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  1. I was really expecting us to be in the top 5. Maybe in 2020. Anyways, it was a pretty nice evolution in the total of medals.
  2. Great day! Brazil's Lula charged as 'top boss' of Petrobras graft scheme Brazilian prosecutors charged ex-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on Wednesday with being the "top boss" of a vast corruption scheme at state oil company Petrobras, in a major blow to the leftist hero's hopes of a political comeback. It was the first time that Lula, still Brazil's most popular politician despite corruption accusations against him and his Workers Party, was charged by federal prosecutors for involvement in the political kickbacks scheme at Petroleo Brasileiro (PETR4.SA), as the company is
  3. Olympic Park All pictures were taken by the forumer @brazilian001 from Skyscrapercity. September 10 Some other from Flickr official accounts: Rio 2016 - Torcida by Comitê Paralímpico Brasileiro, on Flickr Rio 2016 - Torcida by Comitê Paralímpico Brasileiro, on Flickr Rio 2016 - Torcida by Comitê Paralímpico Brasileiro, on Flickr September 11 ParqueOlimpico by Ministerio do Esporte, on Flickr
  4. 167,000 people today at the Olympic Park! A record for both the 2016 Olympics and Paralympic Games. The record during the Olympic Games last month was 158,000. Rio 2016 Paralympic ticket sales exceed 1.8 million The Games are now the second biggest ever in terms of ticket sales, overtaking Beijing 2008. The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games have now sold more than 1.8 million tickets, overtaking Beijing 2008 as the second biggest Games ever in terms of ticket sales. On the first day of competition on Thursday (8 September) 105,000 people attended venues on the Barra Olympic Park, w
  5. Arena Carioca 1 looking much better than in the Olympics
  6. Olympic Stadium with the complete look: Aquatics Stadium @usparaswimming @headsboyle @jessetheswimmer Future Arena @filhoalberto Velodrome @joe.ie Deodoro Stadium @izzycerullo
  7. 1,600,000 (64%) tickets sold so far. 20% were sold to foreigners. http://www.bemparana.com.br/noticia/463161/paraolimpiada-ja-tem-16-milhao-de-ingressos-vendidos
  8. Recent aerial photos of the Olympic Park: They added more banners to the Paralympic Games probably that's the material that was delayed for the Olympics Source; Alex Ferro/Rio 2016
  9. I don't think so. Actually after the end of the Olympics they added new banners in the upper stands.
  10. Look of the Games in the upper stands of the Aquatics Stadium: https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/288118880/
  11. Black Blocs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_bloc The vandals of the last few days: http://www.tiacandia.com.br/black-blocs-vandalizam-centro-de-sao-paulo-em-ato-contra-temer/img_7431-3/ http://veja.abril.com.br/brasil/vandalos-depredam-concessionaria-no-5o-dia-de-atos-contra-temer/ https://oreacionario.com/2016/09/01/os-crimes-dos-black-blocs-representam-a-essencia-do-petismo/
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