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  1. Kings sports park is ok, but it's definitely not up to olympic standards. That's why Durban really needs the commonwealth games to beef up their sports infrastructure and international image. And what zekekelso said about the ambiance of the city also plays apart in getting the games
  2. well im bored, and the washington post has this. http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/capitalbusiness/redskins-olympic-backers-both-eye-new-stadium-at-rfk/2014/08/29/9557bcea-2ef2-11e4-9b98-848790384093_story.html
  3. they should strip qatar and poccnr. Will that happen though? The answer is no. Also who else is taking the under for the amount of posts it takes tony to bring up england?
  4. A completely different case. Also those look like a lot of DEMOCRATIC societies
  5. Ofan does have point about the crapiness that is Washington in general. But the real problem comes from the name of Washington itself, the "Redskins". It's a racist term for native americans, and over the past several months, there have been demands from the public (native americans most prominently) that they change the name. However, Snyder has cited it's part of their history, so he has rejected changing the name. As a result, a lot of people are PO'd at him.
  6. The berlin olympic stadium is one of the most historic structures in, not just berlin, all of germany. It does not need to be bastardized by adding glowing lights, and replacing every nostalgia factor with something superficial. And no you can't not undo the holocaust with a very slight renovation. A little bit late to be trying that imo. PS: I was typing this as runningrings made his post, but I was mid rant soooo...
  7. marathon swimmers could run a risk of hypothermia, but that could always be moved somewhere else if the were too high
  8. learn to differentiate your a and an please... hell, go review all your grammar.
  9. All they need is a stadium and that's it! For sure they'll host 2024!
  10. Ive been looking at some news articles for the 2024 olympics and it seems boston is looking at a more regional bid. As of right now I'd take this with a grain of salt, but given the lack of space in boston, one could reason that a regional bid is more likely. http://bangordailynews.com/2014/07/22/sports/olympics/will-maine-sites-be-included-in-regional-boston-2024-olympics-bid/ http://www.bostonmagazine.com/news/blog/2014/07/10/fall-river-2024-summer-olympics-letter/ http://wpri.com/2014/07/10/mayor-on-2024-olympics-why-not-fall-river/
  11. The nfl will not have an OCD breakdown if the symmetry of the league is broken. As long they make more money than they did before, they can live with uneven conferences or just one big conference. Further league expansion also makes sense given the talks of regular and post season expansion. the only real reason I can see against expansion is the dissolution of the talent pool. However, thats already the nature of professional sports leagues with the best players ending up in the largest markets or the best teams or whoever offers the most money. If anything an expansion draft would help
  12. based on the success of the nfl, i feel like the nfl would want to outright expand the league instead of relocating another team.
  13. as much as like sf and dc as new hosts, there are to much negative intangibles surrounding the cities in regards for the development of an olympics (ditto for boston).
  14. you also really cant blame fifa for taking russia at the time. Back then they looked like a burgeoning democracy, and they would be a first time host. But today they look like a imperialistic, cold war reincarnation.
  15. So you want to make a movie where America is a latin country? Go ahead it couldn't be any worse the transformers series. Also unlike some Americans, I don't have a aneurysm at the thought of minorities "taking our god given land".
  16. If avoiding their problems is what they're doing, then that wont carry over well with the media. A media that will especially focus on Rio's problems during the games. And danny, like it or not, the media wont show the good side of rio because that's not news, it's advertising. The media reports on these stories because unlike beaches or museums crime and violence is hazardous to health. Think about it like this, if hundreds of thousands of people are going to descend upon a city for the olympics, don't you think the local media would want to educate people on whats going on their? And ye
  17. how could you pass judgement on the video if you only saw the first minute? And if only about 15% of rio's population thats still 1.7 million people. A lot worse sounding than 15%
  18. Rio pacification effort in the favelas, drug trafficking, etc. Say what you will about the progress made there is still along way to go. (graphic images)
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