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  1. Two great news: By 11 to 9, the ethics committee approves cassation of Cunha's term http://g1.globo.com/politica/noticia/2016/06/em-votacao-apertada-conselho-de-etica-aprova-cassar-eduardo-cunha.html Lula is back to Sérgio Moro! Lava Jato operation is preparing 3 denounces against Lula http://epoca.globo.com/tempo/noticia/2016/06/forca-tarefa-da-lava-jato-prepara-tres-denuncias-contra-lula.html
  2. No. Brazilian Constitution doesn't allow immediate elections after a impeachment trial. After a president is impeached, the presidency becomes constitutional right of the VP, since, he was also elected by the popular vote. A coup would be trying to overthrow/change the constitution to convoke elections before the right time just because some people don't like the president (interim, so far). Though, new elections are constitutional if the new president also is subjected to an impeachment trial. In any other case, convoking presidential elections before 2018 would be unconstitutional. By the way, this is not just about 'counting how any people are in red vs green shirts', the fact is that the vast majority of the population supports the impeachment (assured by the Constitution and following each of the legal procedures) and totally rejects Rousseff's government and all the last survey prove that. BothRousseff's rejection is way higher than Temer's. Last survey (CNT-MDA) JUNE Negative Rating Rousseff: 62.4% Temer: 28.0% Impeachment Support In favor: 62.4% Against: 33.0% Complete article: http://veja.abril.com.br/noticia/brasil/avaliacao-do-governo-temer-e-similiar-a-de-dilma-diz-pesquisa Reasonably, new protests against Rousseff haven't been observed since at least for now she's been removed. Still, new protests are already scheduled to July 31st, to defend the definitive removal of Dilma Rousseff. Michel Temer is called 'interim president' because his current political situation is still considered provisory since the impeachment process is not over. Dilma's final judgement will be in August (at least, according to the current schedule approved by the Impeachment Comission), until there she will have the right to defend herself and the accusation will be once again presented to the Senate and to the Supreme Court. After that, if Rousseff loses her term, Temer becomes the president until 2018 when new presidential elections are set to happen.
  3. Exactly. Red color predominating as usual. A reunion of the people who are mad since the money PT was giving them was cut being lead by a criminal, leader of the worst corruption scandals in Brazil's history, accused of misrepresentation, illegal enrichment, improper conduct, obstruction of justice and main negotiator of Petrolão bribes scheme. Hopefully, he'll soon be arrested. That's the real size of the "protest": Nothing when compared to this: March 15 (protest in favor of the impeachment)
  4. Petrobras corruption scheme was even paying Dilma Rousseff's hairstylist Each of Kamakura's services costed R$ 5,000. There are also indications that a special teleprompter was purchased for Dilma without being through official means to escape the bureaucracy of the acquisition According Merval Pereira, the Attorney General's Office already has documents that show that Rousseff was aware of the content of the negotiations on the purchase of the refinery in Pasadena, USA. [...] Moreover, in other messages, there is information about the payment of the suspended president personal items by the scheme in Petrobras, as the hairstylist Celso Kamakura, who traveled to Brasilia at the expenses of the group. [...] http://www.infomoney.com.br/mercados/politica/noticia/5086283/esquema-petrobras-pagou-ate-cabeleireiro-dilma-diz-globo
  5. Schedule forecasts end of impeachment in the middle of the Olympics The final judgment on the mandate loss of the suspended president Dilma Rousseff is expected to happen in the middle of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, according to the schedule approved today (6) by the Impeachment Commission. [...] Then there will be 14-day deadline for the final judgment of the senators on the definitive cancellation Dilma's term. Thus, the vote should take place on August 16 i n the middles of the Olympics, which will take place between 5 and 21 August. [...] http://noticias.terra.com.br/brasil/politica/impeachment/cronograma-do-impeachment-preve-fim-do-julgamento-no-meio-da-olimpiada,9ef888395217e34ab8b7576a9c0a73e8b3syv1e4.html PT is getting what it wants. There was a decision to anticipate the final judgement to July 13, but Dilma's defense didn't accepted and protested against the decision.
