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  1. Arrgh is discusting when some americans politicians believe that they know more about a subject in another country than even the natives...There is no simple definition for terrorism, the american definition for terrorism is not the brazilian one, and despite (some) americans believes, this doesnt mean that the brazilian definition is wrong. Each country definition of terrorism depends on what they are trying to delegitimize or demoralize. Lula or Dilma were terrorist? Well, untill today Fernando Gabeira, a famous politician of the green party in Brazil, is prohibit to enter in the US because he is a "terrorist" for the white house. If Brasil really dont consider Hamas a terrorist group, i agree to this policy, Hamas is a political party, i didnt agree with Hamas actions in the past but this actions were no different than "oficial" actions made by americans, or Israel, or Russia, or even Brasil in some ocasions inside and outisde of theirs territories.

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  2. Google translator

    Close to reaching goal of sponsorship, London 2012 sees Rio with broader appeal.

    British capital wants to achieve £ 700 million (about R$ 1.760 billion), while games in Brazil would have raised about R$ 1.1 billion

    The London Olympics in 2012 are close to reaching the target of £ 700 million (about R$ 1.760 billion) in sponsorships. Organising Committee Chief Executive Paul Deighton believes the number should be achieved in the coming weeks and that the Games of Rio de Janeiro in 2016, will raise even more significant values. The information is the newspaper "Financial Times".

    So far, the British have 41 national sponsors (including two for the Paralympic Games) and 11 international partners, whose agreements were negotiated with the International Olympic Committee. While the country suffered from the downturn in recent years, developing economies such as Brazil, have grown. And this prosperity must also be reflected in the event. Until now. US$ 700 million (approximately R$ 1.1 billion) have been collected in only four trade agreements.

    - We are experiencing economic vitality in terms of opportunity and growth. Another key point is that games are the first in South America, the first in Brazil, and we can offer sponsors the opportunity to associate with the first - said the commercial director of Rio 2016, Maggie Sanchez, told the English periodical.

    Chief executive of a consulting business, Tim Crow attributes the success of the event in Brazil to the ability of the local committee in the event the contract value and strength of the BRIC group of the country, as well as Russia, India and China.

    - The Games have become, over the years, a good deal. There is much exchange of information between the committees and sponsors with knowledge of the IOC. If you go to one of the BRIC economies, you get this kind of numbers. When the event return to the smaller economies, we see these numbers go back to what we might call "normal."

  3. Google translator

    Works for the 2016 Games are ahead of schedule established by the IOC

    More than $ 10 billion are invested in interventions that will be the legacy for the state's population

    The Rio de Janeiro prepares to host the 2016 Games, and the State Government is working to deliver improvements in transport infrastructure integration and mobility within the deadline. The expansion of the subway to Barra da Tijuca, with Line 4, the modernization and construction of corridors metroferroviário expressed are some that are ahead of schedule established by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and will be the legacy for population. In the field, will invest more than $ 10 billion.

    The construction of Line 4, one of the most important projects for the locals, were approved by members of the Olympic Committee, who visited in April and gave the line the drilling of almost 900 meters in the rock towards the South Zone the next two months will be initiated the massive explosions in the Barra de São Conrado. The interventions of the line 14 kilometers long, which follow at a rapid pace, will be delivered on December 15, 2015.

    - We are ahead of schedule for the Olympics and also for the World Cup. Line 4 - the intervention more complex and demand more resources and executive - is ahead in thirty days. The goal of the governor, Sergio Cabral is to keep the pace until the end of all the works, said Transportation Secretary Julio Lopes.

    With the new line, the locals and spectators of the Olympics will take 35 minutes from downtown Rio to the bar to watch the games of most disputes. Line 4 will have six stations, passing through the neighborhoods of São Conrado, Gávea, Leblon and Ipanema. Through this expansion, the subway of Rio 230 000 can carry more passengers per day. The works and purchase of equipment will cost $ 5 billion.

    In Ipanema, in the south, the stations are Canterbury and General Osório some major improvements in the subway system for the games that benefit the population. Another important work was the link-Pavuna Botafogo. The lines will facilitate the shift to local competitions where some of the 2016 Games will be held, such as Copacabana, Maracana and Diodorus.

