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  1. Under construction. It is said Line 4 will be ready at next year's first semester.
  2. Torchbearer Sydney, It is very frustrating when we realize that some people here do not understand this forum's purpose and start posting childish nationalist comments on observations about Rio's preps for 2016, as if posters here were against the Games in Rio and wanted it to be a disaster. Very often their interpretation is biased, not neutral nor objective or candid. You mentioned a very serious matter. As I said a few days ago, I am very concerned about IT and urban mobility. National and International Press - how can I say that without insufflating certain people minds? - witnessed Ma
  3. Michael, You are right. This is not the stage those venues were supposed to be by now. Yes, they will be ready, but what a price! However, those venues are not what worries me the most. My major concerns are the communications infrastructure and urban mobility.
  4. Rob, PDBG (Portuguese acronym to Guanabara Bay's Cleaning Program - or problem\o/) should have been approached in correct terms by both Rio Organizing Committee and the IOC. Carioca team should accept the truth, that it is simply impossible to clean the bay for the Games. IOC should have understood the obvious. IOC should have understood what is behind mayor Paes’ speech, since the very beginning. Paes is not a sportsman, he is a politician. When he says the bay will be ready, he is not lying. He really believes in what he is saying. However, it seems he means there will be less pollution a
  5. I disagree to your pov, Victor, but totally agree to the solution yout presented to approach some historic facts, if they are willing to make any reference to. By the way, that is a very beautiful song. Actually,I used to sing that to my daughter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHcNY7WWvA4
  6. I think Ceremonies will have no political content. Probably, even the mention to the President's presence at the stadium will be very carefully studied to avoid what happened to Lula during the Pan Americam Games' Opening Ceremony, in 2007, and to Dilma herself in São Paulo, during Fifa's 2014 WC inauguration match. IMO, the whole Opening Ceremony will focus Rio de Janeiro's history and culture. Of course, some aspects of modern Brazil will be shown ( we must not forget we are talking about the greatest opportunity to sell the country and the city to the world and the Games themselves are not
  7. The same happenedd to me when I was leaving Leicester Square Station, two years ago. That happens every where. However one shouldn´t be so concerned about that even in Copacabana during the Games. Rio has already shown to be very succesful in providing appropriate security in big events. The WC was the last one.
  8. Num é ki eu deagora lenbro docâ eu axo falano assim aki condo nois tava na disputano em 2008? Era meso suncê?
  9. Rio already has golf courses - Itanhangá and Gávea - which were not accepted for the Games. According to Mayor Eduardo Paes speech in a hangout with joournalists last week, the city of Rio negotiated with the private sector to build another field in Barra. The project of 60 million reais will be run by the private sector, due to an agreement the parts signed. This is the same agreement signed for the Athletes Village´s construction. Private iniciative is building the village with no expenses to the city. The apartments will be delivered to their owners only four months after the Paralympics ar
  10. paul: " seriously? just slap some paint on it and move on after all that?" Well, if the responsible engineer says so, who am I to disagree to?
  11. Published today by Lance!Net (http://ndonline.com.br/florianopolis/esportes/153155-um-ano-sem-engenhao--responsavel-diz-que-ferrugem-nao-ameaca-cobertura.html) Google translator "Flavio D'Alambert, the engineer responsible for the project team that developed Engenhão´s coverage said that the rust that was seen at various points of the arcs of the stadium before the reform did not threaten the structure. - The arcs are of weathering steel, it creates a patina which prevents corrosion. So even if you create a crust of corrosion (rust), the structure is not in danger of concussions. Does not
  12. http://oglobo.globo.com/rio/ex-moradores-da-vila-autodromo-festejam-vida-no-parque-carioca-12311245 Published today, this article shows Paque Carioca, new home for 900 families removed from Vila Autódromo shantytown in Barra. If someone wants to compare Parque Carioca to Vila Autódromo, just go to Google images.
  13. Athehsfan, I really did not understand your reaction to what I posted . I only tried to show Guanabara Bay´s a real situation . I do not think it is correct people do not have access to the reality of the problem . There is a lot of propaganda , both by those who extol Rio as by those who only see demerits . There are exaggerations on both sides. Guanabara Bay has received heavy investment since the late 80s, when people began to concern about its degradation and plan its remediation . But then, as always , corruption and bureaucracy became serious obstacles for the development of the p
  14. Guanabara Bay will not be ready for the games. The truth is that there is not enough time to clean it for the Games . In fact, there was alerady no time in 2009, even if all projects of remediation were obeying their deadlines . Some experts claim that the water of the bay would take 10-15 years to reach acceptable levels of pollution, after implementing all the needed remediation actions.The various municipalities around the bay - not only the city of Rio de Janeiro - should implement their own projects of sewage treatment .This is not happening, at least in the desired and necessary spe
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