  6. Odebrecht tried to annul the Lava-Jato Operation Odebrecht detailed the agreement between José Eduardo Cardozo and Marcio Thomaz Bastos to annul the Lava Jato Operation. The information is contained in one of the annexes of his delation. The mega construction company plan to annul Lava Jato Operation went wrong and Marcelo Odebrecht was eventually arrested. Dilma Rousseff and José Eduardo Cardozo appointed Minister Navarro Dantas in order to take out Marcelo Odebrecht of jail. [...] http://www.diariodobrasil.org/odebrecht-tentou-anular-a-lava-jato-delacao-podera-colocar-ex-advogado-geral-da-uniao-na-cadeia/ José Eduardo Cardozo (mentioned in the article above) is the guy on the right side, he's Dilma's lawyer in the impeachment trial: Just bringing from the last page:
  7. Dilma personally charged R$ 12 million in Slush Funds, says Marcelo Odebrecht in delation Isto É magazine brings in its cover story this weekend details of awarded delation of Marcelo Odebrecht, the main shareholder of the contractor who takes the family name. He revealed to justice that the suspense President Dilma Rousseff personally charged an illegal donation during the political campaign. According to the publication, the treasurer of Dilma's campaign, Edinho Silva, charged R$ 12 million, between the 1st and 2nd turns of 2014 elections, to make a payment "out" for the marketeer João Santana and the PMDB. [...] http://www.infomoney.com.br/mercados/politica/noticia/5095524/istoe-dilma-cobrou-pessoalmente-para-caixa-diz-marcelo-odebrecht-delacao Dilma lied about Pasadena says Cerveró On awarded delation, the former director of Petrobras said to the authorities that the suspended president was aware of the negotiations that led millionaire loss [...] http://veja.abril.com.br/noticia/brasil/dilma-mentiu-sobre-pasadena-e-deve-saber-de-propinas-ao-pt-diz-nestor-cervero Nestor Cervero says Dilma knew everything when approved the purchase of Pasadena Refinery The Supreme Court Minister Teori Zavascki, responsible for the processes of Lava Jato in the Supreme Court, released the confidentiality of plea bargaining testimony of Nestor Cervero.There were 36 statements. In them, Cervero detailed all the corruption scheme in Petrobras. The former director of Petrobras said Rousseff followed closely matters relating to Petrobras, and constantly attending state company. It had even a room at the company's headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, and knew in detail the Petrobras business - including the purchase of the refinery in Pasadena, USA. According to Cervero, Dilma not only knew about Pasadena, as he supposed in the testimony, was aware that political PT received bribery coming from Petrobras. [...] http://g1.globo.com/hora1/noticia/2016/06/nestor-cervero-diz-que-dilma-sabia-de-tudo-ao-aprovar-compra-de-pasadena.html
  8. Lula knew that Mensalão was bribery, says Corrêa in delation The awarded delation of Pedro Correa confirms the argument put forward by the task force of Operation Lava Jato that Petrobras scandals and the Mensalão scandal had to source a single system of corruption to buy political support for power maintenance with the direct participation of the former president Lula. The informations are from the newspaper Estadão. "Lula had full knowledge that the Mensalão was not 'slush funds' election, but bribes collected with government agencies for politicians to keep their constituencies and continue to integrate the government's allied base, voting matters of interest of the Executive in the Congress" said Correa. [...] http://veja.abril.com.br/noticia/brasil/lula-sabia-que-mensalao-nao-era-caixa-dois-diz-correa-em-delacao Lula's son received around R$ 10 million By analyzing the data of bank secrecy Luis Claudio Lula da Silva, the youngest son of former President Lula, Operation Zealots discoveed that he and his company, LFT Sports Marketing, received almost R$ 10 million. So far, it was known that Luis Claudio had received R$ 2.5 million from Marcondes & Mautoni, accused of buying provisory measures. In fact, it was close to R$ 4 million. The rest came from "other suspicious sources". Researchers want to know what work was performed to result in the receipt of other values. [...] http://politica.estadao.com.br/blogs/coluna-do-estadao/filho-de-lula-recebeu-cerca-de-r-10-milhoes/ Fabiano Silveira resigns from the