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  1. I have to agree. A bid joined with Hamburg should be dead! I really cant understand why we keep hearing this from Copenhagen mayor. I would love to see the same message from Hamburg mayor, or organisation comittee, before I start to think something about it. I really could better see it as either a joined bid with Malmø and perhaps even Gothenburg. In my World it would make much more sence. Why in hell should Hamburg go to Denmark and Copenhagen?
  2. Copenhagen-Malmø bid has to withdraw It is with great sadness that I have to withdraw my bid. A dear friend of my has gotten cancer, and I can´t handle to deal with this competetion also. I´m terrible sorry, because I have been looking forward to this to prove our cities ability, but other things is at this moment more important to me for this year. I´m very sorry. Regards Hans Pedersen from the Copenhagen-Malmø bid.
  3. Today the Danish tv-channel TV2 has mentioned that they have bought the rights to transmit from European Games in Baku. And the first 3 Danish athletes has been awarded participation. One women BMX cyckling, and a mail Beach volley couple. Has any other countries startet to name there participants?
  4. Can you try and explain in other words what you need to know? I don´t quiet understand the question. (Google translate didn´t help me alot:()
  5. Here are the answers from the organisation comitee from the Copenhagen/Malmoe bid Because that I in the writing moment hoped that I also could exclude one sport, as well as I could pick one. And because I don’t know much about the sport, so I don´t know what kind of space they need. I will in my Candidate file of course have all that finally figured out. All these 4 questions is about the Ceremonies. Of course these are important, but to say at the following point how much money that would be spend is not decided at all. But it will not be a show trying to be bigger than all other shows in history. There will not be spent millions of dollars trying to do bigger than before, of course it will cost millions, but not over the hill a lot of money. It will be a spectacular show, and perhaps shorted a bid off, so there is room enough for the athletes to march in, instead of they are being rushed in, as we have heard of before, and the time-limit almost every time don’t match. But for the show there would be traditional Nordic themes. Something about farming, fishing, and historical things about the wiking´s would be a part of the show. For international stars it is WAY to early to put names on. We are talking about 2028, who knows whom are big stars at that moment. Denmark could have a world top name, or Sweden could. We never know here 13 years before! So no names will be mentioned from us at this time. To restore the Olympic movement there will be made an effort to make the preparations totally open to the people. All finances will be open to follow for everybody during the years up to and after the games. We will not be building 10 new big indoor arenas, but we will think creative, and by splitting the venues to two towns we therefor has much better post venue effects, and therefore cheaper, and more acceptable for the public in general. The general questions. 1. Public transportation will be the only acceptable transportation form for the attendance’s to almost every venue. A few exceptions in the venues fare from the center (different football stadiums for example). There will be made big parking lots outside both cities near the railways so there are easily changing from car to rail, before reaching the cities. All public transportation (bus, metro, light rail and rail) will be absolutely free for everybody in the areas around both cities and around 100 km outside of them, to insure everybody don´t drive the cars to the middle of the towns. 2. To bringing young people to the games, we really don’t see as a problem. The young in both countries love sport, and I´m sure that those will automatically turn up. Regarding disadvantaged there of course will be special parking for those near every venue. Every single venue will have wheelchair seating’s and regarding how big the interest are it would be adjusted how many when the games approaches. If a person need to have a personally helper with him/her, that persons ticket would be included in the disadvantaged persons ticketprice. 3. The legacy plans are of course interesting for the new venues. For all the existing venues, and venues that are temporarily rebuild, of course they continue as they aready are. We have a 2 venues that are marked as New in my venue plan, that actually should be “temporarily” venues. That are the Beach Volleyball arena at the beach, this will only be built for these games, besides of that there are the BMX track. The track itself will be used for national training center afterwords, but the seatings around will be moved. There are a list of venues that have temp. seats. Golf, Road cyckling, sailing etc. etc. etc.. The 2 things that are most important regarding post venue use are the Olympic Aquastic centre, and The Olympic stadium. The aquastic will all the seats be removed and there will be installed water slides and the whole venue will be turned in to waterland for tourist with cafés etc etc etc. Copenhagen could really need a good waterland for familys, tourists and so on. The Olympic stadium will be built with the thought of only exist for few years. We will try to use it for some years and see how many concerts and other events we can attract to Copenhagen, but we are very aware that the best solution probably is only build it for temp use. It will be cheaper seeing long term, than it stands and has to be maintained, and not used. That was the short version of post venue using. 