    New trains

    The restructuring of the subway and rail systems are also among the main actions of the Department of Transportation. To offer more comfort and flexibility to over 600,000 daily users of the subway, the state bought 114 modern cars. The equipment, which total 19 trains, increase the fleet by 63% by 2012 and meet the demands of another major sporting event happening in the city, the 2014 World Cup. The Rio Metro will invest $ 1.15 billion in improvements.

    - By 2016, the railway system in the metropolitan area, which has 98 stations in 11 municipalities, will be expanded through funds in the amount of $ 2.4 billion. Thirty-four new trains are being manufactured in China. The first composition should arrive in Rio in September. A new bid has also secured the purchase of another 60 cars, with a loan of $ 600 million. 191 trains will be operational by the World Cup - said Lopes.

    Transit faster

    The works are also accessibility to the schedule on time. In partnership with the city of Rio de Janeiro, four lanes will be constructed of cast buses, BRT: Avenida Brazil, which will connect downtown Rio to the Baixada Fluminense TransCarioca corridor between the bar, and Peña Madureira; Transoeste, shortening the path Barra da Tijuca to Campo Grande, and TransOlímpica connected Barra, Curicica and Diodorus.

    Reformation Station

    Besides the purchase of new vehicles, the State in the upgrading and modernization of subway and train stations. Work on the new station on Line 1, the Uruguayan, are in full swing and should be completed within thirty months. The fourth stop of the subway in Tijuca and the 36th season of the system will be 1.100 meters of Saens Peña and be the first to have central air conditioning. About 20 000 users will model the station daily.

    Department of Transportation will also invest in sustainability

    The works of equipment that will support the Olympic Games are not the only government priorities. The entire bus fleet of the state system will be adapted to an eco-friendly by 2016. Sustainability goals are being studied by the Department of Transportation, which created the Rio Sustainable Transportation Program, responsible for testing of green fuels such as biodiesel, and the state of cycling, which encourages transit use as a means of locomotion.

  4. Google Translator

    Henrique Meirelles is as official government representative in the APO (Public Olympic Authority)

    Former president of the Central Bank had accepted the invitation in March

    After the publication of the decree in the Official Gazette on Friday, Henrique Meirelles, former president of the Central Bank was chartered as the representative of the federal government in the Political Council of Olympic Public Authority (PDB), which govern the actions related to Olympic Games Rio-2016. He had accepted the invitation in March, shortly after the Senate approval of the APO. The information is the newspaper "O Estado de Sao Paulo."

    The appointment of Meirelles's participation depended on the consent of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro in the APO consortium, comprised of federal, state and municipal levels. The City Council voted to approve in early June. The APO will be responsible for coordinating the government bodies involved in organizing the Games, conduct technical studies, implement and manage the works, sign contracts, acquire property and equipment and care for the protection of image rights and related marks the event.

    The installation of the consortium now depends on the regulations. The government is considering to set assignments for an interim measure or bill.

  5. He wants more hotels

    After buying the Gloria Hotel in the city of Rio de Janeiro, to make him the first six-star hotel in the country, the businessman Eike Batista articulates a new foray into the hospitality sector. In May, began negotiations with the U.S. group Marriott to bring to Brazil Flag Courtyard, with executive profile (read daily average of 300 reais). The proposal, still under negotiation, is to build 100 hotels with an investment of 2 billion dollars. The Marriott would like operator. Eike seek funding for 70% of the contribution and divide the other 30% with American millionaire Jeffrey Soffer, who owns the luxurious Fontainebleau Miami Beach. After many ups and downs, the duo hit the Soffer and partnership will be a partner in all Eike hotel ventures in the country, with 30% stake in each project.

  6. Sorry for google translator

    IOC visit Maracanã

    Commission inspection also checks other infrastructure stocks held in Rio de Janeiro, as the lines of the BRT Transcarioca

    The coordination committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the Olympics, which is making an inspection trip to Rio de Janeiro, seen up close on Wednesday the progress of the reform of the Maracana stadium. The group also gave the start of construction for the establishment of BRT lines and other infrastructure activities in the city. The mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, is following the entire path of the visit, and at night, will offer a dinner for the delegation at his home.

