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  1. Plenty of cities that will be keen on hosting into the future as it seems to have gone really well in Scotland. As has been mentioned earlier, I can see the likelihood of two safe games in a row being held before a punt is taken on a risky host. Until 2050 it could go along the lines of: 2022: Durban, South Africa 2026: Cardiff, Wales 2030: Hamilton, Canada 2034: Singapore, Singapore 2038: Christchurch, New Zealand 2042: Adelaide, Australia 2046: Cape Town, South Africa 2050: Edmonton, Canada Four venues that would host for the first time, four getting it for a second time. I'd imagine that the Comm games are safe for awhile yet. Also think of some other places like Port of Spain in Trinidad & Tobago, Belfast Northern Ireland, Mumbai India. Reckon they could all pull off hosting the event if they wished. Even Nairobi in Kenya, although safety would be something that would be a consideration there.
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