4. Copenhagen airport had round 24 million passengers in 2014, and has plans to exceed that to 40 million. This is a world class internationally airport. 5. Both train and metro goes directly to the airport and you can walk from both indoors directly to check in. 6. By covering 2 cities and 2 countries, we believe it would increase the possibility to attract volunteers. We of course also go to the other countries in the Nordic and rest of Europe, and we believe that we will succeed to find the necessary amount of volunteers. 7. The Olympic torch relay will stand out because if (of course) goes through 2 countries. It will be at the mountains in northern Sweden to the flat land of the vest coast of Denmark. It would be running over bridges, sailed to the smaller islands, and go all around both countries. 8. Internet will be free for everybody at all Olympic venues and in all public transportation and all open squares that’s regarding anything to the Olympics. Shortly spoken, everywhere. We will make free internet for everybody everywhere in the 2 cities. When we reach 2028 we believe it already exist for everybody, so this is not anything speciel. Online of course the audience can reach scores, live pictures from other venues, commentated on different language and much much more. The specific questions 1. No it is of course not a bit too much. Why should it be that? We match the Olympic games to fit in to our size and needs. We don´t build 10 new venues with no use, we have most of them already. We have a very good public transportation network; we are one of the riches countries in the world. We are fist mover on green energy and environment. Why should we be too small? What is it that we don´t have that we need? Regarding hotels we split it up to 2 towns. Copenhagen has a beuatifull harbor for cruiseships so we easily can get 15-20.000 hotel rooms temporarily there. And with trains directly to the Olympic town and walking distance to the venues there, from many parts of Denmark and Sweden, and not forget Hamburg with our new tunnel from Denmark to Germany, there are only 2 hour ride in train in 2028 between those two cities. 2. As mentioned earlier there are plans to exceed the yearly passenger number to 40 million by adding a terminal more and other improvements. 3. Why is that too ambitious? In 2014 39% of all electricity used in Denmark came from Wind power. And there are also solar energy as an increasing factor and other forms of green energy . 4. Of course we are well equipped for security incidents. Many big events had taken place in Denmark with no problems. We had the big Clima top meeting in 2009 with all world leaders attending, including Barack Obama. (He was also here when the host for 2016 were chosen same year). We have a very good police department and our military are very good educated and participate in internationally actions around the World. 5. Yes the Olympic village and the Olympic stadium are planned for the area around 4-5 km from the Airport, I will of course be more precisely map in the candidate file. But it is the purple X on my map in the current file, closest to the green area or in the green area within that mark. Regarding sound that of course are not an issue in the rooms. They will all be very good soundproofed. The landing area are in a direction that does the planes don´t come directly over the area, and 90% of the time they come on from the water side, and not over the city. We are considering to move the Olympic stadium to another area (The light blue on the map), but that are under consideration and not determined yet. 6. As mentioned earlier under legacy in the general questions. We hope this clears some of things up for you.
  6. Has anyone heard of any of the European tv-channels that are going to transmitting LIVE from Baku? Here in Denmark I have asked the different channels, and they all say they don´t know yet. So I´m a bit curies, if any other nations have heard anything from there channels?
  7. I have now finished my first application file. I hope it lives up to the wanted standards. My graphic is not especially good. Looking forward to see If I get further on in the competition. Here is a link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sqsw7ckp6df2fa0/Copenhagen-Malmo%202028%20applicant%20cities.pdf?dl=0 Regards Hans
  8. Hi Again yes, the Squash competetion format was mentioned there. But I still don´t know how many days they will use. Som sport can play 2 matches pr. day, and other don´t. So it is hard for me to find out if I can get the Squash tournament Down to 6-7 days? And another question. Is it possible for the host to cut one sport, just as it possible to add one?