    By morning, the visit focused on the Barra da Tijuca and Jacarepagua. The first stop of the delegation was at the construction site of the loon Avenida Ayrton Senna, where will the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) from Transcarioca. The second stop was at Rio Treatment Unit (RTU) Creek Fund in the studied area. During the visit, the mayor announced that another four RTUs will be built in the region.

    - By 2016, the major rivers entering the lakes Bar and Jacarepaguá will be treated to that for identical units. The UTR Creek Fund has been operational since December 2010 - said the mayor

    Then the commission went to the Maracana stadium. There IOC members gave closely the work of reform of the stadium. Then went to the Operations Center of Rio de Janeiro.

    Are still in the script visits a school and Sambadrome in Santa Teresa, which is being fully renovated to receive athletes. On Thursday at a news conference, the group released the ratings of what was observed.

    After the tour of inspection by the city, which is scheduled to finish around 18h, the commission will be received by Eduardo Paes, at his home for dinner.

    IOC praises commitment to athletes and social legacy for 2016

    For three days, the group attended lectures and did surveys in Rio de Janeiro. College of Santa Teresa and housing program called the attention

    In his second official visit to Rio de Janeiro, the coordination committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) liked what he saw. After a week of talks and inspections, they said they were especially pleased with the commitment to the athletes and the legacy the 2016 Games. A school in Santa Teresa, recently fully renovated to receive athletes, and the housing program were the ones that attracted the most attention.

    - The work done regarding the legacy and athletes was very well received. The commitment from the athletes became clear in the presentations on the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. The wish that the Games leave a lasting and positive legacy was obvious. The example was the new school opened in sport and the Olympic education program that will now be part of schools throughout the city. And also the program of social housing, where some units will be used for the Games before being passed to local residents. This will undoubtedly be an important element in the legacy of 2016 - says the entity, in a statement.

    The commission also said he was impressed with the quality of labor hired to work on the project.

    - A year ago we visited the river and are pleased with the amount of work has already begun. They have solid experience in all levels of government and played an important role, allowing the progress we have seen during this week and will be key elements for success in the future - said the president's entourage, Nawal El Moutawakel.

    The group visits the host city once a year until four years prior to the event, in this case, London-2012. Thereafter, inspections are to occur once a semester. The meetings with the spheres of government are supplemented by project review by smaller teams, involving some members of the IOC selected and technicians, as happened in April.

  7. After Meirelles, the women of U.S. $ 1bn

    And the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, retaliated for indicating the height of the former Central Bank President Henrique Meirelles as president of the Olympic Public Authority (APO) and invited the economist Maria Silvia Bastos Marques to preside over the Olympic Municipal Authority (AOM) .

    First woman to chair the Companhia Siderurgica Nacional (CSN), the largest integrated steelmaker in Latin America, Maria Silvia earned the nickname "the wife of U.S. $ 1 billion" after occupying the position of municipal secretary of Finance of Rio during management Cesar Maia, in 1995, and leave that amount in cash in the city to step aside.

    Currently, Maria Silvia is the president of the Icatu Insurance, a position he no longer deal in July to take the AOM in August.

    Henrique Meirelles arrived

    The former Central Bank president, Henrique Meirelles was presented informally, on the morning of Wednesday, members of the Steering Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Rio 2016, as president of the Olympic Public Authority (PDB). The meeting took place at Palácio Guanabara, in Orange, in the south, where representatives of the international body in the initial days of monitoring the preparations for the competition in Rio.

    Meirelles attended the meeting as a guest, as it has not passed through the Senate confirmation hearings and, therefore, its official in charge did not occur. But the politician has already answered some questions as a representative of the federal government.

    In addition to Meirelles, another news came the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, who presented to IOC members the name of economist Maria Silvia Bastos Marques as a person occupying the position of chairman of the Authority Olympic Hall (AOM). Detailed curriculum coordinators responded and it excited the new participant of the Olympic organization.

    Status meetings are continuing preparations for the Rio this afternoon.

    And it will be on 7, 8 and 9 June for the coming year to Rio all the Steering Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 2016.

