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  1. Do you or anyone know the ownership situation of the land the stadium is on and around? I was thinking that they could build one around the land that was set for redevelopment.
  2. Cant the raiders build their own damn stadium and leave the **** shack coliseum to the A's?
  3. Didn't know hannity used gamesbids.
  4. first of all the worlds most populous nation does follow soccer, and their has actually been some investment in the sport ( http://thediplomat.com/2014/06/china-and-the-world-cup/ ). Keep things in perspective here, its a marathon not a sprint. Thirty years ago, how popular was soccer in the US? Then we held the world cup, and that has gradually changed to where soccer has become somewhat prominent in american main stream media. Now imagine all those people gathering to watch a world cup multiplied several times. Add in plenty of egotistical venture capitalists willing to see the countr
  5. To be fair they did qualify in 2002, and besides when the US was awarded in 1994, I dont think they had yet qualified for the 1990 not to mention the lack of any professional league.
  6. Found this article today from the boston globe basically outlining all the problems we've gone over. Really, lets just get this over with and put forth LA. https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2014/07/05/just-say-olympics-boston/f15joCgmUlUVI2uYkoHVZM/story.html
  7. if Qatar or another Asian country ends up hosting 2022, then obviously no Asian country could host in 26. However, if FIFA were to end up moving the cup (which in all likelihood, and if they know what's good for them, they will) it's possible FIFA keeps it in Asia or allows other countries to bid which provides an opportunity for both China or the US. On a side note, I think to FIFA, the idea of a US or China world cup makes money signs appear in their eyes. They're the only two nations on earth that has virtually all the infrastructure built for a world cup, only 60k+ stadiums, as well as
  8. I remember hearing that the OC was going to take place in the day. Is that confirmed or not?
  9. That was a total make up call from the missed penalty in the first half.
  10. There's only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's culture...and the dutch.
  11. This is sort of what madrid was thinking with their stadium. They buried the first tier of seats and placed a track at the top. However, I believe the largest scale of this kind of thing is hamden park during the 2014 commonwealth games which is only taking away a couple thousand of seats. Madrid's version however took away about 20,000 seats. Not to mention cost of placing it in as well as removing the track; this could be extremely expensive I think rob has a good idea with manchester's cwg stadium where they moved the seats forward, covering up the track, permanently. Im no engineer
  12. imagine a mexico vs usa semi-final. jeez talk about crazy.
  13. your argument is two anonymous people over the internet. Give it break and stop being so defensive.
  14. what about that small section of rail north of the yard that is by foundry street? Is it part of the usable space because if it is, it could be a spot for a warm up track.
  15. Its an impostor! Thanks to some researching I am able to conclude that THIS is the real Baron
  16. the people directing the WC & OLY ceremonies will be completely different, so no they wont be in any way similar.
  17. I feel like bids are starting to give the IOC super glitzy venue plans, but always change them if they win to be more affordable.
  18. What future bids have to start focusing on (and this goes for any city) is a great PR campaign. However, it shouldn't be a bunch of BS pomp and pageantry with colorful banners. What they really should be focusing on, is actually educating citizens on the possible benefits for the city and other facets of a bid such as what people's taxpayer dollars are going to.
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