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  1. Please correct me. Is the living / residential zone for the Olympic Village planned on an island. Will it present similar security threats to the concerns around the NY and Tokyo Olympic Village or is this a completely different scenario?
  2. If nobody in Europe wants it....send it elsewhere.
  3. Glad to see this bid come together but one would imagine that masterplan of the Olympic Park site would need revisions. The BOH/FOH setup as an example. Would it be possible to swop the OV site with the Aquatic Centre island (even if it does seem smaller)? Is it wise to combine the 3 major venues with the OV and other services on two islands with what seems to be moderate access?
  4. I would like to write about this. Is there a summary available for the venues, and their current status?
  5. Cauldron in the canal. Will rise up near stadium
  6. Basically the one in Cape Town but put on top of containers.
  7. Attempt 2. Triangular torch opening. Triangular stadium floodlights.
  8. Rectangular floodlights. Rectangular torch opening.
  9. The only reason a media village concept even exists is if hotel rooms are insufficient. Yes, they are fine with existing accommodation, rather than "potetial" media villages.
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