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  1. Canada vs USA round two tomorrow!!! LEGGOOOOOO #mainevent

  2. Cmon Canada!!! 1 more!!!

  3. RT @WojYahooNBA: Philadelphia has traded Spencer Hawes to Cleveland, league source tells Yahoo Sports.

  4. RT @Hky_Society: Rt for Canada Fav for USA

  5. Masai should trade Derozan and Lowry by tomorrow. Trade them while they're value is at an All time high.

  6. RT @Matt9Duchene: Wow, my shattered nerves! Was great to see the @HockeyCanada boys stay cool and grab a character win. Awesome stuff onto …

  7. Jennifer Jones dawgggg

  8. RT @HisAirness14: @SalmanPakman @TorontoLiving13 yeah ill give u that, those are good points not gonna lie

  9. RT @KGthekid: @KevinRashidi you're such a waste of space. Wolstat and JL called you out. #RaptorPassRevoked #RealGMreject #lmao

  10. Charles Hamelin flopped so hard again...

  11. RT @CBCOlympics: BREAKING: China DQed, Canadians to get silver. #CBCOlympics #shorttrack

  12. "@MySportsLegion: The Raptors are interested in trading for Rajon Rondo. (via @WolstatSun)" WTF NOOOO

  13. "@9modano: Nothing like a good cat fight..! @usahockey vs Canada. women's final.." #DumbestTweetOfTheYear #Bonehead

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