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  1. Exactly. Perhaps the IOC should consider charging fines to the winning cities for such drastic changes.

    People complain endlessly that the IOC is out of touch with reality, so do you honestly think that a system of fines, for I don't know, logically think about the cost and taxpayer situation, is the right thing to do? Moreover, this fits in with agenda 2020.

  2. It's not just about the weather for the spectators' enjoyment but it's also about it being comfortable enough for the athletes' performances not to be affected by it. This certainly isn't going to be an issue for the indoor sports, but it will be an issue for outdoor sports such as sailing, open water swimming and triathalon. Sure they can move those events somewhere else like Sydney or even Brisbane, but considering the distance it's inconvenient for both the athletes and the spectators. Agenda 2020 does allow for bids to play around with the distance of the venues from the host city, but if there is another world-renowned city that is willing to offer a bid just as good as Melbourne with all the events held within more reasonable distances from each other, which there will be, then Melbourne's chances just decrease. I still think as far as weather goes Brisbane is Australia's next best chance.





    Because a slight drizzle is gonna stop Usain bolt from winning the gold medal...

    Besides the weather would effect everyone equally meaning no ones going to get a clear advantage. And honestly I don't think atheletes who train their entire lives to compete in the olympics, are gonna blame their shortcomings on the cold but rather them just not being up to snuff.

  3. "Bar-gating" is very common, in my experience. At least they do in Germany, Scotland and in Seattle. The difference is that most stadiums in Europe aren't surrounded by a sea of parking lots/car parks like the suburban stadiums in the USA.

    I don't think that's really an issue. Consider that the American equivalent to European style stadiums -a downtown stadium- have generally hosted the best Super Bowls, All-Star Games, etc, while sprawling cities like Jacksonville are usually the worst for fans. There's enough room around Wembley for a few sponsor tents.

    And big events go to big cities that can handle the influx of people. Also i dont think any of the nba,nfl,mlb,nhl, etc care where the stadium/arena is, they care if you give them what THEY want, and a big part of that is event space, and that event space usually ends up as a bunch of tents on a parking lot surrounding the stadium. One example, supposed fan hellhole Jacksonville has hosted the superbowl before.

  4. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but according to the article, Walsh said "the pursuit of the games represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the city and would not leave taxpayers shouldering a massive bill."

    Once-in-a-lifetime? Is that to imply he's still surprised Boston got the nod and/or is this an implication that, much like New York and Chicago, they wouldn't return to the fray if they lost? Only time will tell what the answer is to that one, but I'd like to hope, probably for Boston's sake more than the USOC's that this is not a one-shot attempt for them, although I'm starting to think more and more that's exactly what this is.

    Don't read to much in to just one sentence. After all he is a politician, half of his job is selling an image.

  5. This was the most stupid thing i have read here. London in 2012 showed Sir Tim Berners Lee, the father of the internet. I did not know about this guy until this moment of the ceremony.
    Santos Dumont invented the airplane. He was the FIRST MAN TO FLY IN WORLD in France in 1906. You can found monuments of Santos Dumont in France. I just think would be awesome show a tribute to this man, like the first airplane, the 14 bis in the ceremony.

    Dumont flew the first airships, aka glorified hot air balloons. However, your confusion with baron comes from airplanes; in 1903 the wright brothers flew the worlds first airplane (or as they were classified back then heavier than air aircraft) in kittyhawk NC, whereas dumont flew in 1906.

  6. How many people attend T&F events? Can the Reggie Lewis center possibly host some events?

    A metric fuckton attend T&F (obviously helps that it's in the largest stadium). The main problem is indoor track facilities don't have tracks that are the IAAF standard; indoor tracks are a bit smaller. And that doesnt even include the fact the Reggie Lewis CEnter only hold about 5k people

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  7. http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2015/02/24/olympic-organizers-acknowledge-mixed-message-transportation-projects/cTNpYRGRSgAoyqdmlr7EsL/story.html

    I always hate reading the comments for these globe articles. They're full of people saying over and over again that the taxpayers will pay for everything.

    If any of these people bothered to go to the Citizens Advisory Group meetings and look at what they're actually saying and not what the biased Globe is, and to that point going up to ask questions instead of stating them online where no one will hear them, then they could be possibly reassured that (little to) no taxpayer money from the city itself or the state itself will be used.

    Everyone in Boston know full well the message of the organizing committee, and they think they're full of ****. Given the cost overruns in past olympics, even the better planned ones like vancouver and london, there is a logical reason to assume that the same applies for Boston. And since Boston's plan centers around temporary facilities-which are actually fairly expensive when construction, deconstruction, operation, paying for the land they're on, and wages are taken into account-there is very little actual legacy, which makes it hard to justify spending any money whatsoever. Furthermore, security costs have been stated as coming from the gov which means the taxpayers are picking it up, the absolute opposite of what they've been saying. Then you got all the infrastucture plans that are coming anyways, and that always leads to your prototypical bereaucratic clusterfuck. Also, that leads to another question, if boston can scrape together public money for an olympics, then why can't they do that for things that are an actual necessity for a city?

    Plus you've got the way Boston is planning to finance the whole thing, and it's largely based on ticket revenue, tv deals, private investment (is that one correct I cant remember), the IOC, plus any other miscellaneous crap. What happens when one of those things doesn't meet the minimum capital? Then it's pretty likely the taxpayer picks up the slack.

    Thats what you need to recognize, that this isn't an ideal world, and that there isn't always a cut and dry answer. People aren't stupid, the globe is biased towards reality, and when you are in the spotlight, you are going to be scrutinized by the public. And if the Boston Organizing Committee has the same attitude as you , then they're as good as dead.

  8. Same old boring predictable stuff. Each winner has to have their political/social agenda to espouse. There's the predictable 'being gay' speech (by writer Graeme Moore); the trying-too-hard host (a mediocre NPH this time...or at least the material he was given); of course, the 'civil rights'/snubbed minority numbers (as if a portion of the Oscars should fulfill some racial quotas) -- the UGLY sets. They get uglier each year.

    The biggest surprise to me was Lady Gaga actually singing in the PROPER 'Broadway' style of singing -- and not the rap crap doine in "Glory" (but which I loved the more conventional/melodic portion of that song vs. the repulsive rap portion). And then Julie Andrews, even classier 50 years later than she was in 1964!! I don't know which is UGLIER on international TV - armpit hair or Lady G's distracting tattoos?? I mean Lady G didn't even cover them up. Ughhh!!

    Did anybody notice that Joan RIvers was snubbed in the "In Memorian" section? I guess the Academy was just getting back at her for all the potty-mouth trashing she was giving people over the years. I mean Rivers crossed the line too many times.

    The more and more I read your comments, the more I think your some white guy named cletus, with a dale earnhardt shirt on, who lives in birmingham

  9. Could someone tell me what previous International Winter sports competition China hosted before?

    Seriously, the Beining bid is all over China, they have little if no experience in Winter sports, we've had beijing 2008 (way too soon). To me, both bids have weaknesses, they're both very risky, but ouf of the two, I think Almaty should be hosting.

    Whatever the hell happened here, but I get your point


  10. Well Olympic venues need to be able to host thousands of people, minimum 6 000 and up to 17 000. Are University venues able to host such massive amount of people? I mean it's gonna need a lot of transformation...

    American college sports is taken pretty seriously, even at smaller levels like the one boston has. They can easily accomodate figures in that range. Look them up would ya?

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