  9. Again and Again you all claim that IF Germany host Euro 2024 then a Berlin or Hamburg bid won´t stand a big chanse. But as far as I know, the Olympic city will be chosen one year earlier than the Euro 2024... So i rather see it as, doesn´t we get the Olympics, then we go for Euro2024. And do we get the Olympic´s then we Draw us from Euro 2024, and go for that in 2028. It makes good sence to me.
  10. I have another question. Since i havn´t seen any proffessionel squash tournament. But is it a normal indoor sportshall that are used for it and transferred in to squash-courts? And how many days will that last? I guess it won´t last all 14 days, and then perhaps can share venue. but are it 7 days, or 4 days or 11 days? I have no idea, and feel in my consideration right now that it is important.
  11. Hi Again I will try to make a bid and hope I make it all the way through, and hope i can make it in time. How do i upload a pictore/logo? I cant seem to find the menu where I can add a picture-file.
  12. I don´t know either Cricket og Lacrosse and have no idea what kind of venue it needs? to add the to the questions
  13. Well regarding the horses. Why does they need a new stadium? At the Europeans championschip 2013 in the Danish city Herning, they used the citys football stadium. 10-12.000 seats. On this link there are a video from there http://www.dr.dk/Sporten/Oevrig_sport/2013/08/24/131558.htm, and about 30 seconds in the video there are a good overview from the stadium. So its not about Building a lot of new venues, but rethink the use of existing and be creative. And i really think they need to be a part of the Olympics. And Again the synchronised doesn´t add venues, so why drop. You claim the calendar. But i always feel that the first week is very compact, and the second week more open. And the synchronised is in the second week, so that is not an argument for me. The charm of the Olympics is exactly all those different sports, and when you cut som small exotic sports you loose some of the charm. I also feel squash and other sport should be a part of the Olympics, why not Beach handball and Beach soccer for example. But why drop table tennis? Why not badminton? What make you decide on table tennis? As beeing from Denmark where Badminton is very big, I of course apreciate that, but why did you choose so? Just as well with wrestling. Why not Fencing or Taekwondo? In my dream World the Olympics either expanded to last 3 weeks and then way better could reuse venues, and add more sports that deserve to be in it. Or another drastic decision split the Olympics in two, and hold one every 2. year, and add more sport. The sports will of couse only have Olympics every 4. year, but there will be one every 2. year. It will reduse athletes to perhaps 7.000 and venues will be redused. But in total number of athletes and sports will be bigger. 2x7000 athletes. Then we can discuss, of the same city should hold both with 2 years apart, or different cities should bid on each. But I am mostly for expand for 3 weeks and then perhaps only 1000 more athletes, and reuse of venues. Well, that is your competetion and your decision, so perhaps that question should be moved somewhere else
  14. I really can´t understand cutting those sports. Especially synchronise swimming. They will use the same venue as swimming, so it don´t cost any more. And table tennis, wrestling and all equestrian... For me it is a descrease all those get cut...
  15. As far as I know the nye agenda 2020 has allowed joined bids. So it is decided already. Or does I not understand what you mean?
