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  1. Project: Transolimpica Category: Transport BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) http://www.youtube.com/user/riocidadeolimpica#p/u/1/M-BzBncq1bk Project: Hotels Category: Hotels http://www.youtube.com/user/riocidadeolimpica#p/u/5/95fKRiCjNB8 Project: Transolimpica Category: Transport BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Project: Hotels Category: Hotels
  2. Arrgh is discusting when some americans politicians believe that they know more about a subject in another country than even the natives...There is no simple definition for terrorism, the american definition for terrorism is not the brazilian one, and despite (some) americans believes, this doesnt mean that the brazilian definition is wrong. Each country definition of terrorism depends on what they are trying to delegitimize or demoralize. Lula or Dilma were terrorist? Well, untill today Fernando Gabeira, a famous politician of the green party in Brazil, is prohibit to enter in the US because
  3. Will be part of the park of the olympic village.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTDkUs05Pk0
  5. Google translator Close to reaching goal of sponsorship, London 2012 sees Rio with broader appeal. British capital wants to achieve £ 700 million (about R$ 1.760 billion), while games in Brazil would have raised about R$ 1.1 billion The London Olympics in 2012 are close to reaching the target of £ 700 million (about R$ 1.760 billion) in sponsorships. Organising Committee Chief Executive Paul Deighton believes the number should be achieved in the coming weeks and that the Games of Rio de Janeiro in 2016, will raise even more significant values. The information is the newspaper "Financial Tim
  6. This pictures of the stadium is not real, if im not mistaken the expansion for 80k includes temporary seats, and a roof on the North and South seats.
  7. Google translator Works for the 2016 Games are ahead of schedule established by the IOC More than $ 10 billion are invested in interventions that will be the legacy for the state's population The Rio de Janeiro prepares to host the 2016 Games, and the State Government is working to deliver improvements in transport infrastructure integration and mobility within the deadline. The expansion of the subway to Barra da Tijuca, with Line 4, the modernization and construction of corridors metroferroviário expressed are some that are ahead of schedule established by the International Olympic Commit
  8. If im not mistaken the building was the Moinho Marilu, that is gonna be replaced for a modern building, part of the Port revitalization. Actually tomorrow is a very important day for the Olympic Port Project, about 80 projects are gonna be revealed. Some related to the olympics. - Vila da Mídia e Vila de Árbitros - Centro de Mídia não credenciada - Centro de Monitoramento e Operações (MOC) - Centro Operacional de Tecnologia (TOC) - Centros de distribuição de uniformes (UAC) - Centro principal de distribuição (MDC) - Centro Principal de Credenciamento (MAC)
  9. Project: Cidade do Rock Category: Culture (Also part of the Olympic Village) Area: Barra Cluster - West Zone Status: In progress (set to end for 2011)
  10. Project: Transoeste Category: Transport BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Project: Transcarioca Category: Transport BRT (Bus Rapid Transit)
  11. Google Translator Henrique Meirelles is as official government representative in the APO (Public Olympic Authority) Former president of the Central Bank had accepted the invitation in March After the publication of the decree in the Official Gazette on Friday, Henrique Meirelles, former president of the Central Bank was chartered as the representative of the federal government in the Political Council of Olympic Public Authority (PDB), which govern the actions related to Olympic Games Rio-2016. He had accepted the invitation in March, shortly after the Senate approval of the APO. The inform
  12. He wants more hotels After buying the Gloria Hotel in the city of Rio de Janeiro, to make him the first six-star hotel in the country, the businessman Eike Batista articulates a new foray into the hospitality sector. In May, began negotiations with the U.S. group Marriott to bring to Brazil Flag Courtyard, with executive profile (read daily average of 300 reais). The proposal, still under negotiation, is to build 100 hotels with an investment of 2 billion dollars. The Marriott would like operator. Eike seek funding for 70% of the contribution and divide the other 30% with American millionaire
  13. Guys take it easy with Jim, he is a Olympic fan and that is what matters, even if we dont agree with his opinions.
  14. Sorry for google translator IOC visit Maracanã Commission inspection also checks other infrastructure stocks held in Rio de Janeiro, as the lines of the BRT Transcarioca The coordination committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the Olympics, which is making an inspection trip to Rio de Janeiro, seen up close on Wednesday the progress of the reform of the Maracana stadium. The group also gave the start of construction for the establishment of BRT lines and other infrastructure activities in the city. The mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, is following the entire path of
  15. Indeed Moça Bonita stadium is gonna be the rugby venue.
  16. Options for 2016 Copacabana Palace Hotel Gloria Sheraton Caesar Park Windsor Maybe a new hotel at the Port Area
  17. Project: Sambodramo Project Category: Venue (Athletics) Status: in progress Area: Downtown Project: Sambodramo (works in progress) Category: Venue (Athletics) Status: Demolition Area: Downtown
  18. Project: Maracanã Category: Venue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOt3NnuqBwU&feature=related
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