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  1. Badminton: Chandler Arena (Needs refurb) Table tennis: University of Queensland Wrestling: University of Southern Queensland Only venue I can't think of something is for rowing and canoeing. Obviously there is the Brisbane River but I think traffic would be far too high. Maybe in Coomera on the northern end of the Gold Coast for rowing. So basically every venue exist now, with some needing a bit of a revamp. Football could all be played on the Gold Coast if need be, leaving Suncorp and the GABBA free to continue hosting AFL, NRL and Super 15
  2. Golf: Royal Pine Resort (Gold Coast) Sailing: Wynumm/Manly Handball: Logan Indoor Sports Centre Archery: RNA Showgrounds Judo & Taekwondo: Caloundra Indoor Stadium (Sunshine Coast)
  3. Triathlon: South Bank Mountain Bike: Mount Cootha Shooting: Belmont Shooting Complex (to be used in 2018 comm games) Hockey: Queensland State Hockey Centre
  4. Equestrian: Queensland State Equestrian Centre Football: Suncorp Stadium & CBus Super Stadium (Gold Coast) Beach Volleyball: Suncorp Piazza Basketball, Weightlifting & Fencing: Brisbane Convention Centre Boxing: Gold Coast Convention Centre Rugby 7s: Ballymore (Needs a refurb)
  5. Brisbane as seen as the next natural host of the Olympic Games in Australia given it is the third largest city but to be honest I can't see this happening. It does not have the international brand value of Sydney or the sporting infrastructure of Melbourne and I believe the next games will return to one of these cities mid century. However, I think Brisbane could run a very successful YOGs next decade with it already having alot of the venues in place and a large sport loving population. Venues: Athletics (QSAC) Would need a refurbishment. Swimming & Diving: Chandler (would need a refurb) Track Cycling & BMX: Chandler Velodrome (to be completed for 2018 comm games) Tennis: Pat Rafter Arena and the Queensland Tennis Centre Gymnastics: Brisbane Entertainment Centre (needs a refurb)
  6. I like Hobart as a city, but it has next to zero sporting infrastructure to host such an event and given its current economic state it would be a disaster. I do like the idea of stadiums named after former Big Brother winners though. In all seriousness I would like to see the games come to Australia, given that they become viable, but it would be in a city which has already got most of the stadiums required.
  7. I think smaller cities should host it (like the Gold Coast) and really more commonwealth sports need to be included. It really needs twenty20 cricket. Rowing and sailing could also be included considering the strength in these sports in the commonwealth. I'm sorry to say but wrestling and judo need to go.
  8. I would like to see Durban get the 2022 games and other new countries hosting the games (Although there aren't too many who can). Something has to be said though for giving it to the traditional superpowers after the success of Glasgow and the failures of Dehli.
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