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  1. I don't think China will be banning any countries from competing in the Winter Olympics, regardless of which vaccines their government has approved or not approved to date. It would be an incredibly bad look for them for a variety of reasons. 1) The virus did originate in China, so there are plenty of people who would be outraged and give the PRC major side-eye at any decision to ban athletes from countries struggling to come to grips with additional waves next fall/winter. 2) Which countries are they likely to ban? Most winter sports athletes from warm-weather nations have permane
  2. Can this one get scrapped in a logo rip-off scandal like the original Tokyo 2020 logo?
  3. I think it depends on the European city bidding... If it's Oslo then I'd give bet solid money on Oslo beating Vancouver, same with Munich (though they're not interested so that's a moot scenario). But if it's Zakopane... Vancouver probably wins. Stockholm or a Spanish bid might have a chance against Vancouver. I don't think that the continental rotation is nearly as much of a factor as it used to be, not especially when the IOC has struggled to keep European nations from bowing out of the bidding process entirely.
  4. Because the three that are interested are from countries they'd be fine with hosting the WOGs? Because the three NOCs aren't headed by Coates?
  5. Kudos to his male staff members who called him out at the time for the comment. Perhaps a sign that things are changing in Japan in that regard.
  6. What about northern Africa? Cairo possibly?
  7. Zagreb has hosted several major figure skating competitions in the last several years including the 2019 World Junior Figure Skating Championships and 2013 European Figure Skating Championships. They're a proven host and having 2021 Euros cancelled is hardly a major mark against the city. They get great marks from most fans who attend competitions there. In all likelihood, Zagreb will probably be awarded host city privileges for Euros 2024 to make up for this year assuming they want it. The ISU gave 2023 Four Continents to Sydney as a make-up for having to cancel 2021 4CCs which they were
  8. I don't post here often but I've skimmed through this thread and just have to say... All of you Anti-Trumpers are idiots and really don't understand him at all if you think, for one hot second, that he's going to go down the "boycott the Beijing 2022 Olympics" road during a second term. His whole mantra is MAGA. It's about America WINNING. He's going to want our athletes going into Beijing and kicking some Chinese ass and beating them in the medal count. Furthermore, while 2028 is after he is out of office, you can bet your bottom dollar that he will absolutely be present and ready during
  9. I read this article earlier and the implication I came away with was that Reno-Tahoe couldn't see a way to make their financials work - there are infrastructure needs that exist for Reno-Tahoe which simply do not exist for SLC, regardless of which Games they wind up hosting. With most of the necessary infrastructure and major sites already in place, SLC is in a far better position to earn money if they do host in 2030, even if LA does have exclusivity over the marketing rights through 2028. Now, 2026 might be a different animal, but you can be assured that the IOC and USOC will bend over bac
  10. That would be a small guarantee, and just for the first few days of the WOG, since the only qualified NK athletes are their pairs figure skating team and the pairs competition will be over by the middle of the first week. All Kim would need to do is bring them home as soon as their competition is over and then there would be nothing restraining him.
  11. If the US bid city fares as poorly in the voting as NYC and Chicago did then, yes, that will alienate the USOC from the IOC again. But, I don't think that's going to happen with the 2024 voting. As long as LA finishes a respectable 2nd to Paris then the USOC nor LA are going to necessarily feel snubbed like they were, especially in 2016. There's no shame in losing to Paris in the final round of voting and that's what I fully expect will happen. Budapest will be out after the 1st round, then Roma will drop, and Paris will take it in the 3rd round of voting. It probably won't be as close as
  12. Have to agree with those who don't see the single-run downhill going anywhere. If your city isn't close enough to a mountain big enough for an Olympic/World Cup level downhill run then you have no business even considering a bid for the WOG. I also agree about the sliding center being the bigger issue. Nacre mentioned Portland and Seattle as being close to their mountains. I can't speak to the feasibility of Seattle hosting a WOG but there's no way it will happen in Portland. While Portland currently has two 10,000-seat arenas, there's been talk this fall about demolishing Memorial Colis
  13. Why are we rehashing the 2022 vote in the Potential 2026 & 2028 bids thread?
  14. Agreed. In hindsight, any city the USOC would have put up for a 2022 bid would have come away the winner a day ago but, really, I can't fault them for focusing on a SOG. While SLC was 13.5 years ago, it is still more recent than Atlanta, which was 19 years ago. By the time 2024 rolls around, it will have been 28 years since the US last hosted a SOG, even longer if we have to wait until 2028 thanks to the Boston debacle. While I personally love the WOG more than the SOG, I can see why the USOC wants the SOG more and why we probably won't try for another WOG until after we've hosted a SOG.
  15. Here's the key problem with Beijing's presentation today (at least for me, and probably for a lot of others around here)... Jawnbc called the Chinese Premier's message "passionless" and that is spot on, not just for the premier's message but for the entire presentation. Contrast that to fourteen years ago when Beijing was bidding for the 2008 SOG, where their drive and determination was palpable. This was uninspiring and lifeless in comparison. Maybe I'm just too caught up in hoping that Almaty wins. I like different. I like new. I think that Central Asia is a fascinating place and wou
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