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  1. They said the air temperature was +5 C. The warm temperature makes the snow soft and sticky. With the soft snow you lose speed via sinking into the snow. All in all, what's the update on the girl that was carried away on a stretcher? I wish her the best!
  2. After watching the finals, in my humble opinion, a lot of them looked like they barely had any adequate training because they were not consistent. The whole thing seemed like a joke as if it was a Wipeout TV show (US reality TV show). Sorry for being so tough on them. I just expected a lot more from these Olympic athletes. Regardless how difficult the runs are, in midair you should not be doing windmills!!
  3. Thank you for the welcome. No doubt in my mind that this cliché question would come up. Wouldn’t you expect them to be at least clean on their tricks and have good form? As mentioned before, they don’t have to do extreme tricks like men’s slopstyle but the tricks were sloppy and a lot of mistakes at the Olympic level. They have been practicing years for this thus I expect them to be stomping the landings and not doing windmills in midair.
  4. I just watched the qualifications for women's ski slopestyle. Not to be rude or anything but this is what I have to say about it and sorry for being blunt: -not stomping the landings -no control in midair or out of control -no solid form -upper body is all over the place when hitting jumps -they look like they haven’t been practicing at all and this is their first competition -majority of them look like amateurs -some local mountains have better slopestyle skiers than these athletes -washing out on landings -losing control all the time -hands are all over the place -hands are doing the windmill in midair (Especially at the Olympic level, I would expect better form.) -seems like amateurs not even pros What's everyone else's input on this? I mean, they don't have to do any crazy tricks but at least be solid. Majority of them weren't even solid and it was tough watching them doing the run.
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