Ministry of Transparency The Minister of Transparency, Monitoring and Control, Fabiano Silveira sent a letter of resignation and called late on Monday (30), for the interim president, Michel Temer, and officialized at his request to leave the office. [...] http://noticias.uol.com.br/ultimas-noticias/agencia-estado/2016/05/30/fabiano-silveira-pede-demissao-do-ministerio-da-transparencia.htm Dilma's Inheritance: Public Prosecutor's Office points out R$ 2.5 billion fraud in the Bolsa Família program A survey conducted by federal prosecutors pointed suspicions of fraud in the payment of the Bolsa Familia that can reach R $ 2.5 billion and 1.4 million beneficiaries. [...] http://noticias.uol.com.br/ultimas-noticias/agencia-estado/2016/05/30/ministerio-publico-aponta-fraudes-de-r-25-bilhoes-no-bolsa-familia.htm Dilma delivered the country with a nominal spending shortfall of 10% of GDP In the last month before President Dilma removal, the nominal deficit rose. In one year until April, the public sector spent 10.08% of GDP to more than earned, reported BC. At this point, an analisys is needed. At the end of 2010 before taking Dilma, this ratio was 2.4%. Worse results than 3% are a already a concern, and the expectation is that the situation continues to worsen in the coming months. [...] http://blogs.oglobo.globo.com/miriam-leitao/post/dilma-entregou-governo-com-rombo-nominal-de-10-do-pib.html 10% of the Brazilian GDP = R$ 638,5 billion
  9. Torcn in Salvador (Bahia) May 24th, 2016 24/05/16 - Salvador está preparada para o revezamento da tocha. Fotos: Francisco Medeiros/ME. by Ministerio do Esporte, on Flickr FM-GM1A6517 by Ministerio do Esporte, on Flickr FM-GM1A5749 by Ministerio do Esporte, on Flickr FM-GM1A6121 by Ministerio do Esporte, on Flickr IMG_20160524_110843 by Ministerio do Esporte, on Flickr 24/05/16 - Salvador está preparada para o revezamento da tocha. Fotos: Francisco Medeiros/ME. by Ministerio do Esporte, on Flickr Yes, it seems. I hadn't noticed before haha
  10. Reuters WHO rejects call for Olympics to be moved due to Zika The World Health Organization (WHO) on Saturday rejected a call for the Rio Olympic Games to be moved or postponed due to the threat posed by a large outbreak of Zika virus in Brazil. Responding to a call from more than 100 leading scientists, who said it would be unethical for the Games to go ahead as scheduled, the United Nations health agency said having the Games in Rio as planned would "not significantly alter" the spread of Zika, which is linked to serious birth defects. "Based on the current assessment of Zika virus circulating in almost 60 countries globally and 39 in the Americas, there is no public health justification for postponing or cancelling the games," the WHO said in a statement. [...] Complete article: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-zika-who-idUSKCN0YJ06U
  11. Lula regrets choosing Dilma as successor, reveals new recordings In a new section of the conversations recorded by the former president of Transpetro, Sergio Machado, with the PMDB politician, former President José Sarney says that Lula would have regretted the choice of Dilma as a candidate to succeed him in the presidency. In other recordings, the President of the Senate, Renan Calheiros, suggests that Lula was not processed in the Mensalão Scandal of the PT because payments to Advertiser Duda Mendonça abroad were not investigated thoroughly. [...] http://g1.globo.com/jornal-nacional/noticia/2016/05/lula-se-arrependeu-de-escolher-dilma-revelam-novas-gravacoes.html Renan says that Lula was not processed in the Mensalão Scandal due to lack of investigation The President of the Senate, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), said that the former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was "out", or not denounced in the case of Mensalão because the payments marketeer Duda Mendonça abroad were not well investigated when they came public in 2005. [...] http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/poder/2016/05/1775801-renan-diz-que-lula-nao-foi-processado-no-mensalao-por-falta-de-investigacao.shtml United States opens direct dialogue with the Temer's government The new secretary of US Assistant State for Latin America, Mari Carmen Aponte, will become in June the first senior official of the United States to travel to Brazil since the beginning of the interim government of Michel Temer, whom the Obama administration still not communicated directly so far. [...] http://brasil.elpais.com/brasil/2016/05/28/politica/1464388167_219595.html
