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  1. Of course there are more sports that has BOTH individual and team. But if you have to misunderstand what he Means, then you can. Or you could read what he writes, he has also listed up the sports. No reason to think that relays should be in team Olympics in his suggestion. That is just stupid thoughts, and no intendance to understand the meaning of the suggestion. I still think it would Loose some charm if is splitted up like this, and like more suggestion more
  2. I actually think you have some good points in your comment! But I don´t know if it should be team and not team Olympics. But as far as they are open up for 2 city host perhaps. But 2 cities close together is hard to find! What about making 2 Olympics as you say, but mix the sport more than your suggestion, and perhaps even not the same sports together every time. Lets take an example in 2028 2 cities go together, one city holds there part of the games 2 weeks in may/june, and the other city there 2 weeks in august. Or perhaps one city en august and one in october. All depends of the city and the sports etc. If the games was devided in to 2 cities, it could be 2 games of perhaps around 6000 athletes each. It could then open up for some new sports that deserves a place in the games, and more disciplines in those which already are there (for example archery there are only "Recurve" with, and not "Compound" (unsure on spelling) and here in Denmark we have just held World Championschip in archery with both disciplines. It is the same venue, it would it also be at an Olympic games. But because of the max of 10.500 athletes today it is hard to get more disciplines in to the games, but it would not cost more venue capacity! And I´m sure other sports have same issues. And sports like squash, billard, bowling etc could also deserves to ben in, and a split games could do that! Lets take that Copenhagen and Budapest (for example) held the games in 2028. Copenhagen in the first 2 weeks of june, and Budapest the first 2 weeks of august. Then those 2 cities split the sport after what the countries normally have interest in. Denmark is good in swimming, handball, badminton, sailing, cycling, for example, and Hungary could be athletics, volleyball, Beach volley, tennis etc. Or how it could be split. And 4 years later it perhaps would make more sence to split the sports in a other way depending of the host cities. I know it is a big change to the traditions, but it could be a way to bothe downsize the games, and in the same time make it bigger with more athletes competing. And to have the sports spread out on 4 weeks, instead of 2 weeks, also gives more sports more spread out. Sometimes today there are to many Things on the same time, and it would increase the market value, when the tv-Networks can transmit from more Things. So it is a variant of your suggestion, because I think an Olympic games with only team sports, and one with only individuel. And then a country with no handball tradition still have to have handball (Like London) for example etc etc etc. Of course there will still be some few sports that none of those to cities have interest in, but there could be a chance for the other country rather would have it. And no one says it has to be in the same continent. It could be Amsterdam and Brisbane, for example.
  3. That is exactly my biggest concern for the idea of buying tickets so long time in advance. Not that I´m planning this games, but I will save up for 2024 hopefully in Europe, and therefore i follow this topic. But also when it comes to football championschip... How can you sell all tickets to matches or competition when you don´t know who plays. I have always thought that maximum 50% of a match could be sold in advance, the rest with 25 for each competitor for a period, and then open for all. Or perhaps 70% in advance and then 15% for each or something... The same with an Olympic Games. I would love to Watch some danes compete, for example in handball. But it wont be possible to know when they are playing when we buy tickets long time before we know the matches. What do others do? Or is the games it self that matters, and you don´t care about following your own athletes?
  4. I still think 4 years is enough. If the European Games wan´t to go a western city they must realize that nobody will build 10 big new venues. It is about having venues in place already! So all that matters is the temp venues for some outdoor events, triathlon, road cycling, Beach volley and Beach soccer and like that. Those venues will not be build many years in advance anyhow... In Copenhagen we have at that time a 10.000 indoor arena, 2 different 6-7000 indoor arenas plus 3-4 roundly 2.000 indoor arenas for judo, karate etc. I would still believe that many western cities have something like that also. Glasgow for example that just hosted Commenwealth last year could be a good example of that also.
