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  1. http://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2014/10/28/7086679/fifa-2018-world-cup-logo-explained maybe "creative interpretation" was part of the design.
  2. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/8/8f/GOTG-poster.jpg/220px-GOTG-poster.jpg WHAT I MEANT TO SAY^^
  3. http://nhltoseattle.com/2012/08/19/life-expectancy-of-arenas/ so this actually finds (albeit some random with a website) that the average lifespan of an nhl/nba arena is 32 years or 38 years depending on what's averaged. If that is indeed correct, then td garden would be going on 29 years, nearly at the end of it's lifespan. However, the poster does note some exceptionally poor arenas that had unusually short lifespans. Assuming that was incorporated into the findings, then that would skew the results although I wouldn't know how much.
  4. A breath of fresh air* *The Beijing Organizing Commitee and Chinese Olympic Commitee are not liable for any health concerns as result of poor air quality.
  5. The gray hopeless wasteland really helps it stand out
  6. wonder if the IOC would be ok with a bitcoin funded olympics
  7. As much as I thought Farmers Field was extremely premature at the time, there is very strong reason to believe in a possible LA relocation (of either Rams, Raiders, or Chargers) that would end up at LA Live Team Rik
  8. Hey if a guy on kickstarter who wanted to make potato salad got $40,000, then imagine what an olympics could make! Goodbye Soaring costs!
  9. No, you can't confirm that the people running this bid are clueless. If you want to say they have a lack of experience because they're first time bidders that is different, but we know they have a plan, and they've been working with the USOC for sometime now, and that leads me to believe that they know what to do should they win. Not to mention, if people on Gamesbids can come to a decent understanding of the bid process, then shouldn't accomplished politicians and business men too?
  10. The people running the bid are educated businessmen and politicians. They know how to try and win over the pouplar vote, and thats by low-balling potential costs.
  11. at the time of the olympics tokyo will be 80k, and montreal was also at 80k as was seoul.
  12. Not to mention Gangneung has a stadium that could be easily expanded to 40k
  13. deferring to your local expertise baron. Is hunter's point and the area on candlestick viable. Why or why not?
  14. This article on the sf front just popped up: http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/S-F-upping-the-ante-to-win-bid-for-2024-Olympics-5815859.php basically it outlines that they're looking for a more compact bid + infrastructure improvements. Also interesting it seems that they're sticking with candlestick as the main stadium site, and there is no mention of a new raiders stadium serving as the main stadium.
  15. imo that would trivialize biathlon events
  16. truly the montreal of winter olympics
  17. Tony is england and gold coast lions is perth
  18. madrid has shown interest in 32 and beyond I guess if the IOC really wanted to maximize the amount of safe cities hosting, they could give 28 to Hamburg or another city like that, and then give 32 to Durban.
  19. no way, with the way things are, Whoville will end up with 2040.
  20. What evidence do you exactly have against Hungary? As for the RU HUN comparison. Freedom House ranks political and civil liberties of hungary at 1-2 respectively (considered free). As for russia, it's a 6-5 respectively (not free)
  21. Hungary is definitely not an autocracy, it's an electoral democracy.
  22. I don't really feel all that patriotic when thinking about a DC bid. In fact, I think most americans wouldn't feel all that patriotic about DC because of the huge political connotation.
  23. that budapest news is actually pretty old. Unfortunately, for them I don't like their odds against a paris or LA.
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