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  1. Yes im aware of the climate but how big a deal is it? As I pointed out we could make 2 period then, in stead of 5. But for my recall the Olympics has since 92 been first of august, except Sidney which were last in september. And regarding that some one wants to follow 2 Things, well yes of course there will be someone, but the majority won´t, and the local media don´t care for the other games. Here in Denmark I have never seen anything from any of the other games. I actually think, that if it would be on the same time, it would be mentioned more in local media in the daily summerys when it would be comparing its games with the others and so. But how do you follow the games in both America and Asian? Live tv-coverage for both games?
  2. I have a thought I would like to share with you all. We have the following Continental games as i know of at this point Asian Games African Games Pan American Games Oceanien Games European Games All will from 2019 take place one year before the Olympic game, when Asia move there games one year. Why not make all these games take place at the same 2 weeks? It would then be much easier for the internationally federations to adjust there internationally calenders for one period, and not 5 different period, and perhaps then athletics and other big sports will be more interested in participating. I don´t think any in southamerica are interesting in the Asian games, or that someone in Europe Watch the african games, or Australian Watch from America. So why not make these 5 Continental games in the same 2 weeks? Then can the athletes in sports where time is a deal, running, swimming etc, look what would it give me next year to compare its times with the others and so on. I really think this could boost the different Continental games one year before the Olympic games. I´m not saying that the sports for each of the Continental games should all be the same. Not at all, but there are ofcourse many of the same sports. And therefore i think a it would be a good idea to have them all at the same time. Or some of them at least, if climate is a problem for them all to be at the same time, then every time have 2 weeks in june and 2 weeks in september as an option, and then it depends on the host citys cllimate wich period they pick. And for athletics I don´t see why it is a problem to compete at European games with the best athletes. The Olympic years they also have the European Championschip a couple a months before, so why not have a European Games a couple a months before the World Championschip? Well thats just my thoughts about it Kindly regards Hans
  3. Will it be possible to view anything LIVE from Glasgow on the internet or tv-stations which are avaible here in Denmark?
  4. As from Denmark I would love the Winter games to go to Oslo. Denmark never been big in Winter games but i always remember Lillehammer 94 to be the most magic Winter games ever... I feel very sad if the norwegian people don´t want it. But I also think, that IF Oslo gets the Olympic, Im pretty sure that many of them against the games will still celebrate it when it comes. Of course some wont, but there always someone against everything. The main thing is to convince them that it wont cost the ordinary people any Money. Why not take a "sponsorship" from the norwegian people? For example i would love to pay 500 Danish Crowns every month in 8 year for summer Olympic in Copenhagen for example. Also i cant understand why it always is if the games alone make a profit... It is in my opinion about branding your country for turist. In 2010 turist from other countrys spent about 30 billion Danish Crowns in Denmark... It is about a long time branding of our country (or in case of Oslo bid, branding Norway). Beside give the people a good experience and much more. You cant measure how many more turist that comes to a country if Oslo have the games or not. But every private company use sponsorship to brand its product. But when Ford pay xxx dollars to be a part of Champions League official sponsors, it is also not possible to measure exactly how many extra cars they sell when they sponsor that and so on for every other sponsorship. So with my point of view a Olympic games (and other big sporting events) are a way to market your country for many years. If Norway did not had the games of 94 and different other international events since then, how many people would know anything of norway? Would they have had 1 or 2 billion less tourist income per year for many years? or perhps much more? So with my point of view an Olympic Games is not about a profit or not for it games it self, but a long term Investment.
  5. Oh those are the Things I´m interested in! But perhaps it is rare to find online. But you say you have the Spain/Portugal one. Do you have a link? Or is it a file you can send me? I´m very curious Or perhaps other sporting events full bids.
