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  1. Nah, even Trump has said that a full athlete boycott isn't the way to go as it isn't fair to the athletes and it didn't work in 1980. RWB will settle for a diplomatic boycott because that's all we're going to get at this point.
  2. Okay, Jan. Tell that to the organizers of the other skating competitions still taking place around the world - there's a World Cup Speed Skating competition going on in SLC this weekend, there are hockey and basketball games still being held, Broadway hasn't shut its doors, etc. The reality, whether you like it or not, is that the world is moving on and dealing with this virus and accepting a certain level of risk. The Japanese chose not to accept a degree of risk that other countries have determined is acceptable. That's their choice. But, what I'm telling you is that it unless Omnicron is much worse than Delta was last summer, the likelihood of an event like Worlds being cancelled is pretty damn low. I'm glad I'm not on the WHO board also. I wouldn't want to be a stooge for China the way they were when this started two years ago.
  3. Uhm, no. It's presenting facts, which clearly don't line up with your "OMG, the sky is falling!" prognosis. There isn't any reason to believe, based on France's ability and willingness to host two JGP events back-to-back in August, with at least as many participants as will be participating at Worlds in March, that Worlds will be any different. Of course, I acknowledged in my post that we don't know what will happen yet with Omnicron but if it's like Delta, then I'm fairly confident in stating that Worlds will be held. The decision to postpone the GPF/JGPF was made because the Japanese government couldn't figure out what it would allow/not allow with regard to non-citizens entering the country to compete in a strictly controlled bubble in a timely fashion this week. And it was only earlier today that they finally decided that Japanese athletes returning from training overseas to participate in upcoming national championships in various sports would be allowed to continue training at sports venues while quarantining for the mandatory 14 days. Only time will tell whether or not the Japanese government made a knee-jerk decision to ban all international travelers from entering the country for the month of December, but I'll be blunt - if the GPF/JGPF were scheduled for any other country save Korea or China - it would be going forward next week as scheduled. Other countries are proceeding as normal with regard to international sporting events this week and next week despite WHO declaring Omnicron a "variant of interest".
  4. 1) The ISU has not cancelled the GPF/JGPF - they've postponed it until after Worlds. Now, it might come to pass that the ISU decides to cancel it outright in another month or two but I'm not convinced they will because both events have an impact on world ranking points and those are important heading into next season, especially for junior skaters moving up to the senior level and some of those juniors might not be at Jr Worlds given the 3 entries per country limit for ISU Championship events. 2) Asian countries seem to be cutting off travel and entry to non-citizens which is not the situation in the rest of the world at the moment - there are two figure skating competitions in Europe next week (ISU Challenger Series Golden Spin of Zagreb and Santa Claus Cup in Budapest) that are going forward (and the entry lists for both events are about 6 times as large as the GPF/JGPF entry lists), plus there are several national championships in the coming weeks. I have a hard time believing that France is going to head in that direction - there are too many protests already in western Europe over new lockdowns and mandates. In addition, Worlds is another 3.5 months away. Who knows where we'll be but France was willing to hold not one but two Junior Grand Prix events back-to-back in Courchevel when Delta was running rampant so I don't think there is any reason to think Worlds is in jeopardy. 3) I'm more concerned about Europeans & 4 Continents, which are scheduled to be held in consecutive weeks next month in Tallinn, but everything still appears to be moving forward with both of these ISU Championships. 4) None of what happens with these ISU events or other international competitions is going to have any impact on the Olympics. At this point, just 2 months out from the start of the WOG, they're not getting cancelled unless Omnicron is way worse than Delta at its peak.
  5. China has medaled in Pairs in every Olympics since 2002 except 2014 - and they won two medals in the discipline twice (2006 & 2010). Sui/Han were co-gold medal favorites in 2018, but they also had a very credible medal threat in Men in 2018 with Boyang Jin who was the 2016 & 2017 World bronze medalist. They're actually weaker this cycle than figure skating fans expected at the start of this quad - most FS folks expected China to also contend for the team event bronze but they've really stagnated, especially with their women and dance teams. But, Sui/Han aren't the only Chinese medal hope in Pairs - Peng/Jin were 5th at Worlds last year and they're my pick for a surprise bronze in Beijing. NBC's going to be using their NBCOlympics.com platform for the live feeds, just like they did with Tokyo this past summer. Peacock had delayed replays and a lot of people really hated it who used it last summer - very quickly on, in the first day or so, I realized that Peacock was not the main online platform for streaming that NBC was using, but it wasn't apparent to everyone.
