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  1. I didn't know that as I don't get NBCSN here. I understand the affliates having commitments to certain programs, but I guess I don't understand why NBC can't tell them we are airing the Olympics every morning after the Today show is over.
  2. I got those comments from HFboards, on their Olympics forum. I never said to air 20 hours a day of coverage, but why not after airing the Today show, show live coverage in the morning and then go back to stations regular programming the rest of the day.
  3. If NBC can't air coverage all day, then why not have NBCSN cover events when they are live. It amazes me that most Americans are happy with what ever coverage they are given. Its pretty sad that networks are afraid to go away from what they air everyday for 2 weeks cause it might upset their regular viewers.
  4. I guess what I am getting at and what that person said is you would think the main network would air more events then just the few hours a day. For me I look at how CBC covers the games here in Canada and can't understand why NBC can't do the same. Here in Canada we get almost everything shown live on TV and don't have to stream it online.
  5. After reading what's on that site, it shows how bad the NBC coverage is. Lauer: "Let's start with the women's super combined, it happened today. Julia Mancuso taking bronze in that. What did you think of her performance?" Vonn: "Well, obviously I haven't seen it because it's not on NBC, which will be tonight. But I did hear about the results and I heard she had an amazing downhill run and then hung on for the bronze medal. Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/nbc-tape-delayed-olympics-matt-lauer-lindsey-vonn-2014-2#ixzz2swLvnure Its pretty bad when Lindsey Vonn who works for NBC takes a jab at her employers coverage you know something is wrong.
  6. This is a quote from some body on another message board but it is exactly how I feel about NBC's coverage. "I wish NBC would stop paying such huge dollars for the broadcast rights only to minimize their coverage of the games to an absolute bare minimum. Why can't they give up those rights to someone else who might actually do a better job instead of continually pissing them away? Even if more Americans want to get into the olympics and get excited about them, its like NBC is making it as difficult as possible for them."
  7. You mean to tell me that the NBC affiliates would rather show their Days of Out Lives and Ellen, or whatever syndicated show they have during the day then air olympic coverage. For a national station that bid to air the games, for them to just show a primetime recap of what happened during the day is pretty lame. You would think that a network would want to air as much coverage as possible on the main network. They should do what CBC does and airs the best events that draw ratings on the main network when its live and tell people about the other events on their other channels to draw people to those stations.
  8. I live in Canada and am able to get both NBC and CBC. While I don't get NBCSN so I can't comment on their coverage, I can comment on the way NBC handles the games. I understand the tape delay and putting the big events in prime time to get the biggest ratings. I just don't understand why they don't cover the games like CBC does. They have coverage on their network all day and recap it all in primetime with the biggest stories of the day. I am sure CBC still gets great ratings for their primetime show even with showing events live during the day.
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