  16. Thanks for the nice Words on Copenhagen. And i havn´t seen that list where we are number 6. Thats impressing, and shows we already host a lot of events. Yes it would be a smaller Olympics than Paris. But when all comes to all. Is it possible to see whether there are 7 or 10.000 public at the boxing matches, or 4 or 7.000 to Weightlifting when you are there, or when you Watch on tv. I would much rather have smaller venues that are filled, than bigger that are not filled. And when we are a smaller city and town, there will of course be fewer to buy tickets. The mood in the crowd can be just as good with 5.000 as with 7.000... And if we could share with Malmø, just 15-20 minutes train ride from Copenhagen Airport, and that area, I think should fit pefectly for the Olympic village, and use there nice venues it could really help a lot. Regarding hi ways, of course it should be some more here and there, but I would much rather increase the public transportation. We have more metro underway already and light rails also is decided already. And in the Whole country a wide going rail-plan to increase the speed also has been decided already. And yes, we also love to use our bikes in the city and more and more bicyclehiways with no lights to stop at is being made. Regarding airport capacity there have been plans about another terminal for discount planes (Easy Jet and so on), but has not yet been finalised as far as i know. There is also another airport in Billand, which will get train to in the following years, and then about 2 hours from Copenhagen (and Malmø just on the other side of the Water also has a small airport). Hamburg with new Fehmern tunnel will be about 3 hour train trip away. Yes the city of Copenhagen has a population of 1,2 million (and increasing much every year). But do we take the Whole "Øresundsregion" we have within 100 km 3,7 million with 2/3 of them in Denmark. And all the major cities in both Denmark and Sweden has good Railway connection to Copenhagen. Yes Copenhagen isn´t New York or Paris. But I still believe we could make a beuatiful Olympic games in cooperation with Sweden. Small but cousy games
  17. I would love to participate with a joined bid from Copenhagen and Malmø. But im afraid my English is not good enough to make a descent bid
  18. Qatar has just started Handball World championschip. And that is big for us danes. The openening match played at a brand new venue with room for 15.000 spectators in the middle of nowhere, There was around 2-3000 spectators... There have also been mentioned that Qatar has 17 World championschips within the next few years. It seems like the coming years have a lot of big fancy World championschips, but possible few spectators is my guess. Unfortunately.
  19. In Denmark we last year had a woman who run 365 marathon in one year. I still don´t understand how. But of course the speed was slow and not official run, but she ran alone. It was in every Danish media last year. And yes, it sounds unlikely, and i must admit that I have doubt she tells the truth.
  20. It´s not only a question of size. If Greece has 11 million people, and only perhaps 10% are sports interested. And Denmark (with only 5,5 million people) has 50% sports interested, then what is best? I don´t say the numbers are so at all, but in my opinoin it is a wrong thought that size is all. It is about good organisation and not overbuilding. Thats why my suggestion only have ONE completely new permanent arena. For all swimming. And perhaps some venues has 6-8.000 att. instead of 10.000. But Again that is because we are smaller, and don´t need so big venues. Perhaps you are right, and if we should alone i perhaps think you are. But together we could, and i still prefere Sweden in stead of Germany. But it seems to me you just say no because et sounds to small, and don´t take notice of the details in the project.
  21. Of course the officials needs lodging as well as a big part of the volounteers. And yes perhaps Denmark don´t have good officials in all sports. But i doubt that many countries has that. For example badminton in Brazil? Handball in USA. So ofcourse referees and officials comes from around the World. I cant see a problem here. I am also a bid surprised actually, that you are saying Denmark is not big sporting nation, and then in the same mention Sweden could make it on there own. Look here: London 2012: Denmark: 2 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze Sweden: 1 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze Beijing 2008: Denmark: 2 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze Sweden: 0 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze Athens 2004: Denmark: 2 gold, 1 silver, 5 bronze Sweden: 4 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze I would say we are pretty much alike, when it comes to summer Olympics and medals. Denmark has also been host for a lot of different World championschips, European championschips, World cups in many different sports, and we also have many different coming in the future years. So I think you are wrong when you say Denmark is not a sports power. When we take our size in mind i think we are pretty big in sport. But thats just my opinion
  22. Because the distance Stockholm - Malmo is 500 km. And Gothenburg, Copenhagen only 225. But yes, a bid that goes Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo could happen your right. And perhaps you are right in that Sweden don´t need Denmark in that case. But Denmark also has other venues in Aarhus, Aalborg and Herning, is that a better way to go? Or do you think Copenhagen best chance is a few events from Hamburg?
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