  6. Wow I must say I´m a bit surprised. That link to the australian bid book. Is that really all? I thought that a bid would include a lot more details!!! Or is that just a summary of a lot more detailed version? I have never seen a complete bid before for anything, and would love to see more of that, but I am still a bid surprised if this was all... I surely must have misunderstood it? Redards Hans
  7. Im sorry to "kidnap" this topic. But suddenly I saw the following topic: http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/22134-129th-ioc-session-live-blog/page-7 by considence. This is apparently the ending of a competition-bid for 2024 games. But I can´t find the topic in the forum overview? Is there anyway to see a list of the old topics? I would have love to have read more about that contest, and are there perhaps anyway to see the bids files? As I can understand in that thread there is often different contest, and I can see that this one I "kidnapped" here, is the only topic in this forum section. Therefor i made my question in this thread. In the future I will perhaps participate in contest like this. But the World Cup I don´t find likely for Denmark, so this is not one I will participate in. But most likely others interesting competitions i could find interest in. Kindly regards Hans
  8. Now I found this topic and clearly I have to comment on this. At first I also thought this would be a bad idea splitting the EURO2020 so much up. But perhaps it could Work okay, for once. Out of the 19 citys I see the following win with pairing in Groups, as I think it will be to reduce travelling way to much in the pre games. Group A Stockholm (+1/8) Copenhagen (+1/8) Group B Glasgow (+ 1/8) Cardiff (+ 1/4) Group C Baku (+1/4) Minsk (+1/8) Group D Bruxelles (+1/4) Amsterdam (+1/8) Group E Rom (+1/4) Bilbao (+1/8) Group F Budapest (+1/8) Bukarest (+ 1/8) And of course the semi and final to Wembley and London. This will spread it all over I think. But I can´s seem to find out how the teams shall be drawn. What if Denmark come in Group with Italy, who has then home field? or none of them? I cant find any good solution. Or is all 12 countries that gets chosen automatically qualified, and get paired automatically perhap? So if this happens Denmark and Sweden in the same Group. Hungary and Rumania in the same Group? Perhaps. Time will show Regards Hans
  9. Oh i would love to participate in a "game" like this. It is actually what i have serched for in this topic: http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/24223-does-this-game-exist/ Couldn´t it be fun if we could online compete in getting big sporting events to our countrys. Also the smaller Things like European championschips in table tennis and asian games in handball (if you are a country there) oh it would be so much fun! And the Winner to each competition should be by voting of all the other who are playing. So if I was Denmark and was going for the World championschip in volleyball, then the rest of the World should vote between al the country that are trying to win it. Those country whome are not played by a person of course should be run by the computer. Oh I really would love a game like that! Many many details in my head. Anyone with a lot of Money or computing skills that can produce such a game? Well it was a bit off topic for this topic. But what a fantastic idea. Unfortuntately i don´t think Denmark is anywhere near to could win this. (The football tournament is also the point were I see Copenhagen/Denmark as week regarding Olympic games in Copenhagen). But would there be another "contest" like this for other Things i perhaps would particpate
  10. Another interesting topic on this site. There had been mentioned Sweden, and that the fact that they don´t have enough big stadiums. I saw a swedish article somewhere, after the Euro2013 (that was a succes) that when the World cup goes up to 24 countrys it would be hard for Sweden to host. Then i thought why not do a cohost with Denmark? Yes of course i hope for my own country And it is for me the only chance for a world cup in Scandinavia. But it seems to this topic that we are to late for 2019 already. But perhaps 2023 then. Of course Denmark is also going for being a part of Euro2020, but that is to be in about 13 countrys, so thats only a few matches that will be in Denmark, if we get some at all. And Denmark does sometimes have good succes in womens football, and in Euro2013 in Sweden made the semifinal and lost on penalty. I think this could be a possibility! What are your thoughts? And is the 2019 officially to late? Regards Hans (From Denmark)
