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  1. 2 hours ago, Lord David said:

    Hvidovre Stadium makes no sense for Field Hockey. Why not have it at Malmø Stadium and New Malmø Stadium? You have a potential 14,000 - 18,000+ All seated venue at Malmø Stadium and the rectangular New Malmø Stadium would host finals at a 22,000 seater capacity.

    Parken makes sense as a roofed venue that could be divided to host 2 indoor team sports.

    Ballerup  Superarena has a capacity of 3,700 seated in Track Cycling mode. Just keep it as is. It might be able to host another indoor sport (Montreal's Velodrome did), but expect no more than 5,000.

    Equestrian should be held at a dedicated Equestrian Centre.

    Baseball/Softball should be in it's own venue, a football stadium simply won't work.

    You forgot Malmö Isstadion. That could serve an indoor sport. Malmömässan could also serve something.

    Tennis would need it's own dedicated venue.


    Bella Center, site of the 2009 IOC session would be the Main Media Centre. The land next door could serve as a media village.

    Thanks a lot for the feedback. 

    Regarding to field hockey I must admit i don´t know much about the sport, so i just picked a place with 1 tribune, and then 3 temp venues could be added around it, in the size needed. Malmø new stadium I have placed Rugby. And i have placed Baseball/softball at Malmø Stadium, because it has an athletic track, and i think it could be ajusted to fit those kind of stadiums with adding some temp seatings to match the playground but not a sport that we know much about here I must admit. 

    We could also use Herning stadium (small 3 hours from Copenhagen) for the Equestian, they host the World Championschip next year. And there is also a nearby indoor venue for 10.000 people that could be used for something. But i would try to keep it near Copenhagen. Of course the venue etc shall be temp rebuild and added temp seating for the equestian. 

    I have Malmø Icestadium with, i have placed boxing in it. 

    Regarding to Parken, why not tennis in one half? If completely covered, then we could make it for 4 indoor venues i believe. A basketcourt, Volleycourt etc is not very big, so there are plenty of room as I see it. 

    Regarding to Malmömessen i don´t know that. So yes of course a possibility. But is the roof high enoug to make a good venue?

  2. 2 hours ago, FYI said:

    It takes more than just "venues" to host the Olympics, though. It also takes accommodations, big infrastructure & even bigger political will to get it done. Things that smaller population countries don't have an abundance of. 

    So I shouldn't base it on the economy then? Isn't that one of the IOC's criteria, though? But then you, ironically enough, post a list of the top ten richest countries? But seriously, can you honestly see Brunei & Luxembourg hosting simply because they're on that list? If we were talking winter Olympics, that'd be feasible for the likes of Norway & Switzerland. But unfortunately, Denmark doesn't have the mountains for it.

    Besides, I never said that it was impossible (especially if the IOC would have nothing else credible to choose from). I said it would be a *stretch* for the Summer Olympics. And no, I didn't forget about Skane. But at that point, it's neither here nor there (especially when Skane only adds another 1.3 million to the picture. Plus, if we only include Zealand for Denmark, which is basically where Copenhagen is, it skews the number down quite considerably, since there's only 2 million there, so it's a wash, & that's on the generous side), since you also admittedly say that your suggestion doesn't include Sweden's other big cities. Others here have mentioned that an independent Scotland would be out of the question, since it's only 5.5 million people. But if part of a U.K. attempt, it's much more tenable. Go figure.

    If there's a choice that the IOC would have, between say the Netherlands or the Rhine-Ruhr (or even Madrid or Moscow/St. Petersburg), do you really believe they'd bypass one of those for a smaller Copenhagen proposal? I'd find that highly unlikely. The IOC would still want as much finesse as possible. And I'm not asking you to agree with me. I'm merely stating my opinion on a public forum about said topic, just as you are. Of course, though, you're going to advocate for Copenhagen as much as possible since you're a Dane. And that's certainly par for the course here on GB's. 

    The reason for the link is to show that Denmark is not a poor country, and no i don´t think Luxemborg or Brunei could host it. And yes of course it takes accommodations. But I still cant see that as a problem in Copenhagen... Copenhagen grow with about 15.000 inhabitants a year, and there are a big miss of cheeper appartments, and that has been the case for all the century and I expect it to continue. Yes the Olympics need more accommodations. But lets say 10.000 appartments, with 4 in every appartment, that is 40.000 people... There are 10.000 athletes, 10.000 journalist, 10.000 officielt, 10.000 coaches and team members (big round numbers)...

    But afterwords only 2 in average will live in those apartments... Then it´s only perhaps around 2 years of grow in copenhagen to fill those new appartment, And a big number of new appartment which can get the prize in general a bit down. Which is needed. 

    Big infrastructure... Have you looked in my document? There are shorter to many things than today in Tokyo. We have a big international airport and if we go by my suggestion only about 5 minutes by train from the airport to athletes village and so on! 

    I don´t think I can convinse you, but I just can´t see what exactly it is we can´t do. I hear, big infrastructure, big this and big that. I just miss to know more exactly, what is it we can´t do... In stead of just writing big infrastructure big venues, many volounteers (why should it not be possibile to get voluenteers from Germany, Great Britian etc also), They don´t all have to be danes. 

    The politic will... Well no countries have that until suddenly someone has talked aboud it and convinced someone high enough in the political system. 

    And yes, if Germany or Madrid or Netherlands take a chance, we will have it hard. But I believe we could have a small chance. 

