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  1. Brazil President Dilma Rousseff Suspended After Losing Impeachment Vote Brazil’s Senate voted to suspend President Dilma Rousseff from office to face an impeachment trial, ushering in a new government to take command of Latin America’s largest economy. Legislators agreed on Thursday after a marathon session that lasted 21 hours to try the president on allegations she illegally doctored fiscal accounts to mask the size of the budget deficit. The vote was 55 to 22. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-05-12/brazil-s-rousseff-suspended-after-losing-impeachment-vote Michel Temer is now the acting president: https://twitter.com/AndreiaSadi Temer's measures should bring virtuous cycle in the economy http://g1.globo.com/economia/blog/samy-dana/post/medidas-de-temer-devem-instalar-ciclo-virtuoso-na-economia.html
  2. The Senate is voting the Impeachment tonight. In a few hours Dilma Rousseff will be removed from the presidency. At least 54 votes are being expected and only 41 are needed. Dilma Rousseff Braces for Brazilian Senate’s Impeachment Vote BRASÍLIA — Even before the speeches were finished, the votes were cast and her fate had been sealed, a common conclusion had already settled in the halls of President Dilma Rousseff’s palace on Wednesday: The party’s over. With a mixture of grim resignation and a dash of gallows humor, aides said that some of them had already stopped working; they were now too busy looking for new jobs. Others even seemed a little relieved; at least the long battle was almost over. As for Ms. Rousseff, who has publicly vowed to keep fighting the “coup mongers” engineering her ouster, her office issued only a cryptic description of her schedule: “Internal meetings.” Just a short stroll from her palace, the Senate was debating whether to suspend Ms. Rousseff and place her on trial, the culmination of months of tirades, secret maneuvering and legal appeals in the campaign to impeach her. “I’m convinced that there is more than enough proof of her crimes,” said Marta Suplicy, a senator from São Paulo who was Ms. Rousseff’s ally before defecting from her leftist Workers’ Party. [...] http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/12/world/americas/dilma-rousseff-brazil-president-impeachment-vote.html?_r=0
  3. Waldir Maranhão has just revoke his own decision that caused all this turmoil lol http://veja.abril.com.br/noticia/brasil/presidente-interino-da-camara-revoga-ato-que-anulou-o-impeachment
  4. Calheiros has just said he won't accept Maranhão's decision so the trial goes on fortunately.
  5. The subtitute of Eduardo Cunha in the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies, the pro government Waldir Maranhão that is also being accused in many corruption charges, suspended the impeachment process trying to overcome the decision of the great majority of the deputies. Many legal resources are being sent by many deputies to the Supreme Court and protests are being scheduled to after the working hours of the population. Ibovespa is in free fall.
  6. Speaker of Brazil's lower house Eduardo Cunha suspended http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/may/05/speaker-of-brazils-lower-house-eduardo-cunha-suspended Finally!
  7. On her last week in the presidency, Dilma is taking a lot of measures to raise government's expenditures and damage even more the country's economy. Even though, the government has no budget and it is already accumulating historical deficits due to the deep recessiom, high inflation and huge government expenditures, she announced a raise of 9.5% in Bolsa Família program (already responsible annually for almost R$ 30 billion in the government budget). She's also going to many spots of the country to inaugurate infrastructural works. This thursday she's coming to my city to inaugurate Belo Monte Dam (not completed, just inaugurate for marketing before leaving the presidency), the largest infrastructural work of the country and allegedly one of the sources of corruption money for her political campaigns. There are some strong rumours that she may resign this friday, but I doubt it.