  5. I would love European Games to Copenhagen. Only big issue as I see it is athletic We simple don´t have an athletic stadium to use at all... In Copenhagen i guess the biggest we have are for 7000 and I think some of that is not seatings... So that one stadium is my biggest concern, and if Athletic only uses it for 2 days and a youth team competition, it is stupid to build another big stadium. Perhaps a combined bid with Malmo could do it. They have a athletic stadium for roundly 25.000 and I believe that could be good enough for athletic if its only the youth. The opening and closing ceremony could be held at our national footbalstadium Parken with 40.000 capacity. But its very interesting how the European Games develope. I am very positive surprised with the first one from Baku. And i feel by the Danish athletes that they see it as a small Olympic games, and the entusiasm when they won was clearly, it really ment something for them to win! I hope it could develope to something good with these European Games.
  6. I really hope that they sells it on. I actually think it should be decided by law how exclusive rights should be sold. And that should be for one country at time! How can one Company buy for Whole Europe!!! its absurd I think. As one point out it is very different what the countries want to see. And yes, I know that in Denmark Discovery also have pure Danish channels they could use, and there are coming a local Eurosport (Eurosport Denmark) and also the same in other Nordic countries. But still. I really hope they offer it on to other channels too! There are 3 years to do that in... In Denmark there before have been something bought by a Network, for months later it is sold on to those who normally cover it... So perhaps it is about making Money on the deal by buying it all, and sell most of it to others, and earn Money that way...
  7. Yes perhaps Istanbul did that. But Turkey isn´t Germany in my opinion. But regarding the expanding to 24 teams, I really think thats a problem. First of all it gives a very stupid Group stage where some 3 goes on, besides that it is to easy for teams to attend the Euro. I really truly think that 16 was the best number of teams. Another reason to go back to 16 teams is that it opens up for more countries to host it. As you say with 24 teams it is actually only Italy, Spain, France, Germany, England and Russia. And that is sad. Or else shall UEFA accept use of 20.000 seats arenas. Then it could open up for more countries, and 2-host nations. For example perhaps. Denmark and Sweden. Bulgaria and Hungary, etc etc etc. But go down to 16 Again. It would also bring more entusiasm to the qualification period if it is a bit harder to qualify... But why not Spain for 2024?
  8. Why is Hamburg pointless? As far as i know the Olympics will be awarded first. So if Hamburg gets it, then Germany withdraw from Euro, I´m sure... But if not, then they are staying in for Euro... So competitors to the Euro 2024 may hope for Hamburg, that will increase there chanses for Euro 2024
  9. I was actually thinking that European Games perhaps should consider to move to another year. Like 2018, 2022 etc. in hope to have the top in Athletics and Swimming. In stead of there own European championschip... 2018 is to soon, but why not 2022? But perhaps those two federations don´t want to.
  10. In the mens tournament Denmark has with a semifnal in U21 European championschip qualified for the Olympic tournament for the first time since 1992!!! I think and hope that 2016 then could be one the biggest Danish Olympic team in many many years, if both our handball teams succeed also, wich i hope and expect.
  11. I was actually surprised that there are pretty many at some events. But disapointed at other. Especially the outdoor sports outside venues. Triathlon, cycling for example. Not much people along the roads, if any at all. I think, there must be people somewhere in the city? Or is the city allways inside... it seems like a ghostcity with a lot of beutifull Buildings, but no people
  12. And we must not forget that as long as they are a part of the European Olympic comitte, they can host. Of course I hoped for something else, but Turkey is actually way better than Russia in my opinion. Many many danes often travel on Holiday in Turkey and can must better reflect to that, and they don´t have a lot of other events, like Russia do... But i still hope for a more western country of course. And because they have a different culture, does that mean they cant host?
  13. But what if Boston back out, Paris decid not to bid, Hamburg votes no... Perhaps it is between Rome and Budapest... I have never been in any of the 2 cities, but look at 2022, now 2 cities nobody believed in have a chance. What if the same happens here... You must enter a contest to have a chance.
  14. I think it is nice that there are spectators, and more than I expected. Danish TV2 Sport, has live sending 8-12 hours each day, of course with focus on the Danish athletes, and I´am very happy with it. But it seems like we only have ONE reporter in Baku, to make interviews, and then all commentary from studio in Denmark. But a much better coverage of the European Games, when i feared much less. And I really think if it was in a western European country it would also have attracted turist and more interest. But how would the interest then be in Eastern Europe for the games. I think it is hard to make something that attracts both East and West. So Again i really hope 2019 will be in a more western city/country. How is the coverage in other countries in Europe?