  11. Hi Again I really loves this forum, and I have been here a lot and reading a lot in the last weeks. As an sports fan this is absolute fantastic site!. Now i have been reading in to the European games, which i look very much forward to! I have in many years been wondering why all other continents had a game, but not Europe! So this makes me very very happy! But it also seems like many people don´t know much about it yet, and what about the sportsjournalist around Europe? What I mean, will it at all be transmitted at tv-stations? Will the newspapers send a bunch of journalist and so? Or will it be a game in silent? I have searched the net trying to find out if any tv-stations has bought the rv-rights for European games. But I can´t find any!!! Does anyone know something about that? Will it be a priority? Or does the tv-channels wait to see what kind of athletes that are going to participate in the games? Because that are my next question. Will the best athlete participate? Or will we after the games see a 100 meter Winner that nobody has heard of? And so on in all the sports? As I can see in the datas on how to qualify it seems to me that swimming is the only sport with Young athletes. (Hopefully that will change for 2019) and the rest of sports is the possibility for the best of Europe to be in the game, but will they do that? In badminton Denmark is big, but im not sure that the best danes will take to this games? If there next year also is 2 tournements in the Super Series i Asia (as there has been the last 2 weeks). But Again i cant find any information about it in any media! Have anyone heard anything in your countries about whome will participate or try to qualify? And that leeds to the following. What about spectators? Do you think the games will fill all these beatifull venues? Does anyone in here consider going to Baku next year? Thanks for answers, if anyone has some Kindly regards Hans
  12. Hi everybody. I don´t know if this is the right forum, but i give it a try. On this page we discuss the Olympics and other sporting events. And then i thought, does there excist a computergame where you are running a city, and have the option to try and win sportsevents to your town, and where you have to host it, build venues, and try to get the economy to Work and such stuff. The game Sim City could perhaps drag this in to the game? So you can build sporting stadiums in much different Things for an example. Or perhaps just a game where you have to plan the details of a Olympic game? Or something like this at all? It could be fun Kindly regards Hans
  13. Yes i did not say it was 2 good ideas but just some ideas that i would bring up. But to reduce the games to 17 sports, that brings me back to why not 2 games with 17 sports each? If you still want to reduce the games so much, you mide as well make 2 games. It would be better than reducing it so drastic.
  14. (If the quoting dont Work, im commenting on page 80, and the discussing of Norway and Oslo could use another hockey arena... Why does the hockey arena has to be a permanent hockey arena???? It seems like your are missing som opportunities. Here in Denmark where we just recieved the host of the hockey World championschip in 2018, we are not using any permenant hockey arena. We are using 2 multi indoor arena. One new that are under Construction in Copenhagen, and "Boxen" in Herning where there in december were held European swimming championschip (25 m pool), and a month later was ready for European championschip in handball for men. And has in the meantime been used for song contest and much more. And now it also has to be a hockey arena. So why does Norway have to build a speciel hockey arena? Kindly regards Hans Pedersen
  15. You have many good points here! I really can´t see why hotels in other cities not could be used. Even in Berlin for that matter. You can travel in plane for one hour... And Again only 10-20 minutes after landing bee at the Olympic village and surroundings. But perhaps it is not normal for people in other countries to pendle 2 hours a day to come to Work? In Denmark we have many who travel everyday to and from Work in Copenhagen and live in Odense, Malmø, Helsingborg, Lund, And of course the whoule Island "Sealand". Other than that i agree that dividing the games up in 2 games, will be much to dramatic. And yes, the World Champ. in football last a month. Why could the Olympic games not last 3 weeks? It would actually also be even more viewers on tv to the smaller sports, if the tv-channels has fewer option round the clock. I dont know how other countries cover it, but in Denmark we of course follow the danes, and specially in the first week there often are many things that is at the same time, and i would personally love if it lastet 3 weeks, so it would be easier to follow it all. And when it is the Olympic I watch it all, and love it, regarding if the sport it self is nothing i would Watch rest of the year. But if last 3 weeks, the question is how much does it cost, and much could be saved. There then have to be security at high level a week longer and will increase those expensives. And how many venues can actually be saved? I have not tried to make an concrete plan, but with a qualified guess it is especially in door arenas which perhaps can be 3 fewer. And regarding it would cost more Money in security, it is hard to know if it really would help the total economy. But of course, the tourist will also be there for a longer period and generate more income. It is hard to know what there is right and wrong. Kindly regards Hans
