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  1. There was a big state-wide transportation bill passed earlier in 2014 (something like $13 billion), which included certain projects the article referenced - expanded subway lines, expanded rail stations, etc. in and around Boston. I read the article as meaning that of the transport bill's $13 billion, $5 billion has already been dedicated to infrastructure projects around the potential venue sites.
  2. Regardless, it's an extremely optimistic number and one that is likely not going to hold as time progresses.
  3. Agreed. I think for the time being the organizers are putting out a lowball estimate. Pure honesty would be asking a bit much, don't you think? LOL That number will creep up and up over time, I'm sure.
  4. My reading of it is that it's $5b in public money for needed infrastructure projects (going to be spent there, anyhow) and $5b Games budget (Boston 2024 operating budget), probably excluding security costs which will be borne largely by the US federal government. I think keeping costs at that level is a bit overly optimistic, but it's a start.
  5. Both the Summer Olympics and the Paralympics? Really??
  6. Of course it is. It appears to me that what was being said was that of the two European "mother countries," England and France, only England produced advanced, wealthy, western economies with a wealth of capable host cities. France has not.
  7. No, I don't think Tehran nor the IOC are pining for one another. However, someone raised them as a potential host, which I found utterly ridiculous. Not only from a political perspective, but from a practical perspective, as well. Iran will not conform to western standards for purposes of hosting the Games. And it's not just uniforms for women (though there is no way in hell that the USOC is going to tell the likes of a future Serena Williams that she is going to need to wear a head scarf and non-clingy modest clothing if she wants to compete). What about male spectators? They would be prohibited from swimming and diving competitions, from gymnastics, from athletics or any sport in which women's clothing is immodest by the ayatollah's standards. And that would go for judges, was well. No male judges at the swimming events, or athletics or gymnastics. Never. Going. To. Happen.
  8. I'm willing to state this as fact: as long as Iran is ruled by a religious regime, it will never host an Olympics. Ever. Aside from Iran's political isolation, which would make winning the Games difficult enough, the individual sports federations would chafe at the requirements an Iranian government would put on the events (sex segregated events, "modest" clothing for women athletes, etc. - I highly doubt the ayatollahs would suspend their beliefs for the sake of a Games).
  9. AFAIK, the entire head-of-state-must-go-to-the-IOC thing is a new phenomenon. If I recall correctly, it was Tony Blair who did it first when he popped in just before the voting for the 2012 Games. I don't have any recollection of Chirac (or would it have been Sarkozy by then?) ever being mentioned as present at the voting. Bill Clinton didn't go when SLC was selected, Bush wasn't there when Atlanta was voted on. My memory is that Blair's visit was a surprise to the IOC and was cited as a factor in London's prevailing over Paris for 2012. So much so that every candidate city's delegation as included its head of state since.
  10. I wouldn't bet on either LA or Durban as being shoe-ins. Whoever hosts the next few cycles, what the IOC needs more than anything is a series of reasonable Games - Games that don't threaten the financial security of the hosts and that come off as net positives for the hosts. Smaller. More manageable. Use of existing infrastructure. Financially conservative. Environmentally reasonable. If the IOC continues to only go with mega-spectacles, their brand will be ruined in the West.
  11. http://www.masslive.com/news/boston/index.ssf/2014/10/boston_mayor_marty_walsh_to_at.html
  12. http://www.wkrg.com/story/26627638/2024-candidates-hope-to-learn-from-chicagos-loss and this... http://www.wftv.com/ap/ap/top-news/olympic-sports-on-board-for-us-2024-bid/nhWdW/
  13. http://time.com/3427596/olympic-committee-host-discrimination/ And with that, every Middle Eastern cities' chances of hosting the Games went *poof*.
  14. Agree. I don't recall anyone's being critical of Atlanta's venue plan, but there was ample, well-deserved criticism of Atlanta's execution. From delays in the parade of athlete's in the Opening, to a completely botched shuttle bus system, to complaints about the quality of the food in the dining halls, to the crass commercialization - Atlanta is not a Games to emulate. Samaranch's "most excellent" qualification at the Closing was an act of mercy. I also agree that the IOC needs to move away from the mega-Park model if it ever wants a reasonably stable/western/democratic country to act as host again. Post-2008 (and particularly post-Sochi), any host city that cannot steamroll its population into submission will simply shy away from hosting the Games. If it only ever wants white elephants, start planning your Doha, Baku, St. Petersburg, Pyongyang travel plans now.
  15. Make of this what you will... http://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2014/09/15/why-boston-could-have-edge-bidding-for-olympics/bgGdIzqsXtFRhDPs8L7ddJ/story.html
  16. An old-ish article, but still... re the map and potential locations, if this is the Boston plan, the locations are all fairly proximate to one another. Franklin Park, Suffolk Downs and Allston Railyard are perhaps the most distant, about 4 miles each from the core (JFK/UMass Olympic Village; main stadium; media center). Using the main stadium as the center point, the Olympic Village would be about a mile away (and features a beach, a park with practice fields and practice track), the media center (which could also be the location for a number of events (fencing, judo, taekwondo, etc.) is about 3/4 mile from the stadium. TD Garden (gymnastics) is under 2 miles away and sits on top of a major rail/transit hub. Agannis Arena at Boston University (basketball, volleyball) is about 3 miles away. Harvard's stadium (field hockey, wrestling, other events) is about 4 miles away. With the exception of Franklin Park (on the map) all locations noted are, to my recollection, within a few hundred yards of a rail or subway line. We will have to see, though, if this is the real plan.
  17. I remember the '84 OC and CC pretty vividly (the fact that I taped them on VHS and watched them about a million times has reinforced those memories)... the spaceship might be remembered because it was an epically bad, embarrassing, and stupid thing. Lionel Richie singing "All Night Long" was actually more interesting. AT least there were break dancers,
  18. I just don't see how a DC bid can work. I have no doubt about the city's capacity, I just think coordinating two state governments, plus the District's city council, *and* getting a (superficially, at any rate) cost-conscious Congress all on the same harmonious page is a gargantuan feat.
  19. Not much need for a large athlete's village after the first day or so. Score!
  20. No doubt. But what I meant was that we should keep domestic politics out of the discussion. It seems that every discussion board these days slips into some red v blue / culture war thing. We will keep a more civil conversation if we avoid talking about the pros and cons of Hillary / Obama / Romney / etc. (unless we are talking about their contribution toward landing a US city as the winning host).
  21. God, can we please keep this a politics-free zone. There are plenty of politics boards where you can express whatever you want.
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