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  1. it is hard to add all sports but some event can be replaced.
  2. disadvantages for synchronized skating include: too many athletics taking part in, and not balance for gender participation.
  3. Speed Skating need to be modified also. It would be excited as Short-Track competition with two or multiple skaters tracing each other.
  4. Totally agree that some of the sledding events should be removed from the program. Same situation to the Summer Games also.
  5. I did not think Beijing had the chance last year (2013), but now with all the problems other European cities are facing, Beijing stands a good chance of winning the right of hosing the game. It will give a chance to improve the pollution issues if Beijing wins.
  6. Wok Racing was invented by German, not Chinese though.
  7. Downhill Ice Cross (downhill skating, similar to Ski Cross and Snowboard Cross) Synchronized Skating (8-20 skaters on a team) Ice Climbing Acroski (also called Ski Ballet, was a Freestyle Skiing discipline) Skibobbing (a bicycle-type frame attached to skis) Skiboarding (combined of Skating, Snowboarding and Skiing) Ski Mountaineering (combined of Telemark, Alpine and Backcountry Skiing) Ski Orienteering (combined with physical endurance, strength and technical skiing skills) Bandy (associated with Football and Ice Hockey) Broomball (played in a hockey rink) Snowshoeing (footwear for walking o
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