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  1. wembley is adequate for a world cup final, more than adequate.
  2. do you think the IOC has already done as much as they can by awarding the games to beijing? dont the games in some way act as a tool to improve human rights issues in china by placing them under the spotlight, by opening them up to the worlds criticizm, and by forcing them to allow the media to carry out their work as they would elsewhere in the world without restrictions or fears of being put in jail for using a bcc website.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMLJ8-0MKOs Second Best - The Olympic Dream
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMLJ8-0MKOs Second Best - The Olympic Dream
  5. cauldron will sit at the centre of the stadium and be connected to the roof.
  6. there will always be concerns about cost over-runs, some may be unplanned and some may be expected. How they deal with any possible cost-over runs is a different thing.
  7. ok./...but i wanna see the olympic logo and athletes and colour and trees and large dining halls and lotsa flags and stuff..
  8. i think in terms of the many things the athens did contribute to the games...one of the important factors was that for a city of its size/country of its size it showed that it was possible to host a games, that certainly inspired other "smaller" cities to host the games and to bid for the games, something that will see another large group of bidders for 2016, which makes the IOC happy...having personally seen the city is important, while some might call it a shithole, it does make you think..."if athens can do it, why not my city?" as for costs, of course issues, but the games were a success, and thats that
  9. athens did a great job...the fact that they pulled it off certainly gave many other "small" cities the motivation to bid for future games...although the legacy of the games will always be in question...the actual games themselves went well...
  10. i have this weird feeling the olympic stadium might have issues in 2012...and we'll see the athletic competition move to wembley...but i highly doubt that though...
  11. i hope the vancouver opening isnt too corny..filled with lifesize men in the shape of the logo coming alive..scary stuff
  12. well its taken a while to complete the stadium will those flats be complete by 2012?
  13. will the stadium be complete for london 2012?
  14. Bianchi Morley, the guys responsible for the Wembley "ARCH" concept, might be on the team to design the Cape Town 70,000 stadium, with retractable roof for the 2010 World Cup and the future "cape town olympic stadium". This same team if successfull would include Stephen Morley, the guy the IOC insists inspects all Olympic venues. He made sure the athens 2004 roof did not collapse onto the old stadium bowl. No multiplex though for cape town!!! thank the lord...lets see if we can build a stadium in half the time.
  15. when i try to access all forums except the one i created or last posted on it says some error message something about 226 but when i log on at another computer is works what must i delete or change settings on my pc or what?
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