  15. Yes, political it could be hard to use hundreds of millions, but we are going for many other sporting events these years, World championschip in Ice Hockey in 2018 is perhaps the biggest one in Schedule at the moment, but also WC in handball, and as you say 4 matches in European Championschip i 2020 and other minor sportsevents (In august this year for example World championschip in Archery). And as I see it, when we don´t need to build any new big venues, but only temp venues for outdoor events, triathlon, mountainbike, Beach events and so, then I cant see it cost so much... And im very sad that Holland jumped off, because i fear a turkish or russian bid now. For the European games to develope we need to get in a western or Nordic country! Oh and yes we held a splended youth European games in Esbjerg in 99 as i recall it. It could also be fun for a youth Olympic games in Copenhagen, Again accept smaller venues, but fill them up in stead of using very big venues and have hard time filling it. But Again, athletic are our worst problem
  16. Why not Glasgow? They have experience from Commenwelth? Barcelona and reuse som venues from 92? As I see it, the venues don´t need 10-15.000 seats for the different indoor events. But perhaps just 2-4.000 for many different, and a few with bigger. I would of course say that Denmark could host, it we did something like Holland had planed, and used the Whole country. But the one big problem is the athletic, but if that still is for youth in 2019, then I cant see why "Århus stadium" with about 20-25.000 seats could be used. We would´nt never fill a 50.000 stadium anyway... And the OC could in the national football stadium Parken with 40.000... But as I see it almost every western country could do that ass well. What is it that would cost so much? Yes there will be temp venues for Beach soccer and Beach volley and so. But every single week there are temp seating to different golf tournament all over. That cant cost hundreds of hundreds of millions... So what is it that cost so much...
  17. I have no experience with Olympic tickets. But the World in general is getting more and more open and easier to travel round the globe. I believe it has a very big issue and the demands rices naturally. Travelling is being more normal, than it was 20 years ago. Personally I have only been on a plane 2 times, Copenhagen - Berlin and back. And I was a wreck... So I really really really hope that Hamburg gets 2024, now no one (other than me) believes on an Olympic Games in Copenhagen. But on the other hands, after reading all about tickets in this forum, I´m affraid it would be very very hard to get and Watch anything.
  18. Im exited to see what else that will appear here at "19 uhr" according to the article.
  19. On this link it seems that they will try to change the venue to apartmens afterwords? If my german is correct understood via Google translate... http://www.bild.de/sport/mehr-sport/olympia-2024/so-schoen-wird-das-olympia-stadion-41171982.bild.html
  20. Now we have reached that point, that I can see how much the Danish TV-channel TV2-Sport will transmit from European Games. And I must say, I am positive surprised! They are sending live 8-12 hours every day the first couple of days I can see at this moment, from many different sports. So I am very positively surprised. How does it look in yours countries? And I have asked before, but I will try again. What about ticketing sales, how does that goes?
  21. I hope that UEFA will withdraw from FIFA if Sepp get selected. Sure, russia wont, but most of them, and then organize there own Open championschip in 2018 and 2022 and invite all countries in the World. Lets see what FIFA then are, without England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and all those countries, and I would be surprised if not other countries from around the World rather would participate en an open championschip with the best countries from Europe, rather than a Fifa World cup with no big European countries...
  22. Are there any demands for number of venues? capacity and so on?
  23. Please stop the medal ceremony to take place elswhere from where they are won! It is complete stupid! The medals shall in my opinion be given as soon as possible at the venue where they are won!
  24. Very interesting! For the hope for an European games future I think it is important that a West European country host 2019, and I think that Netherlands is a fine choise! A bit disapointed about 5 less sports.... I had hoped that some of the bigger would join in, in stead of go out... But lets see which sport it will be.
  25. Does anyone know how the tickets sale are going for European games? Can wee expect completely empty venues or will there be some spectators? And perhaps only local?
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