  16. I can understand that you all think that the size is very very important, due to the hotel rooms and venues after the games. I think we could manage it just as well and have enough rooms with temporary hotelships, and private housing in a organized way. Perhaps your right, and I´m wrong. Perhaps the time will show, but I´m afraid we never get the chance to prove it. Regarding the "turf" on the Olympic stadium in Greece? Do you by that meen the grass? And howcome can you mention that Athens had to import 45 workers? I cant see 45 workers at a problem at all. But perhaps i dont understand what you mean. Regarding the grass, Denmark is in top of the World, and it is a Danish Company that dilivered the grass for the World championschip in football in 2010 and here in 2014. Denmark is well known for our good farming skills in growing grass-seeds. But perhaps that is not what your talking about, and I misunderstood you. But if the games has grown to big for many cities and there are still new sports (that I saw being discussed elswhere on this forum), i have 2 ideas that could make the games both cheaper and bigger at the same time. But perhaps some of the charming about the games, and that we love will miss. One solution could be to extend the games by one week, so that the games are 23 days in stead of 16 days. That could give better options to use the same arenas for different sports, and therefor fewer big indoor arenas for an example, if the games were more spread out, but of course it could also mean that not much of the athletes will stay trough out the Whole games. And those which are in play for the 3. week, may very well not be in the opening and miss that. It´s perhaps not the best idea, but stil I think it is a possibility It would also be easier to follow all the sports, if it was more spread out. But still be pretty compact i think The other idea is even more controversial. What if we split the summer games up in two. And then had it every second year. But with different sports. So the Olympic games are still every forth year for athletics, basketball and so on. Im just afraid it will be an A and a B game, where that year when Athletics is a part would be considered as the real games. Perhaps it is hard to understand what I mean, so i try to list up what I mean. One games could be with the following sports: Athletics Basketball Wrestling Football Fencing Hockey Horseriding Tennis Beach Volleyball Volleyball Slalom Kajak Water Polo Taekwondo And the other games could be Swimming (everything but Water Polo) Gymnastics Weightlifting Judo Boxing Handball Badminton Table Tennis Cycling (road, track, BMX, mountainbike) Rowing Canoe (flatwater) Sailing Shooting Triathlon It could perhaps then make room for Beach soccer, squash and a few more sports also. So the first list could be in 2028, 2032, 2036 and so on, and the second list could be in 2026, 2030, 2034 and so on. I´m aware of there then only would be 2 years between 2024 and 2026 for those sports, but I don´t think it would be fair to wait 6 years for those events. This could open up for more cities to bid for the games. And they get to "choose" what of the games they would be matching there country and where they are best at. The list of events had i not gone to much thinking about and perhaps should be divided different. But for Denmark the second one would be perfect. Denmark is good in swimming, handball, badminton, sailing, cycling, rowing and almost nothing worth in athletics, basketball and o on. But that of course will be different for every applicant city/country, and my list maybe what events i prefere in Denmark in games no 2. But I think that swimming and athletics are the 2 main events and should be splitted up to make both games big at least. Perhaps it is controversial, but on the other hand I like the idea in some how, but on the other hand it perhaps will be more boring with that much smaller. There will still be many events at the same time, but the size would be smaller and more acceptable for many cities, and easier to manage. Im personally splidded by this idea. What do you people think? Kindly regards Hans
  17. Hi agian I can´t seem to find out how to "quote" you, so I hope you can find out what my comments are for. Regarding "Refshaleøen" i really dont think there is any room in that area for more than 1-3 events. The place there is very small, and Again, the infrastructure in that corner is not good, so in my opinion it is not there the Olympic village should be. Regarding the size of a city and the infrastructure it is in my opinion not necessarily that a city with 4 million has better infrastructure than a city with 2 million. And may I Again say, that in a circle around Copenhagen in 80 km we are over 3 million people, with great infrastructure to and from Copenhagen... Regarding that Rio dont use the athletics stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies dit surprice me. That detail I have missed out on. Has that ever happen´d before? And will the Olympic flame then not be at the athletics stadium? On the question "Why Copenhagen?", well... I say because it can be a fantastic fairy tale event, with fantastic crouds and organisation in top. There could be beatiful shots from the sailing competetion with the beatifull "Øresundsbro" to Sweden in the back. The "Open Water Swimming" competetion could swim pass "The Little Mermaid" to "Nyhavn" and underway pass our royal residence "Amalienborg" for exsample, but there many many options I think. To make it short, simply because "We can do it and make a small bird to a big beautifull swan, likea fairy tale. If we take other big cities, like Boston, What does those have that are World wide known attractions? I cant mention any... Perhaps its me though. Regarding housing, as I earlier told Copenhagen grows with 10-20.000 people a year and we do need more and more Apartments, Regarding the stadums, yes there will be perhas more temporarilly stadiums than other games. But why not recognize at first, that we can´t use them after, and plan for that for some of them at the beginning, in stead of letting them be years after. That said the Olympic village with aprox. 