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  1. Are you kidding lol I still would've taken a picture.
  2. When is Toronto hosting the Olympics? LOL. By the way, now that the Winter games are over ..where do you guys talk about the off season? Like World Championships, etc. Can someone link me the forum?
  3. Anything can happen from now till 2018. Hopefully we produce some great athletes and HOPEFULLY we're able to win 30 medals.
  4. I'm gonna miss the Olympics so much! I'm gonna miss this forum! See you guys in 2 years!
  5. We'll find out if the French Skiers get disqualified at 5am EST. I hope they do, so Lehman wins gold. But highly unlikely. *fingers crossed*
  6. It'll be 25 medals for Canada. 1 short of Vancouver, but still a pretty good performance by the Canadians. Looking forward to 2018,I'm confident we'll kill Freestyle skiing (again) in Pyeonchang. LOL. Justine Lapointe, Kingsbury, etc. Hopefully we'll win 30 medals in 2018.
  7. Yup, definitely looks like we'll finish with 25 medals. Unless we manage to grab a medal in the 4 man bobsleigh which is a possibility.
  8. Denny Morrison might participate in 2018. But no way, will he be considered a medal favorite. He'll be 32 or 33 years old, even a guy like Davis struggled mightily at these games and he's 31.
  9. Correct. I was wrong. JJ is not a medal favorite. But we should all pray and hope for the best. We need to pass our medal count from Vancouver!!
  10. -Jasey Jay Anderson is a gold medal favorite in Snowboarding PS -Mans team pursuit vs Poland for the bronze medal (Gonna be tough) Those are two medal possibilities for tomorrow.... any more?
  11. Ye the Short Track team really hurt Canada. Those 4 or 5 falls (especially the three by the Hamelin brothers together). Another huge dissapointment was Men's Ski Cross, we went in with three medal favorites came out with 0 medals. But Norway has by far been the most dissapointing country of these games. Sh*t happens, we've been doing quite well these past few days. If men's team pursuit wins bronze tomorrow (which won't be easy against Poland tomorrow) then we'll match our Vancouver total. We might be able to pass the Vancouver total if we win a surprising medal, like in 4-man bobsled or something.
  12. Canada loses to Korea. Time to fight for the Bronze.
  13. Canada vs USA round two tomorrow!!! LEGGOOOOOO #mainevent

  14. Marielle Thompson is a HUGE gold medal favorite in Ski Cross! But anything can happen in ski cross; we had a couple medal favorites in men's but we came out empty handed. I have a very, very good feeling we'll win a medal in men's team pursuit and Maltais should be able to win the 1000m short track. I wish not to comment on men's hockey (not trying to jinx anything) Curling is a guaranteed medal. I'm not sure about men's 500m...Is any Canadian a medal favorite? (Besides Hamelin who won't participate) 4-man bobsleigh we have a chance to win a medal. But man oh man... We really f-ed up on Men's Ski Cross today, we had 3 medals favorites going in, we shouldve at least come out with one medal. :/ Women's half pipe was also a dissapointment.
  15. Cmon Canada!!! 1 more!!!

  16. RT @WojYahooNBA: Philadelphia has traded Spencer Hawes to Cleveland, league source tells Yahoo Sports.

  17. RT @Hky_Society: Rt for Canada Fav for USA

  18. Wow huge dissapointment by the Ski Cross team. We had so many medal favorites going in, but weren't even able to win one?!
  19. Masai should trade Derozan and Lowry by tomorrow. Trade them while they're value is at an All time high.

  20. Okee dokee I guess I was wrong. I was just looking at Associated Press and Bleacher Report predictions. Didnt see any mention of any Canadian favorite.
  21. If we crash in the ski cross I'll cry. We better win at least two medals in ski cross tomorrow. @dave199 Hmm we definitely do not have a gold medal favorite in women's snowboarding halfpipe. We're not expected to any medals in that, but anything can happen.
  22. RT @Matt9Duchene: Wow, my shattered nerves! Was great to see the @HockeyCanada boys stay cool and grab a character win. Awesome stuff onto …

  23. What are people's medal predictions for tomorrow?
  24. Jennifer Jones dawgggg

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