    In total, the committee consists of 17 IOC members, among them Olympic champions: the Russian swimmer Alexander Popov and athlete Ukrainian Sergey Bubka.

    In the current visit that began Wednesday and ends on Thursday, only in the Rio executive director of the IOC Coordination Commission Gilbert Felli and chairman of the group Nawal El Moutawakel.

    Olympic City, the site

    The city of Rio on Friday launched a new site on the transformation of the city for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Is www.cidadeolimpica.com

    In it, the user can follow the progress of the preparation for the Games in Rio, through cameras online at construction sites, as well as projections glimpse of how will the river in 2016.

    The launch will be attended by the Chairman of the Steering Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Nawal El Moutawakel, and executive director Gilbert Felli, which closed on Thursday the review meetings to prepare for city ​​for the event.

    Even with the launch of our Olympic city, the page "transparenciaolimpica.com.br" in the air will continue to receive updated data and accountability of the works.

    River opened international bidding for the 2016 Olympic Park urbanize

    Installation will receive half of the evidence. Maximum cost is R$ 590 million

    The mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, on Monday opened an international tender for the upgrading project in the park's Olympic Games in 2016. The facility will receive half of the 15 sports and events. Work began in December last year.

    The maximum cost of the upgrading project is $ 590 million, a figure that should cover the design of all public spaces, including streets, parks and access roads.

    The Olympic Park will integrate with the planning of the region, respecting the environment and be economically feasible, according to the conditions presented by the Mayor.

    Another requirement is that after the Games, 60% of the area remain free of the Olympic Park for construction of hotels, residential and commercial areas.

    IOC visit in the works for the subway and cares about the region's Maracana

    According to State Secretary for Transport, Sergio Cabral delegation questioned about flooding caused by storm this week

    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) visited on Thursday the works of the subway Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio de Janeiro. This is the second visit of the delegation - the first was in December. Since then, they were dug 430 yards from the main gallery. It is expected that the fourth line is delivered in December 2015, about six months before the Games Rio-2016.

    The state Secretary of Transportation, Julio Lopez, said the delegation was concerned about flooding in the region near the Maracana. Governor Sergio Cabral would have said that funds for the work had been requested.

    - We talked a little about the Flag Square, the Governor has ensured that these works will be sought from the Federal Government and that this problem will be solved - he said the G1.

    Also according to Julio Lopez, the subway line 4 will be inaugurated with the station less than anticipated in the original design. The station Gavea only be delivered after the deadline.


    Upon release of the bidding, Eduardo Paes pledged to propose that most of the budget of this work is paid by the private sector.

    - If you are able to raise private funds to defray most of the Olympic park do we - said Paes.

    Sambodramo works


  8. Google Translator

    Olympic Park will have an international contest

    O Globo, Luiz Ernesto Magalhães, 25/abr

    The area of ​​1.2 million square meters in the vicinity of Jacarepaguá Circuit earn a Master Plan. He will detail how the occupation of the region before and after the 2016 Olympics, including residential and commercial property. Mayor Eduardo Paes launches today, in partnership with the Institute of Architects of Brazil (IAB), an international design contest for the urban master plan called the Olympic Park.

    The region will host one of the main venues of the Games. In all, 15 disciplines will be played on site. Part of the premises shall be final and will house the training center, run by the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB), which will form athletes. Other facilities, such as future water park may be disabled or converted to commercial offices, in the case of the media center.

    Pan will use the equipment required

    One of the rules of the notice provides for the mandatory use of the Maria Lenk Aquatic Park and the multipurpose arena, built for the Pan American Games 2007. Another factor to be taken into account in the proposals is the use of materials greater durability, and the least possible expenditure of energy and water. Mark landscaped area will need to be observed, such as Stone and the Whale Pond Jacarepagua, which must not be obstructed by new construction.

    - Is the chosen project that has environmental concerns and to avoid unnecessary public expenditures, and urban quality. Hence the requirement that the equipment is recovered $ - said the municipal secretary of Economic Development, Philip Goes.

    The architects also will suggest the location of the 2000 parking spaces for vehicles of official delegations, service providers and sponsors. In the case of landscaping, it must be done so when rain water to drain into the lagoon Marapendi do not take debris.

