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  1. I was really expecting us to be in the top 5. Maybe in 2020. Anyways, it was a pretty nice evolution in the total of medals.
  2. Great day! Brazil's Lula charged as 'top boss' of Petrobras graft scheme Brazilian prosecutors charged ex-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on Wednesday with being the "top boss" of a vast corruption scheme at state oil company Petrobras, in a major blow to the leftist hero's hopes of a political comeback. It was the first time that Lula, still Brazil's most popular politician despite corruption accusations against him and his Workers Party, was charged by federal prosecutors for involvement in the political kickbacks scheme at Petroleo Brasileiro (PETR4.SA), as the company is formally known. Public Prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol told a news conference that the Petrobras scheme had caused an estimated 42 billion real ($12.6 billion) in losses. Lula's lawyers said in a statement that prosecutors lacked evidence to back up their accusations which were part of political persecution to stop him running in the 2018 election. [...] "He was the conductor of this criminal orchestra," Dallagnol said during a detailed presentation of the investigation. "The Petrobras graft scheme aimed at keeping the Workers Party in power by criminal means." [...] http://www.reuters.com/article/us-brazil-corruption-idUSKCN11K2C6 Brazil's ex-president hit with corruption charges (CNN) Brazilian prosecutors on Wednesday presented charges of corruption against ex-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and his wife, Marisa Leticia da Silva, according to state-run news agency Agencia Brasil. The charges stem from the Operation Car Wash money laundering investigation. Prosecutors allege the former president benefited from "illicit advances in connection with a renovation of a triplex" in a beach town near São Paulo. The investigation extends to the president of the Lula Institute, Paulo Okamoto, and Leo Pinheiro, president of OAS, a construction company heavily investigated under Operation Car Wash. [...] http://edition.cnn.com/2016/09/14/americas/brazil-luiz-incio-lula-da-silva-corruption-charges/index.html
  3. Olympic Park All pictures were taken by the forumer @brazilian001 from Skyscrapercity. September 10 Some other from Flickr official accounts: Rio 2016 - Torcida by Comitê Paralímpico Brasileiro, on Flickr Rio 2016 - Torcida by Comitê Paralímpico Brasileiro, on Flickr Rio 2016 - Torcida by Comitê Paralímpico Brasileiro, on Flickr September 11 ParqueOlimpico by Ministerio do Esporte, on Flickr
  4. 167,000 people today at the Olympic Park! A record for both the 2016 Olympics and Paralympic Games. The record during the Olympic Games last month was 158,000. Rio 2016 Paralympic ticket sales exceed 1.8 million The Games are now the second biggest ever in terms of ticket sales, overtaking Beijing 2008. The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games have now sold more than 1.8 million tickets, overtaking Beijing 2008 as the second biggest Games ever in terms of ticket sales. On the first day of competition on Thursday (8 September) 105,000 people attended venues on the Barra Olympic Park, while a further 66,000 tickets were sold for upcoming days of competition. Today, 144,000 tickets have been sold for the Barra Olympic Park and the second evening of track and field at the Olympic Stadium is sold out. With Saturday evening’s session also sold out in athletics, the IPC are working with the Organising Committee to increase capacity in the venue. Earlier this month, the venue capacity was reduced as a result of cuts to Rio 2016’s service levels. https://www.paralympic.org/news/rio-2016-paralympic-ticket-sales-exceed-18-million
  5. Arena Carioca 1 looking much better than in the Olympics
  6. Olympic Stadium with the complete look: Aquatics Stadium @usparaswimming @headsboyle @jessetheswimmer Future Arena @filhoalberto Velodrome @joe.ie Deodoro Stadium @izzycerullo
  7. 1,600,000 (64%) tickets sold so far. 20% were sold to foreigners. http://www.bemparana.com.br/noticia/463161/paraolimpiada-ja-tem-16-milhao-de-ingressos-vendidos
  8. Recent aerial photos of the Olympic Park: They added more banners to the Paralympic Games probably that's the material that was delayed for the Olympics Source; Alex Ferro/Rio 2016
