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  1. Here's one I found: Currently on the hunt for the 1996 Set (Mainly Atlanta, Belgrade & Melbourne)
  2. The Guy's got some other Havana 1991 stuff too along with the full Opening/Closing Ceremonies of Barcelona 1992.
  3. ITS FINALLY UPLOADED!!! Can't wait to watch it!
  4. Yeah, me too, I usually go for the Details and Venue Renders.... Well, I still want them and I will keep looking for them until I find it.
  5. Probs the reason they wounded up last place. I remember being there, I was a little girl and we were on vaccation in Quebec, we went to see the announcement at the square or whatever it was... There were protesters that were booed out, everyone was disappointed that SLC won and Quebec got eliminated. People were crying etc. Pretty dramatic,,, I've been looking for years, San Juan was the one I wanted the mosted along with Lille...
  6. A friend in Brasil, $600.00 I was like: O DAYUM o.O
  7. Oh Well, turned down Quebec after the outstanding price. Birthday coming soon! Probably going to buy a few sets!
  8. I agree, Durban is showing 0 interest in their bid for the 2022 CG, Edmonton seems miles ahead of them with jusr a website and logo. Durban only released a Promotional Video.... I think they're getting carried away with 2022 SOGs too.
  9. Damn it! Was looking forward to seeing Brasilia host this... Hope Japan or Africa bid since the process has reopened.
  10. IKR, there are so many PDF Versions but it just ain't like the real thing. I'll be on lookout for a Vancouver set and will message you ASAP if I find one
  11. ☺Happy New Year Guys! From Colombia!☺

  12. Well, If the US do bid, the candidate would probably be Anchorage or Salt Lake City or even Denver (Bit hard since they withdrew in 1976), it would be hard for them if they get 2024, Asia can be ruled out straight away, we've seen too many games from them so goodbye Sapporo (Not saying the bid is going to be rubbish or poor, just saying it'll be hard for them too) South America would probably have Santiago (It would be a favourite, but I think they would use this as a test bid for the future?) Leaving Europe, The only strong bids from Europe that I can think of would probably be: Barcelona, Spain The Joint Bid from Norway and Sweden and Sion I'd say the toughest cookie Sion would have to get past is Barcelona...
  13. Sion does have a chance, considering its their 4th time and that IF the US win 2024, but they do have some to tough competition, such as: Quebec, Barcelona and Stockholm, any Asian Bid won't stand a chance, considering Asia would have hosted 3 Games.
  14. Well I go on many google websites (Like Google France or Google Russia) And then I do my typing and start looking!
  15. YES! I've got hands on Quebec! Well, still need to buy it though, my friend's cousin in Sao Paulo has it.
  16. I'm currently looking for: Nagoya 1988 Seoul 1988 Berchtesgaden 1992 (Which I believe I've found somewhere) Paris 1992 (Found a Summary but no sign of the Full Bid Book Set) Belgrade 1992 or 1996 Toronto 1996 Brasilia 2000 (A Photo Album, found) Milan 2000 Beijing 2000 Sochi 2002 (9 Years!) Quebec 2002 San Juan 2004 St. Petersburg 2004 Rio 2004 Osaka 2008 So yeah, I got a pretty long list there...
  17. You Welcome! Happy to help! I enjoy researching so yeah.... anyways, Tominger, you seem to have some rare books, I've read a few of your posts that say you have Sochi 2002 (I've been looking for them for 9 years now!) and now you've found Beijing.... (Another one I'm hunting down!) How do you find this stuff though?
  18. Heres something that talks about the four candidates (Salt Lake City, Quebec City, Ostersund & Sion) http://library.la84.org/OlympicInformationCenter/OlympicReview/1995/oreXXV1/oreXXV1e.pdf
  19. Hmmm.... Well, Puppy did upload their Bid Summary, it did look plain even though it was scanned black and white, you can see they used poor binding on the summary like Berlin did with their bid books, All the other candidates (Including Milan not Brasilia & Tashkent) produced a 3 Volume Bid Book Set, so I think Beijing did the same, I hope thias helps, as for the 2002 Evaluation Report, I will try and look for it, maybe ask Puppy and see if he has anything.
  20. Interesting, Do you still have any contact with him? or even the old URL of the website? I really want to watch the ceremony, I've seen your video and another one, which made me interested in watching the entire thing.
  21. Hmmm..... Anyone found the Havana 1991 Pan American Games OC yet? I've been looking for some time now
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