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  1. That's a fair point. I am sure they'll get everything done just on time, like Athens did, and produce a fantastic games anyway
  2. It's not so much the primary effects of the late venues that will potentially have an impact on these games (such as changing venues) but the secondary effects (such as broadcasting rights etc) that will have the real destructive power
  3. Will these smaller 'gyms' be able to accommodate the numerous tv broadcasters from around the world? In simpler terms, will there be enough space for them to film? If not, then the money lost would be huge, effecting not only the profits of the broadcasters, but the city of Rio too.
  4. The court of play is usually one of the last features to be added to the venue, alongside seating I think, unless they change their construction schedule. That being said, what if the 'other venue' isn't ready either? To be honest there's usually only one venue per sport (excluding football), time tabling these rearrangements would be a catastrophe!
  5. If they don't complete the venues in time what does happen?
  6. The statistics on the article are interesting though, considering Athens finished behind schedule
  7. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/olympics/10819420/IOC-chiefs-make-secret-plea-to-use-London-2012-venues-as-Rio-2016-Olympic-Games-fall-worryingly-behind-schedule.html
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