  8. After criticism of the Supreme Court, Dilma is cautious with speech tone in UN After harsh criticism from ministers of the Supreme Court rebutting the speech of President Dilma that his impeachment is a coup, close associates of the PT were cautious about the tone of the speech on Friday (21) in the United Nations (UN). According to counsel, Dilma finalized the final version of her speech at the UN during the flight to New York. But the reaction of the STF ministers, as Dean Celso de Mello, made Dilma back of a more forceful tone. For Mello, the statement Dilma is a big mistake, as well as being a personal of his line of defense perspective. [...] http://g1.globo.com/politica/blog/blog-do-camarotti/post/depois-de-critica-do-stf-dilma-fica-cautelosa-com-tom-de-fala-na-onu.html
  9. This is shameful Dilma Rousseff travels to NY to say herself is 'coup victim' at the UN Using an strategy that will put shame on Brazil in front of world leaders, the president will use speech about the climate deal to utter Workers Party usual speech President Dilma Rousseff took off on Thursday bound for New York, where she will attend a meeting of the United Nations (UN). The president (and PT member) will use the minutes of her speech on friday, due to the occasion of the Paris Climate Change Deal, to internationally put shame on Brazil, telling world leaders that the Constitutional Process of Impeachment accepted against her on sunday by the Chamber of Deputies represents a "coup". Dilma is repeating the speech that her party gives to foreign journalists - always omitting the fact that the process is happening under the command of the Supreme Court. With the admissibility of impeachment taken as granted in the Senate, Dilma was asked to speak in New York because, according to interlocutors of the government, there's 'no other alternative'. The government seeks, therefore, to create international pressure against her impeachment. So far, however, the only support that Dilma received was from figures like Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela and Cuban dictator Raul Castro. [...] The strategy was criticized on Wednesday by the Dean of the Supreme Court, Minister Celso de Mello. "Although the president see from a personal perspective the existence of a coup, in fact there is a very serious mistake, because the National Congress and the Supreme Court have already made very clear procedure to determine the political responsibility of the president," said the minister. According to the magistrate, the impeachment process is respecting, until now, the whole itinerary established in the Constitution and has passed in an atmosphere of "absolute legal normality." http://veja.abril.com.br/noticia/brasil/dilma-viaja-a-ny-para-dizer-se-vitima-de-golpe-na-onu
  10. Actually, still the Senate has to vote to decide if she will be removed from office. That's probably only going to happen in May. 41 votes are needed (simple majority). Those are the current estimates for the Senate: In Favor: 46 Indecisive/Didn If the impeachment proceeds she will be removed from the office for a maximum period of 180 days and Michel Temer will be the acting president. The last judgement will take place in the Senate where 2/3 of the votes will be needed to remove her definitely, probably in September as some rumours are saying. *Correcting: In Favor: 46 Indecisive/Didn't answer: 15 Against: 20
  11. Paulista Avenue yesterday: 800,000 people acoording to the organizers
  12. I'm in a northern city that traditionally supports PT (2014 was an exception). Even though, there are many fireworks and people screaming in commemoration!
  13. NOW Pro impeachment protests Brasília São Paulo Earlier Porto Alegre 285 pro x 100 against in the Chamber of Deputies now.
  14. Nobody likes, you're right. We brazilians are suffering all the effects of it. The government destroyed our economy, we're are in deep recession, inflation is out of control, people are losing their jobs, many are becoming miserable and we've had the worst case of corruption in history of any democratic country.The protests pro impeachment are HUGE right now. I'm not at home so I can't post many pics. Avenida Paulista (São Paulo) in the picture above.
  15. Even with leftists supporters of the government wanting to deny all of the crimes (including corruption in her political campaign) that she's being accused, the constitution is pretty clear. When a president commits any of the crimes listed below, the impeachment is necessary. Btw, I expect all the politicians involved in crimes to be punished. Criminals shouldn't be defended by the people as we observe in pro government protests and Lula's speeches. Federal Constitution CHAPTER VII CRIMES AGAINST BUDGET LAW Art. 10. They are crimes of liability against the budget law: 1- Do not submit to Congress a budget proposal for the Republic within the first two months of each legislative session; 2 - Exceeding or transport without legal authorization, the funds of the budget; 3 - Make the reversal of funds; 4 - Infringe, patently, and in any case, the budget law device. 5) fails to order the reduction of the consolidated debt, within the time limits established by law, when the amount exceeds the amount resulting from application of the ceiling fixed by the Senate; (Included by Law No. 10,028, 2000) 6) order or authorize the opening of credit at odds with the limits established by the Senate without foundation in the budget law or the additional credit or non-compliance with legal rules; (Included by Law No. 10,028, 2000) 7) fail to promote or to order according to the law, the cancellation, redemption or reserve for cancel the credit transaction effects performed with failure limit, condition or amount prescribed by law; (Included by Law No. 10,028, 2000) 8) fail to promote or to order the full settlement of credit operations in anticipation of budget revenue, including related interest and other charges, until the end of the financial year; (Included by Law No. 10,028, 2000) 9) order or authorize, in violation of the law, carrying out a credit transaction with any of the other entities of the Federation, including its indirect administration entities, although in the form of novation, refinancing or postponement of previously contracted debt; ((Included by Law No. 10,028, 2000) 10) raise funds by way of tax or contribution of revenue anticipation whose taxable event has not yet occurred; (Included by Law No. 10,028, 2000) 11) order or authorize the allocation of funds from the issuance of bonds for purpose other than under the law that authorized; (Included by Law No. 10,028, 2000) 12) make or receive voluntary transfer contrary to limit or condition established by law. (Included by Law No. 10,028, 2000). This Sunday is probably one of the most important days of the recent Brazilian history. The Chamber of Deputies will decide if the impeachment trial wil be opened. That's the last estimate that Estadão relesead. 342 votes are needed for the impeachment In favor: 350 Against: 133 Undecided: 30
  16. I hope the government declares the illegality of these protests in highways just like they did about the truckers' protest against the government last year. MST blocks highways in 18 states against the impeachment http://politica.estadao.com.br/noticias/geral,mst-bloqueia-rodovias-em-18-estados-contra-impeachment,10000026251 MST= accused of being a terrorist group Corruption money used in Dilma's campaign, thus in her own benefit. More crimes: The 7 crimes of Dilma Updating Chamber of Deputies 342 votes are needed to approve Senate 41 votes are needed to approve
  17. "Pedaladas Fiscais" alone is already (according to the Constitution) enough reason to impeach a president.
