Anyone with ANY Gymnastics Coverage from between 1990-2000 and are willing to share then PM Me!

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