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  1. ceremony renders really remind me of sochi.
  2. ssc seems to have a lot of folks who get really defensive when someone contradicts there views as it is a fairly big forum
  3. They might not be a front runner, but its one of the most recognizable cities in the world and atmosphere is pretty important to the IOC. NY also has a lot of the technical requirements, and an OG could leave a positive legacy if the city uses it to revitalize an area such as flushing meadows, develop the subway etc.
  4. well since NY isnt even going to bid then yeah there isnt a chance they beat paris. And its not like paris is air tight. There seems to be general disapproval for a bid amongst locals, or how strong is there legacy compared to the other bidders, are they gonna make another dumb comment about another countries taste in food? Not to mention an SA bid is a strong front runner as it is.
  5. wasnt that mostly due to there being no revenue deal and that atlanta and salt lake had already hosted not that long ago
  6. ski ballet. They can just paint sand white
  7. the summer x games get decent ratings, so if bach only cares about the almighty dollar he could do that, but if they actually want drive OG costs down they would have to take something out.
  8. are you serious? You're predicting things almost 100 years from now like its certain fact.
  9. my guess they do something similar to london and situate behind the goalposts afterward
  10. Be nice to actually see some actual figures on how much SA spends into economic development and education rather than taking your word for it. Also I dont understand how a country that has an unemployment rate around 50%, life expectancy of about 50, and an increase in crime needs "motivation and good leaders" when in reality they need to have continued welfare programs, increased taxes on the rich, as well as job creating legislature and social and labor reforms I agree that SA should continue to invest their money to encourage development of their country, but hosting a two week sport extr
  11. I must say I'm honestly impressed with the turnout and enthusiasm of the crowds despite all the concerns over the past couple weeks. The only venue that seems to lack in crowds is the sliding track (save the finish line). Is it because they sold less tickets for it or something because I remember there being crowds around most of the turns in vancouver and torino.
  12. I get it now you're like a time traveler or something that's where all these clearly infallible predictions are coming from.
  13. This is more likely RU being politically correct more than anything.
  14. I think SA is probably gonna win however their capable cities would still need A LOT of infrastructure upgrades which is likely going to lead to problems, and the IOC who has already been getting criticism for beijing and sochi, and just being ridiculously expensive, would only see increased harassment from the press. Not to mention, as has already been posted, this could turn off other large countries from future bid.
  15. if a city has to rely on other cities short comings, then it probably isn't a good bid.
  16. how much could a rome bid incorporate ancient structures such as the baths or the circus maximus?
  17. USC actually has a 70mil long term plan, and a spokesperson said they have no set in stone plan for it besides a few small facelifts
  18. a LA bid could also tie into a new stadium like the stade de france to woo the nfl with, and they already have several possible locations http://nfl.si.com/2014/02/05/los-angeles-nfl-stadium/
  19. like bulldozing homes and racking up venue costs through bribery?
  20. if they insist on such a sustainable games, why are they building several new venues when they have existing ones already?
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