  12. Temer announces creation of department in the Federal Police to combat violence against women The president in office, Michel Temer, announced on Friday (27) the creation of a department in the Federal Police to coordinate the fight against crimes against women. [...] "We will create a department in the Federal Police as I did with the women's police station in the Public Security Bureau of São Paulo. It will group state information and coordinate actions across the country," wrote the chairman. According to the Temer's advisory, he intends to rely on the role of women in this work. In addition, the incumbent president is checking how will be the shape of the area, which will have a structure within the Ministry of Justice to coordinate the fight against crime against women. [...] http://g1.globo.com/politica/noticia/2016/05/temer-repudia-estupro-e-anuncia-area-na-pf-para-coordenar-acoes.html Delator says Lula personally discussed the scheme in Petrobras The former congressman and former president of the PP, Pedro Corrêa, jailed in Curitiba (PR) by Operation Lava Jato, said in documents that are part of its award delation agreement that the former president Lula personally discussed Petrobras corruption scheme. [...] http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/poder/2016/05/1775749-delator-pedro-correa-afirma-que-lula-discutia-pessoalmente-esquema-na-petrobras.shtml
  13. Vitória (Espírito Santo state) Source of all pics: http://www.gazetaonline.com.br/_conteudo/2016/05/esportes/mais_esportes/3943587-confira-uma-galeria-de-imagens-do-revezamento-da-tocha-no-estado.html
  14. Basketball match in Carioca Arena 2 yesterday: Murilo Oliveira Murilo Oliveira Murilo Oliveira Murilo Oliveira Murilo Oliveira Murilo Oliveira Murilo Oliveira Murilo Oliveira Murilo Oliveira
  15. Michel Temer Aims to Restore Confidence in Brazil’s Economy RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazil’s interim president, Michel Temer, announced an array of proposals on Tuesday aimed at restoring confidence in the sickly economy of Latin America’s largest country. [...] http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/25/world/americas/michel-temer-brazil-economy.html
  16. "They will catch Dilma" says Sarney in a dialogue on Odebrecht's delation New dialogues of the latest Lava Jato delate, the former president of Transpetro Sergio Machado, revealed on Thursday, 26 by Jornal da Globo bring more details of the concern of the main PMDB political bosses with the progress of the operation and also the implications of President Dilma Rousseff away with crimes committed by Odebrecht. In stretches of the talk with the former President Jose Sarney, the PMDB chief says the delation Marcelo Odebrecht will catch the PT member (Dilma Rousseff). [...] http://politica.estadao.com.br/blogs/fausto-macedo/vao-pegar-a-dilma-diz-sarney-sobre-delacao-de-odebrecht/
  17. Janot defends legality of audio tapes between Lula and Dilma The Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, submitted opinion to the Supreme Court (STF) in defending the legality of the audio tapes in which former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was spotted in some non republican conversations during investigations of Operation Lava Jato discussing with the president, today suspended, Dilma Rousseff signing the deed of the Civil Cabinet "if necessary". The manifestation of the chief prosecutor is part of the process in which the Attorney General's Office (AGU) questioned the Supreme Court the validity of tapping and advertising of audio at the time the power of the federal judge Sergio Moro. [...] http://veja.abril.com.br/noticia/brasil/janot-defende-legalidade-de-grampo-entre-lula-e-dilma
  18. The New Minister of Culture: Temer appoints for the first time a gay man in a high office of the Government Born in Rio, Marcelo Calero studied at St. Ignatius Academy and graduated in Law at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). He worked at by CVM and Petrobras. In 2007, he has acted as a diplomat and chegoA press office of the president in Michel Temer exercise reported on Wednesday (18) that the City Secretary of Culture of Rio de Janeiro Marcelo Calero, 33, will head the new Department of culture of the federal government, under the Ministry of Education, led by Mendonça Filho (DEM-PE). [...] http://www.athosgls.com.br/noticias_visualiza.php?contcod=40173
