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  1. There is mention of transport if you go through those brochures about the slalom venue. Alternatively go to London2012.com and find the transport documents which provide brief info on the venues and the transport services.
  2. I am already looking forward to these Games. I suspect it will have the scale of Manchester with the hosting elegance of Australia.
  3. Those sightlines aren't the greatest. I suppose they will have to do given that its an existing structure,
  4. So where do we see these detailed section plans, seating plans, scope of works, subcontracts etc?
  5. I assume that means the final design is now in place and the entire scope of works for the precinct?
  6. A 2 year old on a construction site?
  7. I just remember that many workers died building the Athens venues, and in any rush there are sure to be things that were not quite kosher.
  8. Any Games can make a profit....
  9. I'm still doubting the visitor numbers they invented.
  10. Find a large plot in New York. Put up temp seats. Hire the pool. Bring on the ratings, and late night swimming.
  11. As per the Water Polo planning documents, the white roof is simply indicative. The architects have provided a palette of various colour options for the roof fabric.
  12. Apologies. I insisted earlier that the velodrome roof was not timber, but in fact the ceiling of the roof is.
  13. Full planning application available. Its wonderful! Intimate, well designed, simple, elegant. A great example of good design even on a shoestring budget! In a way it acts as a "third wing" to the Aquatic Centre. A similar mesh treatment to the facade of the temporary seating at the entrance would be great, and adding some colour to the staircases and temporary internal structure would add some excitement to the approach to the venue. Its great how the best seating arrangement, separating general access from accredited areas has resulted in an architecturally strong overall form of the venue and roof. Water Polo
  14. Of course the Olympic Stadium has enough space for all the hospitality, sponsors areas etc. They have a huge park around the stadium.
  15. Ok fine. Cape Town will swop 2015 and we get 2017.
  16. You are all Qatar-haters. Doha can have 8 venues...so what!!
  17. Cape Town 2026! 3.5 million people!
  18. I'm all for the Port Area upgrade, they just need to figure out how to get athletes to the site without major travel times. Why not use a fleet of helicopters between venues?
  19. 38 minutes! 5-10 minutes extra maybe, but 38 minutes is just ridiculous. Its already 25 minutes to the Opening Ceremony for all athletes and track and field athletes for their events.
  20. I see all the views but a cluster has a purpose. i.e. to reduce the security and other logistical resources, which a spread out concept requires. making planning very difficult. If there are no synergies or "economies of scale" offered by a cluster well then its not really a cluster but a "Zone". Basic requirements would be that venue are within a reasonable radius but more importantly that they ARE linked, through dedicated lanes, s.t. it is essentially a well connected space, not only from other clusters but within the cluster. Spectators should be able to arrive the "Cluster Transport Hub" and then easily transfer between venues withing that cluster, or even walk. I have superimposed Rio's plan to a Cape Town cluster plan and will share it later.
  21. I'm not saying its a bad thing at all. Each city has its own topographical /geographical characteristics. I'm just saying that in a cluster e.g. Maracana, not divided by a mountain or a geographical feature, that venues 3-7km away can form a cluster, just means that in Cape Town e.g. venues in the Southern Suburbs, could be considered a cluster.
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