30.000 people after the games of course need sporting fascilities. Of course not with the 10.000 seats for spectaters. But I cant see why you cant build a indoor arena with temporarily seatings arond, and after the games simply remove the seating, make a wall or 2, and have smaller sports halls for the every day use. With that growing of people there are good use of those fascilities. Indoor sports like Badminton and handball is very popular in Denmark and i know many small Towns with 2-4000 people dont have capacity enough en one sports hall, so why should a new Olympic village with 30.000 people, and perhaps more in the future, not could use perhaps 8-10 small regular sports halls? Well that´s just my opinion. Regarding convincing the IOC that it is better with 60.000 than 80.000 and so on is perhaps a big question. They say that the Olympic costs goes to far. But as you say, are they really willing to accept a bit smaller stadiums? good question. But if the rest of the bid has great potentiale, perhaps it could succeed. It is really not to know, if they are talking one thing, and voting another. Is there any where an official list of seating requirements for the different sports? I have searched with no luck. Kindly regards Hans
  18. Thanks for the debate. I have to ask the question... WHY is it so important that the city is big? What are the needs for the city to have 2,5 million in stead of 1,5 million? Is it because of the fear of fewer spectators? I don´t believe that will be the case at all. So why does there have to be 1 million more? And WHY does there hos to be a stadium to 80.000? Why is 60.000 not enough? Again why does it have to be so big? (Rio Olympic stadium is only 60.000). You all keep saying like the games has grown to big... But it is not like the number of athletes has grown with many thousand. I think the reason the games has grown big is because the host-city everytime has to try and be bigger than the last game. But is there really a reason for that? Or is it just the host citys ego that has to be supplied... I still believe it is possible for fewer money to make an fairy tale games that everybody loves. That said I would love a map where you could put a pin in a place and a circle around and see the number of inhabitants. For do you go 80 km around Copenhagen you are on the plus side of 3 million people. So i would love to see the same for Berlin and Hamburg for an example. It is hard for me to find out how many city area around the cities that are not a part of them, it is easier for me here in Denmark where i know it. Regarding "Refshaleøen" that hosted the song contest it is not near big enough to host a whole Olympic village, and the transportation options for that area is hopeless, and would cost way to much. Perhaps it could be used as one arena, as well as it did for the song contest, i could imagine boxing or something who needs a small arena for the athletes. But it will not be easy logisticly. Again thanks for the debate. Kindly regards Hans
  19. Hello I´m new here on this fantastic forum. I´m from Denmark and is very pationated about sport in generel, and especially the Olympics. I have just recently found this forum and have travelled trough it the last days, and love the debate about what cities/countrys should get the different sporting events. Let me also start out by saying that English is not my best in written. So sorry for typing errors. I can see that you have already discussed the Hamburg/Copenhagen news recently which i also think is completely foolish idea... If we should bid with another country it should be Sweden and Malmø so the Whole region around the "Øresund" is a part of the Olympic games. But I can´t see why not Copenhagen should not bid alone for 2024? I know you all think Denmark is too small etc etc etc. But does size really matter? If the Olympic games is perfectionally hold, and all goes smoothly, does it then matters if the Olympic Stadium has 60.000 or 100.000 spectators? Or the swimming arena has 10 og 20.000 spectators etc etc. Yes Copenhagen don´t have either of those at the moment. But what Olympic games don´t build a new stadium and swimming arena etc? And Denmark could really need a fair athletics stadium and especieally a Water arena! What shall Copenhagen do with the Olympic stadium afterwords? Well, we could hope/try to arrange more athletics games. Even a yearly event. Norway, Sweden and Finland all have yearly events for athletics, why could we not hope so. If we make it for 60.000 it is also possible for national football games that can attrack more than the 40.000 we have in "Parken" today. But a third sport that could use this arena is Speedway! Denmark is a very proud speedway nation, and we yearly have speedway in Parken (sold out every year as far as i know), and with this stadium we could use this for speedway, and maybe more times than just once a year (team cup etc etc). So I think it could be used for different kind of sports also after the Olympics. Copenhagen and Denmark in