  9. I don't think so. Actually after the end of the Olympics they added new banners in the upper stands.
  10. Look of the Games in the upper stands of the Aquatics Stadium: https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/288118880/
  11. Black Blocs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_bloc The vandals of the last few days: http://www.tiacandia.com.br/black-blocs-vandalizam-centro-de-sao-paulo-em-ato-contra-temer/img_7431-3/ http://veja.abril.com.br/brasil/vandalos-depredam-concessionaria-no-5o-dia-de-atos-contra-temer/ https://oreacionario.com/2016/09/01/os-crimes-dos-black-blocs-representam-a-essencia-do-petismo/
  12. Vandals from movements funded by PT are now destroying public and private property in São Paulo Downtown:
  13. Finally!! Dilma has been impeached, 61 for and 20 against! Brazil's Senate dismisses Rousseff for breaking budget law Brazil's Senate removed President Dilma Rousseff from office on Wednesday for breaking budgetary laws, ending an impeachment process that has polarized the scandal-plagued country and paralyzed its politics for nine months. Senators voted 61-20 to convict Rousseff for illegally using money from state banks to boost public spending, putting an end to 13 years of leftist Workers Party rule in Latin America's largest economy. [...] http://www.reuters.com/article/us-brazil-impeachment-idUSKCN114071
  14. From a few days ago: Brazil: former President Lula prosecuted for corruption and money laundering Brazilian police indicted former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Friday, August 26, for corruption and money laundering in connection an investigation related to the scandal of corruption in the oil giant Petrobras State. His wife, Marisa Leticia Lula, and three other people were also continued Friday in the same case concerning the alleged purchase of a flat and an illegal way of country house, with the collaboration of the company OAS, involved in the corruption network. According to police, the couple “received illegal benefits from the construction company OAS, for $ 2.4 million reais “ the equivalent of 750,000 dollars at the exchange of the day. [...] http://archyworldys.com/brazil-former-president-lula-prosecuted-for-corruption-and-money-laundering/ Brazil prosecutors: Lula actively involved in criminal scheme in Petrobras The Federal Prosecution Service (MPF) wrote an opinion paper to Paraná's Federal Court in which it defends that former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's case is within judge Sérgio Moro's competence. The 70-page opinion paper is a response to the case filed by the former president's defense, questioning the judge's competence. In the document, the MPF says the former president was aware of the criminal scheme, probed under Operation Car Wash, and is actively involved in it. [...] http://agenciabrasil.ebc.com.br/en/politica/noticia/2016-08/brazil-prosecutors-lula-actively-involved-criminal-scheme-petrobras The final vote of the Impeachment is scheduled for tomorrow: Brazil: Rousseff impeachment trial enters fourth day The impeachment trial of Brazil's suspended President Dilma Rousseff entered its fourth day in the Senate on Tuesday with closing arguments by her defense and accusers, who are seeking to remove her from office for breaking budgetary rules. Rousseff was cross-examined by senators for more than 14 hours on Monday. The 81 senators will make final statements on Tuesday and vote on the verdict on Wednesday morning, said Supreme Court Chief Justice Ricardo Lewandowski, who is presiding over the trial. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-brazil-impeachment-idUSKCN114071
  15. Another very nice moment!! Our 7th gold medal! It was beautiful seeing the crowd screaming "Italia! Italia!" during the medal ceremony.
  16. IOC: Games were 'iconic' and Rio could host the Games again 'We passed through tense situations, but the balance is very positive" said in an interview the president of the institution, the German Thomas Bach The president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach said that the IOC would choose again Rio as host of the mega sports event since the city made an "unforgettable and iconic" edition of the Olympic Games. "Yes, we would choose Rio now. These Games were iconic and unforgettable. The Games were not organized inside a bubble, but in a city where there are social gaps and the common life took its course. That's very good" he said. [...] Complete article: http://veja.abril.com.br/esporte/coi-diz-que-jogos-foram-iconicos-e-rio-voltaria-a-ser-sede/
  17. 19/08/2016.Games Time. Público.Parque Olímpico. by Jogos Rio 2016, on Flickr 19/08/2016.Games Time. Público.Parque Olímpico. by Jogos Rio 2016, on Flickr 19/08/2016.Games Time. Público.Parque Olímpico. by Jogos Rio 2016, on Flickr 19/08/2016.Games Time. Público.Parque Olímpico. by Jogos Rio 2016, on Flickr 19/08/2016.Games Time. Público.Parque Olímpico. by Jogos Rio 2016, on Flickr
  18. August 19th in the Olympic Park 19/08/2016.Games Time. Público.Parque Olímpico. by Jogos Rio 2016, on Flickr 19/08/2016.Games Time. Público.Parque Olímpico. by Jogos Rio 2016, on Flickr 19/08/2016.Games Time. Público.Parque Olímpico. by Jogos Rio 2016, on Flickr 19/08/2016.Games Time. Público.Parque Olímpico. by Jogos Rio 2016, on Flickr
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