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  1. What did you think of the Biathlon - James ? It was fine, until the Cossacks started pursuing me down the mountain pass, Moneypenny ! ! Was it for England, James ? No - more a case of mistaken identity - Moneypenny ? Hows that - James ? Well how was I to know that the women I entertained last night, was the Hetman's woman ! ! Tut, tut, James.
  2. Agreed - lets drop this subject. In the meantime I give you - Pink Floyds, The Wall . . . . . . . . .
  3. Hey - Don't forget the Brit's looked back on their past as well - who will forget the Industrial Revolution section of the London Olympics opening ceremony. Indusrial Revolution part of London 2012 Of course many Brit's like the former DJ Pete Waterman would love to return to the Age of Steam, Lol.
  4. Well I can expand on the Soviet Union era - with this brilliant video Which portrays a far better look back at the Blood, Sweat and Tears of the Soviet Union - to the music Time
  5. Top Gear - Enters the Mini Cooper in the Ski Jump Yet another British legend ( ok it's not Bond or in Sochi but who cares ) the one and only Rocket powered Mini Cooper, enters the Ski Jump in the Top Gear - Winter Olympics. Top Gear - Rocket Skiing Mini Cooper
  6. My Pleasure - tell me anyone else have problems accessing BBC I-Player tonight ??
  7. Team GB are doing great - Even the Russian Police are beginning to appreciate all things British. Go Team GB, Go !!! Russian Police Choir perform - Skyfall I'm sure Tem GB will appreciate this rendition of the James Bond classic film Skyfall - performed by the Russian Police Choir.
  8. Russian Police Choir perform - Bond Classic Skyfall I'm sure you will all appreciate this rendition of the James Bond classic film Skyfall - performed by the Special Forces section of the Russian Police Choir.
  9. Yes - supurb performance by Jenny Jones. So Go Team GB, Go !!!!!!
  10. Sochi Olympics - All visitors to the games - your electronic devices are very vulnerable to being hacked in Russia Richard Engel, chief foreign correspondent NBC News, confirmed on air that his laptop and cell phone were almost immediately hacked as soon as he touched down in Russia. Engel is one of hundreds of journalists from around the world in Sochi, Russia to cover the Winter Olympics. Under the assumption that they would be hacked, the NBC crew was prepared to find out just how quickly and easily it could happen. Before getting to Russia, the NBC team set up fake social media accounts, with fake emails and contacts associated to Engel’s name. Once in the Olympic city, they opened two new Mac computers that had never been used before. They then uploaded the fake accounts to the new computer. Once Engel turned on his phone in a nearby cafe, a dangerous malware application immediately began downloading to his phone. Less than 24 hours later, hackers had used the information taken from Engel’s cellphone activated from public WiFi, and accessed the two new computers. Laptops, computer and mobiles hacked in Russia[
  11. Our man in Sochi - banned from the Cafe bar Yes it's tough being a Secret Agent in Sochi - following the Winter Olympics, as this bar has decided to ban them all. The owner of this cafe in Sochi's Olympic Krasnaya Polyana resort has put up a sign banning all Secret Agents from the West, upon hearing that James Bond maybe in town. No Spies here thank you - Cafe Bar enforces a Spy ban
  12. Which is the International dialing code for Russia. Anyway . . . . . . . . . . The Sochi Olympics Torch passed through some interesting Russian places Yes James Bond fans were hysterically shouting 'Goldeneye' as the Olympic torch passed over the dam of this Secret Russian facility, somewhere in the Russian Federation on it's way to Sochi. 8) Bond was there - 007's Bungy Jump Finally Britain's brightest hope for the Ski Jump, makes a spectacular exit pursued by the Russians
  13. To my mind the Opening ceremony was performed very well and was visually spectatular, of course a large part of the ceremony was dedicated to a Surreal look back at Russian history which began with a psychedelic panorama of cupolas and swirling samovars, before we saw Russia's modernising tsar, Peter the Great, emerge from the sea. From there we had a brief ballet interlude with War and Peace, before being thrown into the Soviet period. There followed what might be the most alluring representation of the Soviet state ever, as shiny vintage limousines sped through the stadium, art-deco tinged skyscrapers burst from the ground and happy workers toiled in unison, while the sharp, abstract angles of 1920s constructivism gave way to a vast hammer and sickle, which converged on the centre of the arena from opposite ends. As for the post communist era in Russia, there was a distinct void left at the end of the Closing ceremony for that period. Perhaps the present era in Russia can best be described as 'To be continued ' Anyway here's a far better look back at the Blood, Sweat and Tears of the Soviet Union on video - to the music Time
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