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  1. Just antennas. São Paulo is full of them. But those ones in special really have some similarity with Eiffel Tower lol
  2. Always the same thing. The symbols usage is very contrasting. Protests in favor of the fight against corruption are dominated by the national flag, national colors and symbols, and are composed by the people itself not affiliated to any party or organization. Whilst protests in favor of the government are dominated by the colors and symbols of the political parties, very few national flags can be seen. Pro Impeachment and fight against corruption protests (sunday, the only day of the week that most of the people don't work): 3,600,000 (Police) / 6,900,000 (organizers) Pro Government protests (friday, working day): 275,000 (Police) / 1,300,000 (organizers lol) Source: http://especiais.g1.globo.com/politica/mapa-manifestacoes-no-brasil/13-03-2016/contra/ Paulista Avenue Pro Government (red and political party symbols dominating) - 80,000 people (Police) - 350,000 (organizers) Pro Impeachment (covering all the avenue's lenght and many parallel streets) - (national colors and symbols dominating) - 1,500,000 (Police) - 2,500,000 (organizers)
  3. Workers' Party is paying R$ 30 (~US$ 10) for people to go to pro governement demonstrations, plus they're are paying for snacks and transportation. Workers' Party gives R$ 30 and bus transportation for protesters: http://www.oantagonista.com/posts/pt-paga-30-reais-e-da-onibus-para-manifestantes Workers Party is paying trucks with sound to drive through streets of small northeastern towns (where many people are benefited by social programs such as Bolsa Família) spreading lies. They're saying that people should take part in pro government protests this friday because otherwise the opposition will cut their benefits: Yesterday in Paulista Avenue:
  4. Very iconic image. "Fora Dilma" (Out Dilma) is being shown on the Congress building:
  5. Paulista Avenue now: There are also many people in front of the Congress.
  6. The impeachment process is moving: Impeachment Comission is approved by 433 in favor and 1 against http://ultimosegundo.ig.com.br/politica/2016-03-17/com-apenas-um-voto-contrario-comissao-do-impeachment-e-criada-na-camara.html
  7. NOW Vitória Florianópolis One more Federal Judge suspended Lula's nomination: Judge from Rio de Janeiro suspends Lula's nomination to Civil House Ministry http://ultimosegundo.ig.com.br/politica/2016-03-17/juiza-do-rio-de-janeiro-tambem-suspende-posse-de-lula-na-casa-civil.html
  8. Supreme Court Minister says that Lula's speech about the tribunal is "lousy and undignified" http://g1.globo.com/politica/noticia/2016/03/decano-diz-que-fala-de-lula-sobre-stf-e-torpe-e-indigna.html Gilmar (Supreme Court Minister) says Lula's nomination is escape from Lava Jato and let the Supreme Court 'bad' http://g1.globo.com/politica/noticia/2016/03/mendes-compara-ida-de-lula-para-ministerio-nomeacao-de-empreiteiro.html
  9. Can you stop being ridiculous? I didn't say anything. That's the Brazilian Federal Justice and all the newspapers of the country showing what is happening and the current situation of the thieves that are on the government. If the judge is pro or anti government in his personal life it doesn't matter, before being a judge he is a citizen with all the rights that are guaranteed by the constitution. Ibosvespa is on the rise and dollar is falling against Real now. Ibovespa: +7.10% Dollar: -2.62% At least today, the market is very optimistic and hoping that some change is on course with the new revelations about Dilma and Lula. Investors also don't trust the government.