  19. Odebrecht's delation is a "point machine gun 100," says Sarney in audio In conversations recorded by the former president of Transpetro Sergio Machado, who signed a tipoff according awarded the Attorney General's Office (PGR), the former President of the Republic José Sarney (PMDB-AP) said that a awarded delation that the construction company Odebrecht was about to do in Lava Jato operation "is a machine gun (caliber) point 100". Information provided by Folha de S.Paulo. [...] The former president made the comment after Machado said that the number of delations in Lava Jato operations would increase, in "the bunches." Sarney also related Odebrecht to an action that the suspended president Dilma Rousseff would have made "directly" during election campaign not specifying the year. "In that case, what I know, the one that her (Dilma Rousseff) is directly involved is that she talked to the Odebrecht staff to give to the campaign ... and blame that [inaudible]." [...] http://zh.clicrbs.com.br/rs/noticias/politica/noticia/2016/05/delacao-da-odebrecht-e-metralhadora-de-ponto-100-diz-sarney-em-audio-5810028.html Brazil’s Acting President Michel Temer Vows to Tackle Insolvent Pension System BRASÍLIA—Brazil’s acting President Michel Temer faces many challenges in shoring up the nation’s finances, but none are more polarizing than fixing the nation’s rickety pension system. In one of his first acts after taking over earlier this month from suspended President Dilma Rousseff, Mr. Temer set a 30-day deadline for his administration to unveil a pension overhaul plan. New Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles last week announced a new agency that would focus exclusively on the topic. “We need social security to be sustainable and self-financed,” Mr. Meirelles told reporters. “We need to make sure all pensions will be paid and the state will be solvent to meet its obligations.” The sense of urgency stems from Brazil’s fast-deteriorating public accounts. The nation’s debt load is ballooning, as is the country’s budget deficit, which is nearly 10% of GDP . . . . [...] http://www.wsj.com/articles/brazils-acting-president-michel-temer-vows-to-tackle-insolvent-pension-system-1464132981 Brazil’s Interim President Seeks Measures to Put Economy Back on Track BRASÍLIA—Racing to shore up Brazil’s precarious finances, Brazil’s interim president has proposed an unusual and potentially far-reaching constitutional change to cap the government’s surging expenditures: limiting federal spending growth to the previous year’s inflation rate. [...] http://www.wsj.com/articles/brazils-interim-president-seeks-spending-cuts-curbs-on-nepotism-1464102182
  20. The protests against the chancelor visit in Argentina were organized by the same groups who defend Cristina Kichnner (investigated for embezzlement, fraud and damage to public coffers) and protested against Obama's visit. Serra visited Macri and had a strong gesture of support to the new Brazilian government It was a visit of political gesture and capitalized messages by both countries. President Mauricio Macri received yesterday at the Casa Rosada interim chancellor of Brazil, Jose Serra, in a meeting that had a visible double reading: it served as a sign of support from Argentina to the new administration of Michel Temer and, in turn, the meeting sought to strengthen the position of the Argentine president as a regional leader. http://www.lanacion.com.ar/1901878-serra-visito-a-macri-y-se-llevo-un-fuerte-gesto-de-respaldo-al-nuevo-gobierno-brasileno In Argentina, José Serra defends 'flexible' negotiations in Mercosul The Foreign Affairs Minister, José Serra, was in Argentina on Monday (23), where he met with Chancellor Susana Malcorra, President Mauricio Macri and argued that Mercosur focus on the purpose of a free trade area. http://g1.globo.com/mundo/noticia/2016/05/na-argentina-serra-defende-negociacoes-flexiveis-no-mercosul.html
