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  1. Hi everybody. I love the idea of the possibility of joined bids, and it could be a big help for perhaps Scandinavien countries. As beeing from Denmark i truly believe we could make a good games together with Sweden. I have made a suggestion for a tripple bid from Copenhagen (as the major town) and Malmo and Gothenburg. It takes about 2½ hour in train from Copenhagen to Gothenburg, and only 12 minutes from Copenhagen airport to the main area in Malmo. It has been chosen this way to make use of most existing arenas, and therefore not a lot of White elephants after the games. Yeah i know, you all think it is a baaad idea and don´t think it could Work. But I think that IOC want´s to prove the new agenda and make us for it in the first selection after the agenda has come. And there I think Scandinavia could have a good chance. There are in my suggestion 24 sports in Copenhagen, 7 in Malmo and 7 in Gothenburg, and football in both countries to make us of the biggest stadiums in both countries. It has the following venues used: In Copenhagen: Rowing and Canoing: Bagsværd lake (10-15.000 att.) Temp seating Mountainbike: Temap seating Road cycling: temp seating around finish line BMX track: New track, temp seating (5-7.000 att.) Track cycling: Ballerup Superarena (6.500 att.) Wrestling: Ballerup Superarena (6.500 att) (After track cykling) Boxing: Brøndby Hallen (7.000 att.) All swimming and Waterpolo: A newly build arena (15.000 att.) Weightlifting: Forum (5-6.000 att.) Handball: Parken (15-20.000 att.) Parken is the national stadium with possibility to close the roof. Split the stadium in 2 hall) Volleyball: Parken (10-12.000 att) Parken splitted in 2 arenas as mentioned above Sailing: Temp seating Beach Volleyball: Teamp arena (10-12.000 att.) Archery: temp seating Triathlon: Temp seating around finish line (perhaps same as road cycling) Badminton: Royal arena (10.000 att.) Taekwondo: Royal arena (10.000 att) after badminton is finished Golf: Royal golf Club, temp seating Equestrian: Temp rebuildied football stadium, perhaps Valby or Hvidovre stadium and added some temp seating In Malmo: Shooting: Don´t know exatcly what kind of venue, but temp. builded or fidded in to a already existing smaller venue Basketball: Malmo Arena (12.000 att.) Fencing: Malmo ice arena (5.500 att.) Judo: Malmo ice arena (5.500 att.) Hockey: Temp arena Rugby: Swedbank arena (20.000 att.) Existing newer stadium Canoing Slalom: Temp arena, newly builed. In Gothenburg: Athletics: Ullevi stadium (60.000 att.) existing stadium which now have 43.000 att, bur renovated and expanded for the games Tennis: Old Ullevi stadium (20.000 att.) Existing football stadium, temp rebuild to have 3 tennis Courts across with different att. and som more in the area around. I think it could Work very nicely. Ofcourse also with temp seating across the stadium. I can see et for my eyes, but hard to explane. Tabletennis: Frølundeborg arena (7.500 att.) existing venue Artistic gymastic: Scandinavium (12.000 att.) existing venue Rythm gymnastic: Scandinavium (12.000 att.) existing venue Trampolin: Scandinavium (12.000 att.) existing venue For soccer there are the following stadiums: Ullevi, Gothenburg, (60.000 att.) The final, and perhaps 1 or 2 matches the first week before athletic starts Freinds arena, Stockholm, (50.000 att.) Tele 2 arena, Stockholm, (30.000 att.) Brøndby Stadium, Copenhagen, (30.000 att.) Malmo Stadium, Malmo, (25.000 att.) Aarhus stadium, Aarhus, (25.000 att.) And other possibilites also around 20-25.000 att. Perhaps someone could be temp extracted to 35.000 or so. With this plan, we will have 3 Olympic villages, Copenhagen with about 5.600 athletes, Gothenburg with about 3.000 athletes and Malmo with about 1.700 athletes. There will not be build a lot of new perm. venues, in fact the only complete new perm. venue is a Water stadium for all swimming etc. Otherwise it is multi-arenas and creative solutions in different ways, and temp seating for different outside events. Perhaps a few other events could go to Sweden, Beachvolley for example, and archery or Triathlon or something. But this is my suggestion. Most of the used arenas in Gothenburg and Malmo are located close together and close to the train. Well, shoot me suggestion down. I know you want to Regards Hans from Denmark
  2. Yes I totally agree with you, Germany don´t need to get out of there country. But still, in Danish media these Things has been mentioned yesterday, and it also sounds like that it is the major of Hamburg that contacted the Copenhagen major and had had a few talks about it. But perhaps it is just som spin to see how the Danish people react on it.
