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  1. 1. What did I just watch 2. How is "downhill skating" a thing and I didn't know about it 3. I'm going to have nightmares about a JR Celski-style blade incident in one of these
  2. Am I the only one who thinks the discussion should be about which sports to cut, rather than what to add? The costs of the games, summer especially, are ballooning out of control. If a sport or event doesn't require new facilities, or can share facilities with another event, then by all means, go for it. But so many events just seem to cost more than they're worth (BMX, canoe slalom, etc) (Then again, if I were in charge, it'd be a bloodbath. No more trampoline, sailboarding, men's soccer, boxing...so maybe it's just me)
  3. Well the vote for 2024 isn't until after Rio, so maybe IOC folks will learn from the challenges there.
  4. I'm not convinced Durban is big enough, nor South Africa rich enough, to host the Olympics. "It's never been in Africa" is not a good enough reason to put it there.
  5. Of course, the alternative to building a temporary stadium for Track is building a stadium that will continue to see use after the games. Take DC for instance: Tear down RFK Stadium (happening soon anyway) and build a track/Olympic stadium that can be easily modified to be the new home of the Redskins (who likes Landover, anyway?).
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