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  1. If tennis is to be held outside the Boston Metro area, there is also the Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, RI only an hour drive away and also hosts a yearly ATP Tournament. Also, a yearly ATP tennis tournament used to be held at the Longwood Cricket Club in nearby Newton, MA (About 5 miles from the proposed main stadium) using temporary stadia. I think the last tournament was held in 1999, but if it could be done then, they can easily put up an Olympic-caliber tennis competition now.
  2. Harvard Stadium is technically in the Allston neighborhood of Boston. Cambridge is across the river.
  3. The international arrivals/departures wouldn't not be a huge an issue as the domestic arrivals/departures. Logan's international terminal is currently getting an upgrade. There is an under-utilized terminal (terminal A) that can surely handle more passenger traffic, perhaps TSA can install a temporary customs control there. Or do a pre-boarding customs check in less security risk countries (Canada, UK, Japan, etc) though not sure how that can be efficiently implemented.
  4. You have it switched around. The Circus Maximus is the stadium and the Coliseum the ellipse. But we're talking semantics here and in the end of the day an oval is an oval and really, their footprints (in terms of square footage) shouldn't vary as much.
  5. You can build a stadium with a rectangular footprint and keep the seating in a oval configuration. That should limit the echoes. The spaces in the right angles could be used for concession stands or just open concourses. The downside is that it could limit capacity. Also, the Coliseum is an Oval.
  6. I love this thread just add enough drama to make my work day a little more bearable! I don't usually comment because I don't have anything new to add. But as somewhat of a logofile maybe I can add something this time. An oval is anything egg shaped. It's an inclusive word to anything egg shaped, or, depending on who you ask, it's only exclusive to an actual egg-shaped object (in that it's not visually symmetrical). The "symmetrical" oval would be an ellipse. What I find most amusing is that everyone is so riled up about the exact shape of the track. The geometrical shape of the track is actually called a stadium. AKA discorectangle. If we were to use the more inclusive definition for an oval, both the track and the ellipse are ovals. http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Stadium.html
  7. http://bit.ly/1pQqpza (Boston Globe) Article about possible venue locations. Though where the author got her sources from is beyond be. Her description of the stadium is too small for Olympics standard and the location too small for the stadium itself.
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