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  1. Boston 2024 is announcing today that tennis take place in Harambee Park dorchester. It is the country first African American founded non profit tennis club it was founded in the 1960's
  2. Buzzards Bay in New Bedford announced as the selection for sailing for Boston 2024
  3. Larry Lucchino of the red sox's is in talks to join Boston2024 https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2015/04/23/red-sox-executive-talks-with-boston/03CN72tNkhex71iNHns6KI/story.html
  4. with whole referendum process there are a number of things going in the favor of Boston 2024. one is that this referendum vote will be happening next year during the presidential election, that will also give the committee time to change the concept to the final plan so all residence of the commonwealth know exactly what they are voting on. second it is well believed that there will also be a question about legalizing marijuana on the ballot. with both of those there should be a substantial voter turn out in November 2016 and thirdly most time when it comes to ballot question's the side that spends more has a much better chance of the results going there way and i do not foresee a scenario where members of the committee and other supporters of the Boston 2024 wont back it with large amounts of money. that is why Chris Dempsey wants a limit on the amount of money spent on the ballot question and i believe it was two million dollars
  5. I will be on a cruise of the Caribbean in mid janurary so my phone won't be unless someone to play the fees for being in the middle of the ocean My phone won't be on unless someone wants to pay the
  6. im going away mid jan and its important because i would like to know before i lose access to the internet for 2 weeks
  7. i hope they make there decision before i go on vacation
  8. Bob Kraft and new england revolution are looking to build a soccer in a site next to the proposed Boston Olympic stadium site http://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2014/11/18/krafts-exploring-soccer-stadium-boston/s7p5krvDeH1J7UgjlEIFtM/story.html
  9. im not saying that they arent doing good things im just saying that the t has some big projects that wont be done before the end of 2017 and u forgot the glx (green line extension) beverly scott has said that the t needs to a new signal system if we want to be able to put on service that would be needed for the olympics also i think they should be doing more i have a feeling that the option for the red line cars will be. the t will purchase more then 30 dmus espically if the olympics r coming because dmus will basically be an olympic line for the most part when and if the olympics come to boston. lastly the green line cars will need to replaced by the time olympics would be coming
  10. Rik the new orange and red line trains wont even be arriving til 2018 west station 2020 dmus 2018-2020 and thats only large size projects they finish spending the money by the doesnt everything will be done by then
  11. i think that there will be a separate bond bill to cover the olympics on top of the 13bn coming
  12. I agree that 5bn and 4.5 are low numbers but the point of this initial info is to win public support and the usoc selection and after that they can revise the number higher
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