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  1. Leave some sports for the World GAmes!
  2. Casey is speaking at a Conference in Cape Town in July. Interesting times
  3. whats wrong with favouring the Swiss for timing equipment?
  4. need place to stay in London. please

  5. At least both bids have something in common right?
  6. its scaffold seating not rocket science. it goes up and it comes down. is the budget that tight that they cant wrap the seating structure facade in some branding?
  7. Its always one of the first things to get the boot in budget cuts and reviews.
  8. If the CWG Fed are dumb enough not to have a proper technical report or shortlist then I hope they vote Hambantota and get all that will come with it.. . Abuja was clearly not ready from CWG reports and yet it got to the vote!
  9. incredible Spain.

  10. and Toledo, Segovia, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Pamplona, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Amsterdam.

    I had an incredible time.

  11. FIFA and Cape Town reach agreement over World Cup debt Rafiq Wagiet | 1 Hour Ago The City of Cape Town on Wednesday again refused to divulge exactly how much money FIFA owes it. The football governing body owes all world cup host cities millions of rands for services rendered during the tournament. The city however confirmed that it has come to an agreement with FIFA about the amount which it hopes to receive within a few weeks. The city’s Executive Director for Transport, Roads & Major Projects, Mike Marsden, said the amount owed is subject to a confidentiality clause, but confirmed that FIFA "settled all the city’s requests.” He said Cape Town and FIFA have agreed on the total outstanding settlement which is due to the city. (Edited by Lindiwe Mlandu)
  12. How to buy votes 101 Barcelona & Qatar Foundation agree £125m shirt deal Barcelona have ended their 111-year history of refusing commercial shirt sponsorship by signing a record £125m deal with the Qatar Foundation. The Catalan giants have paid to carry the Unicef logo for the last five years and the children's charity will share shirt space with the new sponsors. Barcelona have a sizeable debt but now claim to be "the undisputed brand leader in world football". The deal will be worth £25m a year from next season through until 2016. In July, an audit revealed Barcelona's debt to be £369.5m after a loss of more than £64.36m in the 2009/10 season. The new sponsorship arrangement could free up some transfer funds for coach Pep Guardiola - who worked as an ambassador for Qatar's successful bid to host the 2022 World Cup. The Qatar Foundation is a non-profit organisation concerned primarily with education projects in the Middle East. It is chaired by Her Highness Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al-Missned, the wife of the Emir, who was central to Qatar's final World Cup bid last week. Senior club executives said the deal was a "remarkable milestone because it represents a record level of revenue for a football club and has more value still in the current economic climate". Manchester United and Real Madrid both earn a little over £20m a year for their rights, while Bayern Munich make closer to £23m. Marketing experts will seek to find a way for both logos to be displayed on the Barcelona shirts, although if that is not possible the Unicef name will take priority.
  13. "In the Middle East, the big vices are not sex and alcohol but wealth and power. In this regard, FIFA has found the perfect place."

  14. Who do you guys think The Kaiser voted for?
  15. Qatar Qatar Qatar.....its just Doha, suburbs aren't cities.
  16. Build it and they will come. 10 stadia of over 40,000 capacity in 25-30km radius!
  17. No its not easier to secure 12 venues in one city, each with its own exclusion zones and each requiring its own airpsace security arragenments. This is a nightmare World Cup in the making
  18. Given the 2018/2022 vote we're so lucky we have hosted. The Mafia's demands were well known in South Africa. Who do you think built Cape Town Stadium? BTW the Mafia still owes many host cities million of rands for additional demands before the WC. In the case of South Africa, what I would call a developmental World Cup, the benefits always exceeded the event specific cost.
  19. Cape Town 2026. The World Cup in one city.
  20. I do believe there is a causal link but that doesn't mean that votes are not bought or that I have not read each evaluation report. Having experienced part of the behind the scenes of the FIFA WC in South Africa, in terms of their demands, final draw, stadia etc. I know what FIFA are. You win a bid by getting votes. In a small pool of 22 voters, your market your bid well but more importantly you buy enough votes so that your Presdent does not need to hang around.
  21. Once again. They winning bid had the best venues overview video.
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