generally has hold many internationally championschip in the last years and in the years to come. Let me list some of them up: World Championschip in Wrestling (2009) World Championschip in Taekwondo (2009) European championschip in womens handball (2010) World Championschip in Track Cyckling (2010) World Championschip in road cyckling (2011) World Championschip in BMX cycling (2011) World Championschip in Curling (2011) U21 European championschip in football (2011) European Championschip in Table Tennis (2012) European Championschip in Swimming (short track) (2013) World championschip in different boatclasses in different years European championschip in mens Volleyball (2013) European championschip in mens handball (2014) World championschips in many different boatclassees in different years And the following years we at the moment have: World Championschip in Badminton (later 2014) European championschip in BMX cyckling (later 2014) World championschip in archery (2015) World championschip in Trampolin (2015) World championschip in Womens Handball (2015) World championschip in all Olympic boats (2018) World championschip in icehockey (2018) (just awarded this) World championschip in mens handball (2019) Beside the mentioned championschips there are a lot minor events and World cups etc. And I also want to say that after every event we get a lot af positive feedback for the hosting of the events both from spectaters and athletes and the different international federations. Denmark is organisation wise a very good country who can make good events which will be perfect organized. Yes, but all of this are not a multi event you will probably say?. And that I´m very aware of. But what multi event should Denmark be the host for? beside the summer Olympic games? We are not in the Commenwealth, or other games. The new European games could be a possibility if it continue after Baku 2015. But it seems like there are not much talking for that? Where are all the athletes going to live you ask? Well Copenhagen city is growing every year. We are about 1,3 million now, and is growing with 10-20.000 people a year at the moment. Copenhagen needs more homes for the normal family. A Whole new citypart for athlete and for journalist would surely be need for afterwords. And with that growing city more and more sportsarenas for the ordinary people is needed. Because of my bad English i will not go out in detail with every arena for the Olympic, but many of them can be bulid and be rebuld to ordinary use afterwords. The infrastructure in Copenhagen, and Denmark in generally is about to be perfect. Over the next 8-10 years we are using about 10 billions dollars in new metro, lightrail and faster trains through Whole Denmark. It will be possible to travel for Western Denmark to Copenhagen within 2 hours. The place where I predict the main area for the Olympic village has a trainstation within 1-2 km depending on where in the area you walk to (And also metro stations in the area, and perhaps light rail if we follow my thoughts in detail). There are 5 minutes from that trainstation to the Copenhagen international airport. Hotels in Copenhagen are about 20.000 rooms, but with Cruiseships (which we have a good harbour for) we can have 20-30.000 more rooms out there. And dont forget within one hour with train you get Odense another large city, and hour more Århus, the second largest city in Denmark. And of course in Sweeden and Malmø 15 minutes away from the main Olympic area is there 5-10.000 more hotels. And with the airport so close it is surely possible to fly in, take a train and within 20-30 minutes after you land you sit on the Olympic stadium. It will also be possible to take a train direct from Hamburg to the Olympic village and walk directly to the stadiums (most of them). And im sure more hotels will turn up automatically also. Why should it only be big big cities that host? I believe and think that Denmark and Copenhagen could host a perfect organized Sommer Olympic games. And for fewer Money then most of the upcoming cities around the World who just pump billions and billions to prove they can look good to the World. Denmark is a fairy tale country (With HC Andersen in mind) and energywise leading within windpower and could market this Olympic games as a fairy tale Olympic games with green invorement, public transport with green energy etc etc etc. I really believe it is possible. Why shouldn´t it be? To make up for the ongrowing larger and larger scale, it is about time to stop op, and show the World a bit smaller games (not fewer sports or athletes) you can still make an extradinary games to show the World and give the spectaters a lot of good experiences. So why not? Shoot me down why should Copenhagen and Denmark not make this happen? Also Denmark was one of the European countries who gets best out of the Financial crises... And 2024 is the perfect timing for Denmark in many ways. And I am sure 2024 is going to Europe, after 2 times away if there comes a fair bid. The Southern Europe don´t have the Money at all. So in my opinion there is Germany (Hamburg or Berlin) and Paris to compete with, if they apply. One bad thing could be if Oslo get Winter 2022, then I don´t think they will go to Scandinavia again, but perhaps? Kindly regards Hans From Denmark
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