  3. 7 hours ago, FYI said:

    Can you see Luxembourg or Macedonia hosting the Summer Olympics? In general, the larger the country, the easier it is for it to absorb the cost, build less necessary infrastructure & have a better legacy plan in place.

    So you base it on econemy. But as i have tried to point out in my example for venues. We don´t stand so bad and have more than people outside in the world think. Economic we are wealthy country. On this list we are number 10: Richest Countries in the World 2021 | Global Finance Magazine (gfmag.com)

    And to compare 6 million danes (and you forget the part of Sweden in my suggestion), and they are a bit over 10 million people. But of course my suggestion to be a part of it in Malmö close to Copenhagen, don´t involve there biggest cities. 

    So again, I don´t agree with you, espicially when the only argument are "we are only 6 million", and then you compare with Luxembourg... 

  4. 1 hour ago, FYI said:

    As for Denmark, it's only a nation of barely 6 million. So seems like a stretch. 

    As for 2036, it's Western Europe's to lose (if they want it, that is). Plus, the continent has never gone more than 12 years between Summer Olympics. So I don't see South America, Africa - nor Asia in particular. Not with 2032 being in Oceania. 


    And why is it important that the country is bigger than that? 

  5. But how many are needed? If some of the venues are a bit smaller, also the accomodation for visitors can be smaller. By that time Hamburg is less than 3 hours by train, and of course cruiseships to help also. Copenhagen are increasing the fascilities for big cruise ships in the harbour already, and the metro are going to have a line out near that part of the harbour. 

  6. I havn´t got many responsens for this topic with a link for my detalis thougt. But i still believe we good do it in the nordic! Now we have 9 medals this year, and minimum one more in the mens handball final. So we are very good this year also! 

    That all said i also think The Netherlands should take a chance! But of course i would cheer more for my suggestion with a joined Copenhagen/Malmö bid. 

  7. If New Zealand and other southern countries could host a wintergames in august/september. Why don´t the winter seasen start with world cups in Biathlon, alpine competitions etc etc in those countries and expand the season. The wintersports season are generally short. So why not expand the world cup season... If a succes, perhaps in time an early winter games could happen. But get big world cup events in those time slots at first I think... 

  8. 2 hours ago, AustralianFan said:

    We’re talking simply here of not hearing any crowds at these Tokyo Games.Crowds.

    We’re not talking of hearing 40,000 or 70,000 because that is irrelevant since there zero ticket holding spectators at any venue at these Games.

    There’s only a very small number of accredited athletes and officials allowed in to watch events

    It’s personal opinion but even as a tv spectator, there is no crowd noise and visuals of hordes of people cheering.

    Many of the athletes interviewed at these Games have remarked in media interviews that they miss the crowds.  It’s even more stark in the cavernous empty Olympic Stadium.

    It can’t be helped but no way do I ever want to witness such an empty spectatcle ever again.

      Big Kudos to the athletes themselves for their performances but even they miss the crowds to motivate them and make it feel like an Olympic Games.

    I’ve been to two Games as a spectator and volunteer and it’s sad to hear the echo of athletes as they compete in empty venues.



    Yes of course you are right. But we talk about different things. My point goes that the venue dont have to be the biggest to make a good games :)

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  9. 4 hours ago, AustralianFan said:

    Yes loving the sport too at these Games but Tokyo 2020 is very much lacking in the crowd noise, roaring and cheering, etc.  They’ve done the best they can but ….

    Can’t wait for spectators to return to the Games in the next few years.

    Apart from the main stadium, I’m expecting crowds at Brisbane’s venues, to be just as big and buzzing as our last Olympic Games in Sydney.

    But can you really hear if there are 40.000 og 70.000 when you watch sport on tv? I don´t think so. 

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  10. 2 hours ago, AustralianFan said:

    But on the same artickle they forget München, which are on there own list, and are smaller... Thats a weird article...

    But how was Helsinki games? a succes even if so small? 

    I think these games in Tokyo without public in the venues, show that small venues also good work fine. And just a few thousand could just make a good show, and size don´t matter at all. Im actually surprised how much I like the sport and don´t miss the spectators as much as i thoutht i would. 

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  11. I have tried to make a short document for my suggestion for venues etc for a bid from Copenhagen/Malmö for 2036.  My english is not the best. I had made a bigger document in danish with more details. But tried to translate. Sorry if not all is translated correctly. 

    I thought i could upload it here, but no. So i tried to give you this link you should be able to see it (I hope):  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1osP21C1v1HY1s-lNTrbeRPV_5j-D9yI4C1WPRgR_5Qk/edit?usp=sharing

    Looking forward to comments. 

  12. Then the first day is over, or almost over... 

    For Denmarks point of view no big surprices, and also no big disappointments, it has went almost as wanted and expected. 

    How does it looks for you?

    In genereal im surprised that USA after the first day no medals has. Is that normal? I can´t remember. 

  13. You mention the one in normal time should be a penalty. But it was a free kick to denmark 10-15 meters from the penalty. He blow the wissel on the same time as he felt in the penalty area... But many journalist miss that part... And when he has given Denmark a freekick, he cant afterwords give England a penalty, even if it was there are not. On less i mistake the rules, but i don´t believe he could have done that. 

  14. I am the only one who thinks that Tokyo could get a new olympics soon to compensate for this one, and still use there venues. 2032 to Tokyo if not Brisbane allready was so far. But I actually think it would have been a good idea to do that. But it seems like i am the only one who thinks like that. 

    I cant see anyone can blame Japan for the pandemic. So I think they should be given a new chance for the public and to make a great games. 

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