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  1. Not necessary. Its temporary seating. You can put it up in 2 weeks. www.nussli.com The additional services will just be installed.
  2. dumb Americans once again fall for old empty Republican promises...

  3. Which Olympic games have you been watching? Its big in the ratings, big in terms of attendance, and is still growing.
  4. and Gold Coast as a name just screams multi-sport event. Golden Games, Gold medals, Gold logo. It also sets a deadline for all the GC transport projects planned.
  5. Rio's Mayor will visit Cape Town at the start of the Cape to Rio sailing race, and enter into partnership agreement to co-operate on major events, tourism, security etc. etc Rio has also invited Cape Town's Mayor to the end of the race in Rio.
  6. Jim. Give it a rest. Stop being an idiot. Or at least try.
  7. The Games verdict will have to wait but they have passed and in many cases only just.
  8. But small capacity venues are already given consideration. And in cases where capacity is below a requirement, the CWG Fed usually makes concessions...right? How much smaller should venues be? and are there real costs savings? In terms of a new venue, it should meet capacity requirements but I do understand that if there is a slightly smaller venue with capacity just under the requirements, then of course it should be used instead. One can think of London where Excel could host a ton of sports under one roof.
  9. With their small staff contingent, I do wonder what sort of money they make.
  10. On the oversight side its as simple as demanding formally or informally, an ODA, and setting public deadlines for the start and finish of all venues. The year is 2010, and the very reason one has an ODA has been proven in Delhi. You have 19 disjoint authorities delivering projects with different objectives and a total lack of communication. London perhaps represents an over-achiever in the formation of an ODA, but its not unachievable in other countries or cities.
  11. Very simple. Use the publicity to ask...which cities can do better? Award 2018 to Gold Coast and open the process for 2022 and 2026 simultaneously. i.e. make a visit to South Africa, Canada, Australia, England, and others even KL, and talk to the OC's and presidents.
  12. sandy track. Abuja could do better
  13. That guys used a giant pool scoop and what he picked up was either a gigantic moth or a debris. I watched it live.
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