  3. Regardin Hamburg and Copenhagen, there has today been a confirmation from the Copenhagen Major, that he has spoken with the major of Hamburg about letting som of the events in a Hamburg bid be in Copenhagen (But just small talk for now), there has in Danish media been mentioned mostly sailing and handball, but also swimming and cycling has been mentioned. Personally i think that a second city should have a bit more to become a real part of a games. But I will also say that badminton would be perfect for Denmark. And personally i think we should need at lest 2-4 more sports to really become a part of it. It could perhaps bee rowing and equestrian, or smaller events like wrestling or boxing or something that needs a smaller arena. But Again, i cant see why Germany would want to go out of there own country. But why not combine both Berlin and Hamburg? Could that end up as a possibility? That Germany wants to make a joind bid, instead of picking between them? What do you think?
  4. Regarding Hamburg and Copenhagen it could be a nice bid also. But i do think that Hamburg or Berlin is big enough alone, and cant see why they would join another city. But perhaps yes. As long as we get, Swimming, Badminton, handball, Sailing, cycling, and then 5-6 other, if it is Basket or volley, fencing og Judo or whatever does not mean that much to mee. And football in both countries perhaps. Or perhaps women in Denmark, and men in germany. But that are just my wish. But Again, I don´t think Hamburg would want any other city in there plans.
  5. I must say that i am splitted in to 2 regarding spreading the games to more than one city/country. At one point i love the idea of it all going on in one city. On the other hand i kan see a lot of potentiel for spreading it out on two. But it shall in my opinion be MAXIUM 1000 km between the cities. If not Maximum 800. And the second city must have at least 40% of the sports. In my opnion it is not a question about letting one other city have a few. It shall be 2 cities that hos many events. I can see many European cities going together. Amsterdam and Bruxelles Pragh and Wien Warzawa and Pragh Sofia and Bukarest Stockholm and Helsinki Copenhagen and Stockholm. (Perhaps only Copenhagen and Malmø) Or Copenhagen and Oslo. Perhaps even a trio, Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. But i think 3 is to much. 2 cities could be ok. As beeing from Denmark i could emagine it held like this with Copenhagen and Stockholm Stockholm host the following: Athletic Basketball Boxing Table tennis Football (both countries) Hockey Judo Gymnastic Riding Shooting Water polo Taekwondo Tennis Triathlon Copenhagen host the following: Badminton Beach Volleyball Archery Cyckling track and course Football (both countries) Fencing Golf Handball Rowing and Canoing Sailing Swimming Volleyball Weightlifting In that way we get the big stadium and indoor arenes splitted up. And i think that the host athletes whom always are born competitors should for that host that have the sport. Handball, Denmark is qualified, because it is in Copenhagen. Basketball, Sweden is qualified, because it is in Stockholm. Athletic Sweden have athletes Automatic qualification, and not Denmark. If you understand my badly written English. I actually think it could be good in this way. Also the Olympic village will be 2 Places, and there should of course for the athletes and officials be easy transport between the 2 cities (and free) so they still can back up in the other sports and so. Well, as a conclusion i actually like this idea of 2 host cities. And if there are as in my example many sports in both cities, both cities will feel they are a big part. Of course there can be som discussions som places about whome shall have what and so. But in my view from Denmark, we would much more want the swimming, than the athletics. And the handball over basketball and so on. There are many ways to build up a bid with 2 hosts. So I hope that it good be good in the future and Copenhagen could join a city and bid kindly regards Hans from Denmark
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_European_Games Here it says that the host for 2019 will be announced at 21. og 22. november 2014. This is soon! Does anyone know more about this? is there a runner up field or is it completely secret until announcement has taken place?
  7. For the European Games i think Amsterdam is an exellent choise. If the western nations shall be a part of the developement in the European Games, it needs to go somewhere western i 2019. I have also earlier heard that Glasgow was interested. But I don´t think there are any official bidding list.
  8. What will be decided first? Euro 2024 i expect to be decided in 4 years (since we now have just 2020 decided), and Olympic 2024 will be decided in 3 years. I think they will try to bid on both, does the Olympic miss, then they have Euro. And do they get the Olympics I think they will drop out of Euro... And then go for euro 2028.
  9. Why do you write renovations for Parken in Copenhagen? As far as I know there are no renovations planned. And another thing. As I had understood a host country is garanteed minimum 2 Group matches at home, if they qualify. So i don´t think where the Groups will be decided before after the Draw for the Groups.
  10. Well I´m ofcourse happy we were chosen, but sad about Stockholm. I really sa I really saw it as the most logic that both Copenhagen and Stockholm hosted a Group. But this is our best chance to hold a big football tournament. Perhaps Womens championschip is a possibility, but not mens best. So happy and a bit surprised because our stadium is clearly the smallest of all.