    For the president of the IAB, Sergio Magalhaes, the selection of the design by contract is a guarantee that the proposal will have chosen quality:

    - The Rio has to be a vanguard city. Olympic projects not fall into the general mediocrity. They must be bold - Sergio said.

    The proposals also indicate the location of buildings for sports competitions, as well as placeholders for squares, streets and gardens. The possibility that the investment is made in a Public Private Partnership (PPP) should be contemplated.

    In the application file, it was predicted that investment in equipment to stay with the Union Ministry of Sports, however, analyzes a proposal from the city to the entry of private capital in order to cut costs both during construction and $ maintenance.

    - The sports equipment will occupy only 40% of the total area. The remaining land is highly valued. Our suggestion is that part of the collection with the holding of private land is used in the maintenance of streets, gardens and public lighting of the Olympic Park - says Goes.

    The costs to urbanize the Olympic Park are estimated at U.S. $ 590 million. But the final budget depends on the completion of surveys made by a company hired by the city. This account does not include the construction of a new racetrack in Diodorus, still under $ detailing projects by the Ministry of Sports. The final cost of sports facilities is also not closed yet because the architectural designs will be chosen by a design contest. The prediction is that they begin to be built in 2013 and will be ready in about two years.

    The contest will award the top three with $ 100 thousand, U.S. $ 50,000 and $ 25,000 respectively. Only the winning project will be implemented. The result should be released until August. Foreigners may only participate if they have representation in Brazil or are associated with a national office.

  9. Sambodramo

    Google Translator

    Isolation and has begun dismantling the section 2 of the Rio Sambadrome, venue of the competitions of archery and the finish of the marathon Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016.

    By going through the Sambadrome is already possible to see some fences isolating the area and removal of windows and doors. For those who did not, to work and reshaping the entire industry needs to be ready until 2 the next carnival.

    The project was budgeted at $ 30 million and will be funded by private enterprise. At the end of reform, will have its capacity expanded Sambadrome from 60 thousand to 77,800 people.

    Will be built eight blocks of bleachers (four modules with large grandstands and box seats and four small cabins for) stalls, including areas for the installation of public toilets, access for people with disabilities, health centers, security room, service areas and a space reserved for jurors.

  10. et Nicklaus design Olympic course

    Wed Mar 23 05:13AM

    You would get pretty excited as a golf fan if a tournament came down to the wire with these names in the mix: Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Nick Faldo, Seve Ballesteros and Greg Norman.

    Well that is exactly what is happening in the bid to design the Olympic golf course for Rio de Janeiro in 2016, when golf will return to the Games for the first time since 1904.

    All those greats have put their hat in the mix but it is hard to look past the Golden Bear as the man to design the course, which is expected to be a brand new development built in the Barra da Tijuca neighbourhood of Rio, where most sports will be played during the Olympics.

    For a start, the man has designed more courses than he has won tournaments, and in case you have forgotten, he's won a lot of tournaments - 116 professional titles during his career to be exact.

    When it comes to designing courses though he has been even more prolific; he has been involved directly in the design of an astonishing 271 course, while his company - Nicklaus Design - has 341 courses open for play in 34 countries.

    Just this month he confirmed that he was teaming up with Annika Sorenstam to help him in his bid to design the Olympic course, with the Swede prepared to set the tees for the women's event.

    Nicklaus has also insisted that the course must be open to the public once the Games are finished. Rio is a city with a population of over six million people yet it is doesn't have a single 18-hole golf course open to the public.

    So IOC, you have arguably the greatest men's player and arguably the greatest women's player in the history of the game banging on your door asking to design the Olympic course so there must be a catch right? They probably want a lot of money?

    Wrong, in fact Nicklaus and Sorenstam are willing to design the course for free.

    "Neither of them is seeking compensation. Jack and Annika made that very clear in their first correspondence last year to the governing bodies," Nicklaus's VP of Communications Scott Tolley told Golf Digest's Geoff Shackelford.

    "Jack and Annika simply want to make sure that the competitive needs of both the men and women are taken care of...and that golf has the opportunity in 2016 to put its best foot forward."

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