  10. Yeah, "Love More, Hate Less" that's probably their philosophy lol "If the "coxinhas" show up, they will be beaten up," says Lula to his brother about protests http://www.infomoney.com.br/mercados/acoes-e-indices/noticia/4760266/coxinhas-aparecer-vao-levar-tanta-porrada-diz-lula-irmao-sobre I don't if this is the most precise translation, but during the audio tape Lula is suggesting violence against protesters. Coxinha is the name that PT and its supporters use to refer to anyone that is against their ideas. Document that supends Lula's nomitation:
  11. Federal Judge (from the Federal District) suspends Lula's nomination to the Civil House Ministry http://g1.globo.com/politica/noticia/2016/03/juiz-federal-do-df-suspende-posse-de-lula-na-casa-civil.html
  12. Published by Wall Street Journal today Former Brazilian President da Silva Joins Rousseff Cabinet as Both Face Crises His appointment is seen as a high-stakes gambit to help both leaders survive claims of misdeeds BRASÍLIA—Former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva accepted a position in President Dilma Rousseff’s cabinet on Wednesday, in a move that could shield him from pending criminal charges, and add his popularity and congressional clout to helping Ms. Rousseff stave off impeachment proceedings. [...] http://www.wsj.com/articles/brazils-ex-president-da-silva-to-join-rousseff-cabinet-1458141475
  13. Updated to 70,000 now. Moro's decisions were all based on the Law, says Federal Judges Association http://oglobo.globo.com/brasil/associacao-de-juizes-federais-emite-nota-em-apoio-moro-18894207 Other cities Rio de Janeiro Brasília Belo Horizonte Recife
  14. More people at Paulista Avenue now Incredible for a spontaneous protest!
  15. Wow, this is getting bigger and bigger. The society is united against those thieves! Paulista Avenue now:
  16. Now - Spontaneous protests in many cities. São Paulo Brasília Belo Horizonte Big protests also in Recife and Porto Alegre. People are now also in front of the Congress in Brasília. Brasília http://g1.globo.com/distrito-federal/noticia/2016/03/grupo-contrario-nomeacao-de-lula-faz-ato-em-frente-ao-planalto.htm Many people in São Paulo In front of the National Congress
  17. Those are some of the biggest revelations of the whole operation about Dilma and Lula. Justice Obstruction was practiced by Dilma and the audios can prove that! I hope all investigated politicians go to jail including those of the opposition. Latest news: General attorney Janot will open investigation against Dilma http://www.parana-online.com.br/editoria/politica/news/940748/?noticia=PROCURADOR+JANOT+VAI+ABRIR+INQUERITO+CONTRA+DILMA Tapped audio suggests that Dilma tried to avoid Lula's prision; listen http://exame.abril.com.br/brasil/noticias/pf-libera-conversa-de-telefone-entre-lula-e-dilma PRB leaves government base and resigns the Ministry of Sport http://exame.abril.com.br/brasil/noticias/prb-deixa-base-do-governo-e-entrega-ministerio-do-esporte "Janot would have taken in the ass," says Lula about the general attorney http://www.istoe.com.br/reportagens/448918_JANOT+TERIA+TOMADO+NO+CU+DIZ+LULA+SOBRE+PROCURADOR+GERAL?pathImagens=&path=&actualArea=internalPage
  18. Unfortunately, I don't think she will resign, since if she does that she will go directly to jail. I hope Venezuela gets rid of those thieves, The venezuelan people don't deserve the situation that the country is living today.
  19. Happening NOW: Federal Police tapped Lula and Dilma!!! The Judge Moro released the transcription and they will be charged for justice obstruction!!! There is audio of the wiretap (in Portuguese ofc). They wiretapped the president's office: People are inside the Congress and in front of Planalto Palace asking Dilma to resign.
  20. You keep changing subjects. There are no arguments against real facts and defending corrupt people is as bad as being corrupt. Interesting article: What slums think of protests against Dilma? 3 - Petrobrás's corruption is an invention. 4 - I agree with the protests against president Dilma. Sim = Yes Não = No Não sei = I don't know Respostas = Answers Complete article: http://exame.abril.com.br/brasil/noticias/o-que-as-favelas-pensam-dos-protestos-contra-dilma The whole country is against the failed corrupt government, not just high classes. By the way, this research is from July 2015, when the crisis wasn't so deep, unemployment rates were lower and most of the revelations against the government hadn't been released.
  21. Lula has just accepted the invitation of Dilma and is now the new Chief of Staff of Brazil. Now he's the highest-ranking member of the Executive Office. Now he's protected from Sérgio Moro, the judge that is conducting Lava Jato Operation since the beginning and has put many politicians in jail. They're violating UN conventions about corruption combat. He proved once again that he is a corrupt coward.
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