  11. I also think they should have stayed at 16 teams, and not 24 to til finals. It will as you say be to easy for top seeded. They are not in danger. Yes, Portugal lost home Against Albania. But I don´t think they will have any trouble to qualify, because top 3 in every Group has either direct qualification or a second chance. But for a Whole Group of middle countries there are a lot in stake, Iceland who was close to World Cup qualification, Finland, and probably a lot Eastern countries has chances that they didn´t have before. But for the biggest countries there are no exitement. Another thought, what abot the very small countries. Do they have a European championschip? If you take the 8 smallest countries it could be a bit a fun for them to compete against other small sometimes. I think of the following 8 (All under 1 million inhabitants): Faroe Island, Iceland, Malta, Gibraltar, Andorra, Lichenstein, Luxembourg, San Marino. If not, whouldn´t it be fun for them to compete in the odd years (2015, 2019 etc). It matches up with 2 Groups, semifinals and finals. Then some of them will have some succes in stead of allways Loose. There a games for the small countries, but football is not one of the sports there. Well just a thought I had.
  12. What about European Games 2019... ? Then i will finally bid with Copenhagen
  13. I have found this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_european_Games Her it says that the host for 2019 is announced in november. And there is mentioned a number of potentiel bid city. But it doesn´t seem like there is any official candidates at this point? or? I personally hope it comes to a more western country, Amsterdam is a good thing. If the "big" nations in Europe (France, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, and all the Nordic countrys shall take this contest serious in the public regarding fans and support, it needs to be in the western, else the genereal public won´t accept it as a good games. Well that is just my thoughts. But i still find it werid, if there are no specific candidate at this time.
  14. In my World it makes no sence to decide now to bid for 2028. If Europe get 2024, and Germany has decided to bid for 2028 already, thats completely stupid. I don´t think Europe will get it 2 times in a row... Either bid for 2024, or wait to see who wins 2024, if not Europe, then bid, if Europe, then wait, it will be Waste of money. Well thats just my opinion.
  15. Of course Hamburg/Copenhagen won´t happen! Unless the IOC make some major changes, which i Don´t think they will make so big! I still have a silent hope for Copenhagen alone, but that is my personally hope, and it seems like no one is working active for it (beisde me.. And I don´t have much power)...
  16. Of course there are expenses for more than 2 or 3 billion. But perhaps he take in account the many billions in sponsor and tv-rights, ticket sale and so on. So he thinks (im not saying its true) that it cost 2-3 billion after all incomes? plus Investment in infrastructure as he thinks is beside thats.
  17. Does anyone know when they will pick the host for 2019? Or are they waiting to see how the first games develop before deciding on the next? But it will only mean shorter time for preparing for 2019...
  18. Sorry to go in to this thread. But you sound like a Little kid who can´t get his candy... I do agree that it would be nice to have a World Cup in England, and if Germany want to go for 2024, therefor ofcourse the semi and finals go to England in 2020. But stop with that low arguments sounding like a kid for candy! We deserve and it´s our turn... That are not good arguments to win with! What does Spain deserve then? They havn´t had a soccer tournament since 1982 World cup, Italy 1990. England has hat it 1996... And why not go back to the topic for this thread. Do you think Denmark has a chance for one of the package?
  19. I am terrible sorry!!! I remembered totally wrong. I have just checked and don´t understand. I have always walked around thinking Copenhagen was the only Nordic country without SOG... But of course, Oslo has not either. Sorry for my bad memory
  20. Oslo could also be the first to host both summer and Winter games... Just with many more years apart.
  21. I really dont think Europe is out a all... There has never been 3 Summer Olympic games out of europe in a row, so if any Europe city make a descent bid I think it has a good chance for Europe 2024! And if 2024 goes to USA I´m hundred procent sure Europe get 2028. But i believe that 2024 goes to Berlin or Hamburg (still hoping Copenhagen though, and yes I know it will not happen, but it is allowed to dream ) and then 2028 will go to USA, and I belive that 2032 is a chance in Africa if the World situation is allowing it (regarding wars etc).
  22. Its perhaps a stupid question, and it will loose some of the magic perhaps. But what if IOC accepted banner-sponsors on all stadium? How many billion would it give? Of course it should be the same look on the banner round the Courts wether it athletic or badminton or rugby... Like Champions League football in europe, all stadiums are the same. But the marketing value would be very big. Could it give perhaps 5 billion dollars extra? I dont know. Or perhaps just a few billions dollars. But that are stille a lot of Money and could perhaps help with the economy for the host cities..
  23. Aren´t they doing that al the time? The coverments... When they raise taxes, cut personal en Health care, close schools and much more... So why stop now
  24. I agree with Rob... Thats is VERY VERY unlikely to happen that so many teams win all matches! Will never happen. In the last qualification in Europa, for World cup in brazil no one made maximum point... And now you think 7 out of 9 will one team have maximum? If you really believe that you should play at a bookie, im sure it would pay of big time, if you are right...
  25. What about Iceland? They surprised big and was in playoff against Croatia for the World cup. You don´t give them any chance for third place in Group A?
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