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  1. Well not really. It's the United States' fault for pulling the support.
  2. Vic Wild from Russia wins Gold in parallel giant slalom and his wife wins Bronze for Russia also in the parallel giant slalom In the Men's; Silver goes to Switzerland and Bronze to Slovenia In the Women's; Gold goes to Switzerland and Silver goes to japan Slovenia has doubled there all time winter olympic medal tally in these games alone! Russia also jumps to 3rd on the medal tally now!
  3. How was he the athlete with the most potential? Seriously, surely people had more faith in Torah or Lydia. Yeah good on him, he won 2 world championships but for the second olympics in a row he has screwed up.
  4. Oh that sounds eventful, doesn't matter anyway Chumpy would have just cracked under pressure in 2018 anyway
  5. He didn't even make it close to getting on the podium. For the second Olympics in a row he screwed up. Yes humans make mistakes but the dude already has sponsorship's from Samsung he doesn't deserve more funding over people like Scotty James and Belle Brockhoff. The focus was all on Chumpy in this event and he screwed up I mean seriously, Cam Bolton did better then he did!! And it is unfair if Chumpy got access to the great training facility and the others didn't. Although it didn't seem to get him anywhere because in the end his overall position was worse than Belle Brockhoff's. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/sport/sochi-winter-games/protest-over-favouritism-on-the-eve-of-alex-pullins-race-for-gold/story-fnl6xsc2-1226829772979# Biggest potential to win an Olympic medal? Yeah how'd that turn out, officials?
  6. So it's all karma because of Maltais, Krow?
  7. Roy and HG really sticking it to Chumpy! Which is good because he really let down Australia
  8. Vaultier gets gold for France The Russian gets silver USA gets bronze
  9. WOW! Did 5 different people fall throughout the course but then get back up? That was intense. That's why you don't give up and keep trying.
  10. So someone fell over which caused Jarrad to fall over.
  11. The Brockhoffs raised good points, they spent way too much on Chumpy and what do you know? He screwed it up.
  12. Pullins out. I never had faith in him. Definitely not impressed with all the money the AOC spent on him
  13. Unless you screwed up in the ice dance and were in the bottom 4 that didn't make it.
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