  18. The trial of the lawsuits moved by the government (my last post) is over. The government was defeated in all of them.
  19. Since the governement couldn't buy enough votes, they're desperetaly trying to save themselves. 2 request of cancellation of the whole process were sent to the Supreme Court today. 1 one them was already denied. Updating The number of votes needed for the Impeachment was already achieved according to Estadão. Btw, Lula's list is being heavily accused of fraud since it has many politicians that are openly in favor of the Impeachment. Even members of the biggest e most tradiotional opposition parties are on that list lol
  20. PHS just left the government http://veja.abril.com.br/noticia/brasil/nanicos-contra-dilma-phs-fecha-maioria-pro-impeachment Updating once again: Since yesterday: In favor: +23 Against: -1
  21. This post of a candidate during 2014 elections to the post of Federal Deputy has gone viral today: He is part of PDT (ally of the government). The party today announced unconditional loyalty to the president. He says: "I WANT EVERYBODY ARMED My order is to occupy both sides of the Esplanade of Ministries. And I want everybody armed. In the day of the voting of the coup my order is to advance towards the Nationcal Congress, Chamber of Deputies and Senate, shooting to kill. Bring ropes too. We'll invade the Chamber and the Senate and my order is to hand all the putschist Deputies and Senators. Let's annihilate them all. I don't accept partial victory. I put myself as General of Legality. These are my orders to the people." Here is his profile: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008238991178&fref=ts "Less hate, more love" O Antagonista contacted him. Here's the article (in portuguese): http://www.oantagonista.com/posts/candidato-do-pdt-quer-atirar-e-enforcar-golpistas
  22. The Guardian text is not an article, it is an open letter from a group of leftist popular movements and professors from the US and Europe. Meanwhile (already old news actually lol): Brazil: insider claims Rousseff coalition took funds from Belo Monte mega-dam Indigenous communities and the Amazon rain forest have joined the growing list of potential victims of Brazil’s huge corruption scandal, according to a senior construction executive who testified that the Belo Monte dam was used to generate 150m reais ($41.4m) in donations to the ruling coalition. In a plea bargain that adds to the pressure on Brazil’s president, Dilma Rousseff, Otávio Marques de Azevedo, the former president of the construction company Andrade Gutierrez, also told investigators that dozens of other projects were used to generate funds for political parties. The greatest attention, however, is on the controversial hydropower plant that was pushed through by President Rousseff despite years of protests by environmentalists and human rights campaigners who say the dam on the Xingu river would destroy indigenous peoples’ livelihoods and harm one of the world’s most biodiverse regions. It is now claimed that as well as being Brazil’s biggest engineering project, the 26m reais dam has also been one of the main sources of funding for government parties. [...] http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/apr/08/brazil-rousseff-corruption-belo-monte-dam Updating +20 pro-impeachment votes officially announced since yesterday. Opposition claims to have 349 votes in favor of impeachment, seven more than necessary http://oglobo.globo.com/brasil/oposicao-diz-ter-349-votos-favor-do-impeachment-sete-alem-do-necessario-19079261 PSD, PTB and PRB also left the government today: PTB: http://g1.globo.com/politica/processo-de-impeachment-de-dilma/noticia/2016/04/bancada-do-ptb-decide-votar-favor-favor-do-impeachment-de-dilma.html PSD: http://g1.globo.com/politica/processo-de-impeachment-de-dilma/noticia/2016/04/bancada-do-psd-decide-que-vai-votar-favor-do-impeachment.html PRB: http://noticias.uol.com.br/ultimas-noticias/agencia-estado/2016/04/12/com-22-deputados-prb-fecha-questao-a-favor-do-impeachment.htm
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