  21. Fernando Pimentel (PT), governor of Minas Gerais (2nd most populous state of Brazil): Delator says he gave R$ 10 million in bribes to Fernando Pimentel (PT) Delator of Operation acronym, the Minas Gerais citizen and entrepreneur Benedito Rodrigues de Oliveira Neto, known as Bene, reported in awarded delation with the Attorney General's Office that he paid R$ 10 million in bribes to the governor of Minas Gerais, Fernando Pimentel (PT). http://g1.globo.com/politica/noticia/2016/05/delator-afirma-que-pagou-propina-de-r-10-milhoes-fernando-pimentel.html Romero Jucá leaves the Ministry http://www.tribunadonorte.com.br/noticia/romero-juca-deixa-o-minista-rio/347117
  22. Funny how the protests against Temer are always photographed in street level to don't show how small they are LOL Just found out that there were actually quite a few more before Jucá: Janot accuses Lula of having 'central role' in trying to block Lava Jato http://noticias.uol.com.br/politica/ultimas-noticias/2016/05/19/pgr-afirma-que-lula-atuou-para-obstruir-lava-jato-e-silenciar-cervero-diz-tv.htm ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mercadante = Dilma's former Minister of Education, Chieff of Staff and Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Mercadante tried to buy silence of PT's delator http://ultimosegundo.ig.com.br/politica/2016-04-26/aloizio-mercadante-quis-comprar-silencio-de-delator-do-pt.html _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Delcídio = Dilma's former leader of government in the Senate Delcídio dennounces Lula and Dilma and confirms that he was cast by both to stop Lava Jato http://www.manchette.com.br/2016/03/delcidio-entrega-lula-e-dilma-e.html Some sources say that Sarney and Calheiros were also tapped by Machado.
  23. Romero Jucá says he will leave office tomorrow http://zh.clicrbs.com.br/rs/noticias/politica/noticia/2016/05/apos-divulgacao-de-dialogos-juca-anuncia-afastamento-do-ministerio-do-planejamento-5808046.html Jucá's removal is treated as irreversible, says source http://exame.abril.com.br/brasil/noticias/afastamento-de-juca-e-tratado-como-irreversivel-diz-fonte
  24. The Brazil that PT tried to hide In the coming days, President Michel Temer want to display a diagnosis of the real situation in Brazil, inherited by him after the departure of President Dilma Rousseff. He wants, with this initiative, took out the fancy of the country's veil - sung in verse and prose by former marketeer PT João Santana during the election campaign 2014 - and repeated by Dilma Rousseff in the last two years. Radiography - translated into a kind of inventory - will the Union budget for the implementation of social programs and agreements, the condition of Brazilian representations abroad institutional advertising. Ministers work in the collection of data, but it is already possible to say that the scenery is scorched earth. Starting with the accounts of the Union. R$ 200 billion deficit in the public accounts R$ 44.6 billion in raise of expenditures in the past few months R$ 360 million in propaganda for 2016 (all was already spent) etc The government estimates that the hole in the budget is somewhere around R$ 200 billion, more than double what it had estimated the PT administration (R$ 96.7 billion). In the health sector, for example, Brazil lost 23,500 hospital beds in public in the last five years, according to the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM). Between 2010 and 2015, the number of beds for the exclusive use SUS fell from 335,500 to 312,000. [...] http://istoe.com.br/o-brasil-que-o-pt-tentou-esconder/
  25. Moro doesn't talk about Juca, but says: "Institutions do not depend on the government's will' Federal Judge Sergio Moro, leading the actions arising from Lava Jato operations in Curitiba, declined to comment on Monday when arriving in Veja Forum, the audios in which the Minister Romero Juca Planning deals with Sergio Machado on a supposed pact halt the progress of the investigation, revealed by the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo. The magistrate said only that Brazil has solid institutions that do not depend on the interest of government to continue or not the work of the Judiciary. The judge also said he expects the Lava Jato runs until the end of the year but that new facts are coming to light and there is no fixed term to end. "The country has a very big challenge." [...] http://veja.abril.com.br/noticia/brasil/moro-cala-sobre-juca-mas-afirma-instituicoes-nao-dependem-da-vontade-do-governo
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