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  1. Hey all! I was looking for FIFA U-17 Women’s World cup championship details but I couldn’t find it anywhere, until I find this blog of PureVPN. It has all the information including day to day schedule of all events and a list of all online broadcasting channels. You can give it a read and I bet you will find it very helpful.
  2. The 22nd winter Olympics officially open in Russia today, with 98 medals to be won over 16 days. Winter Olympics are just around the corner and I am really excited to be a part of it. Guys just a few days left and guess what I found, a very detail and informative article piece on Sochi Olympics 2014. You can view the complete schedule along with detail information about all 15 games, their events and time at which they will be held. If your cable TV guy is not broadcasting the live Olympics events, not to worry here is a complete list of all broadcasting channels for Sochi Olympics as well as online websites from where you can see the games.
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