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  1. 5 Days til the contest is over. Sorry, 4 days. i'm confused with the time on the website because it's set to american time.
  2. I did announce the logo contest earlier but maybe you weren't there when i'd said it.
  3. I'm not extended it again, if no one sends their logos by September 20th, i'm stopping the contest.
  4. I'll be extending the time for the logo contest submitting, the time will be extended for you to send it in is by the 20th of September 2014, Happy logo making and Good luck!
  5. it's a personal bid and it's a logo contest... No questions asked that's final
  6. PLEASE, Please send in your logos in by the 31st of August
  7. I know you've made one before, but this is a new contest and if you don't want to do it, that's fine but i'm allowing other people to make a logo not just you.
  8. here is an example of a forum bid like this; http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/20859-nyc-2024-elimination-round-1/ What i'm doing is when logos are uploaded i'll download them and number them so the people comment which logo they like by typing the number which is on the logo. Make senses It is a personal project, sorry for the confusion i gave you. Ign Sorry for the confusion, It's a personal project
  9. Alright, Firstly, This is a forum bid not a "REAL" Bid. Secondly, Why are you people arguing every day, Please stop, And i'm not wasting my time, I enjoy this but what i don't enjoy is you people arguing. Please
  10. Please send in your logos, you only have until the 24th of August that's when the bid will start.
  11. I'm doing this for real as Melbourne may need some support... Does that FINALLY answer your question? It's supposed to be a supporting website even though it's not made by the AOC. Thank you for that, You're actually the most supportive. 1075 VIEWS, Thank you everyone
  12. What i mean is once people start to make logos for Melbourne 2024 then i'll start a bid,
  13. We are looking for people to create logos of what they think should be the 2024 Melbourne Olympic bid logo, Then, i'm planning a bid. The logo on the website is in example of an olympic bid logo. Also, Why to you want me to shut it down, We're trying to support the AOC to make Melbourne the city of the XXXIII Olympiad.
  14. Answer 1, The logo is showing a Kangaroo chasing after a boomerang Answer 2, Because Melbourne hasn't held the Olympics since 1956. And it would be great if it held the Olympics again. Answer 3 and 4, I'll do that when i edit the website again. Answer 5 I'm adding Boston when i edit the website. Answer 6 I heard that Lima was officially in the bid but i forgot where i saw it but i knew they're bidding. Answer 7 Because before i published the website i'd checked which city was bidding or not.
  15. Thank you, i'll remove the olympic rings and i'll code most of the website, soon. And i've already started to make plans and concepts
  16. Yes, i did read your post but have you check out the website and the logo and can you message me back what i need to improve in the website and the logo, that's what i meant what i'd asked you before. I'm not angry or anything like that but just saying. oh one more thing, i do know what the Paralympic symbols mean, The Paralympic symbol consists of three agitos, coloured red, blue and green, the three colours that are most widely represented in national flags from all around the world.
  17. That's really cool but have you seen mine and what does the logo show???
  18. One question, how does the website lacks and what do i need to improve that?
  19. Wix sucks so i'm gonna use weebly, I'm very sorry!!!
  20. I'm developing the new website and it's gonna be made with webs due to issues i'm having with html5 and css3 but the logo and website will amaze you when you see it I hope you have some ideas that might help us.
  21. I'm sorry about that please ignore the st. louis and philadelphia, I accidently wrote that down, Please don't speak negative please. Check out: http://melbourne2024.weebly.com/
  22. Melbourne's is in the bid according to this article: http://www.couriermail.com.au/sport/more-sports/bring-olympic-games-back-to-melbourne-leaders-say/story-fnii0hmo-1227023949895
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