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  1. How protesting against a government that has lead the country into the economic hole and has stolen the biggest state ruled companies of the country is supporting a military coup? You're paranoid or don't have arguments against the facts. They can't repeal anyone from the protests simply because a democracy allows free speech even when you don't agree with other people's opinion. Plus, they just organize the days and places of protest, they are not linked to any political party or organization. I also hate some of the few extreme right actvists but they have the same rights to expose their ideas and repressing it would be anti democratic and against constitution. You keep changing the focus of the protests. Those protests are against the failed government, it doesn't have any racism or anything that to you want to use to change the focus connected to it. This is against corruption and in favor of the Impeachment of Dilma. Lava Jato investigations are not only centered on government members (leaders of the current corruption scandal and also two previous scandals called Mensalão I and Mensalão II), but also in the opposition members involved. Some of the 2 biggest names of the opposition, Aécio Neves (being investigated by Lava Jato just like Dilma and Lula) and Geraldo Alckmin were booed by protesters. This is really like the corruption scandals in Italy. Corruption is a plague that is consuming the entire country and everything is centered in the government. And you can expect much more politicians to fall, they've just investigated one state ruled company, BNDS (National Development Bank) and Correios (post offices) are the next. Sure there is a big corruption problem. Petrolão (Petrobrás Corruption Scandal) is considered the 2nd biggest corruption scandal in the world. The approval of the governement is the lowest EVER registered, even lower than Collor's approval when he was impeached. Last opinion survey released: - Good: 11% - Regular: 25% - Bad: 64% (peaked at 70% in december) Petrobrás has shrunk 85% of its value since 2008, the company is about to bankrupt. When Dilma was the leader of the company back in 2006, she approved the purchase of Pasadena Refinery in Texas with a value of US$ 1,18 billion when it was evaluated in only US$ 42,5 milion and that's only one among many other irregularities. That's the current situtation of Brazil's economy: 2015 GDP: -3.8 % Inflation: 10.67% 2016 (expected) GDP: -3.54 % Inflation: 7.46% Controlled by the opposition? On what are you basing that? The argument largely used by government supporters that the media wants a coup is already very outdated, please look for another way to hide the facts. All that the government want is to hide the situation of the country and protect themselves from the investigations. The only proposal of economic reform made by the government so far was a new raise of taxes called CPMF that would make even more damage to our economy. Our taxes already take 35% of the GDP, one of the highest numbers in the world. That is a campaing made by the Industrial Sector of São Paulo state called "Não vou pagar o pato", the expression is a reference to the proposal of the creation of the new taxes (CPMF). People don't want to pay even more taxes to pay for the corruption of the government and don't have any good services in return. http://www.naovoupagaropato.com.br/ BTW, those are the new facts of the day: The Supreme Tribunal accepted the delation of former Senator Delcidio Amaral (who was an important figure in the Workers Party and was under arrest). Better than that, Amaral's assistant was met by Education Minister Aloísio Mercadante, who is the right arm of Dilma, in the two Palaces (the presidential residence and the presidential office), confident, etc. Unknown to Mercadante, Amaral's Assistant RECORDED THE ENTIRE CONVERSATION and the media now has it, as well as the Tribunal. Dilma's right arm offered MONEY, POLITICAL AND JURIDICAL PROTECTION in order for Delcidio Amaral to remain quiet and not implicate Dilma and Lula in the corruption scandal! Obstruction of Justice is the least admission. The money offered would come from construction companies involved in the corruption scheme and anyway, this is Dilma's right arm. The opposition is calling for immediate resignation from Mercadante and this recording will probably be enough to implicate Dilma and Lula enough for these extreme leftist scum to be arrested and Dilma be impeached before it. ALSO, Lula accepted to be a Minister of Dilma's government just to have something called "Foro Privilegiado", to be judged by the Supreme Court since he's feeling very threatened of being arrested.
  2. Those protests are pacific and nobody wants a coup (with very few exceptions) or are making any opposition to the Olympics. What people are demanding the Impeachment (assured in the constitution and already made in 90s, supported by the party of the current government) and supporting the operations against corruption. The only people who talked about convoking people to fight in the streets were the members of the Workers' Party (government).
  3. I wonder how people are still trying to minimize and put labels on those legitimate protests with stupid "observations". Those were the largest political protest in Brazil's history. 3 to 6 million people of all classes and ethnicities in the streets of all regions of the country supporting the Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, who has thrown the country into the worst recession since the 30s and destroyed the biggest brazilian company, and against corruption (no matter what political party is related), supporting a investigative operation called Lava Jato, that is investigating the former president Lula and many other politicians (Dilma was also mentioned). These are the estimatives made by the organizers: São Paulo: 2,500,000 Rio de Janeiro: 1,000,000 Vitória: 250,000 Brasília: 200,000 Curitiba: 200,000 Porto Alegre: 140,000 Recife: 120,000 Belo Horizonte: 100,000 Campinas: 100,000 Ribeirão Preto: 100,000 Londrina: 90,000 Florianópolis: 80,000 Manaus: 80,000 Belém: 50,000 Salvador: 50,000 São José dos Campos: 50,000 Novo Hamburgo: 40,000 Why government supporters keep using this as an argument? She's a worker that is receiving money to work. I wonder why photos like these don't have the same repercussion:
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