  6. I'll be interested to see what China does regarding the agreement they've made with the IOC to allow any minors who aren't eligible for vaccines in their own countries yet (eg. Russia) to compete in the Olympics. A decision to not allow minors would eliminate several of the top women's figure skaters - Anna Shcherbakova, Kamila Valieva, Maiia Khromykh and Alexandra Trusova (her status is currently unknown - she had to pull out of her 2nd GP event due to a stress fracture in her foot). There are also some Russian snowboarders who are under 18 who were cleared to compete in Beijing. I'm not sure if there are athletes in other countries who are also potentially affected.
  7. I don't think the marketing/sponsorship dollars is as big of an issue as some people are making it out to be. Most of the global Olympic sponsors are going to be onboard and providing key services and support regardless of where the Olympics are held. All signs, and several of the quotes in that article, point to the obvious - SLC will be named the 2030 host sometime in the next 2 months.
  8. And they'll get either Japan or the USA to save their bacon for the 2030 & 2034 WOGs before they go with Lviv (let's be real, that Spanish bid is DOA and the likelihood of a German WOG bid is next to nil), so they'll be fine for the next dozen years. The IOC will be in much better shape, I expect, by Paris when they need to start really looking at the options available for a 2036 host.
  9. Pairs was, indeed, moved because China wants to close out the Olympic figure skating with, hopefully, a gold medal for Sui/Han. The whole schedule definitely is a compromise - China & Russia get pairs in their evening hours; Russia, Korea & Japan get women in their evening hours; US & Canada get dance in their primetime; US gets men in their primetime. Japan got screwed with men and France got screwed with dance not being broadcast in their primetime hours. The US has two medal contenders in Men - Nathan Chen and Vincent Zhou; also two medal contenders in Dance - Hubbell/Donohue and Chock/Bates. In Women, 4th would be a shocking miracle - not saying it's impossible but we'd have to have one of our women skate to the absolute best of her potential in both the SP and FS while the Japanese & Korean women as well as Loena Hendrickx skate quite poorly. Pairs - I don't think top 5 is out of the realm of possibility for Knierim/Frazier, though it's certainly not a guarantee but there's more of a chance of that happening than any of our women finishing as high as 4th.
  10. The Figure Skating Team Event is also scheduled for morning in Beijing so it can be broadcast in US prime time. The first 10 days of coverage will be figure skating heavy in primetime, second week not so much.
  11. I loved Albertville's medals, but beyond that, none have been really great, especially the bagel medals. And I'm not at all hopeful we'll get anything better out of Milano-Cortina.
  12. I quite like what Nike has designed for both Team Canada and Team USA, especially Team USA. It's a fresh design and doesn't feel old or tired. Finland's is also nice - and I like using the white for the home jersey - harkens the Finnish flag.
  13. I don't follow synchro all that closely but Finland is very strong in the sport. Sweden, Russia, Canada and the USA are the other countries who have medaled at Worlds in the last 5 years. Yes, I believe the concern is about gigantism, plus the need for an arena for two extra days of competition. Rumor is that the ISU is working on a proposal to have smaller teams (8 skaters max) for the introduction of synchro to the Olympics. We'll see when/if that happens.
  14. Not very likely to happen. The IOC won't even allow the ISU to add synchronized skating at this time with 6-8 teams made up of 16 skaters. I can't see them adding 2 more women's hockey teams to the tournament.
  15. There will not be 63 figure skaters in Beijing for Russia, even including alternates. At most there will be 36 - 3 alternates/teams for each discipline. Like I explained earlier, that list is who was nominated by their respective national sports federations as potential Olympic athletes. And, no, Russia is not strong in all winter sports - they're decidedly weak in alpine skiing, as an example. Did you look at the list of nominated athletes? There weren't more than twenty or so in alpine skiing.
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