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  1. Notable lineup change Co all time WC goal scoring leader Klose is back up at striker trying to get that goal
  2. You know the matchups the FIFA World Cup Continues today France vs Germany 13:00 Estadio de Maracana Rio De Janeiro Brazil vs Columbia 17:00 Estadio Castelao Fortaleza Going with Germany in ET and Brazil on PK
  3. Yeah who cares about what some Company thinks is the best sporting city
  4. Yeah but that's because the game really isn't in SF hence using SF Bay Area Hell Naw maybe for Best Soccer/Football League/Teams/Players but not for everything else
  5. Guys we all know NYC is the entertainment, media , and cultural capital of the world
  6. The construction of Line 4 of Rio's metro service, a crucial project for the 2016 Games and the city's residents, has reached an important milestone with the installation of 400 metres of track in the first tunnel to be completed. The new line, scheduled to start operating in 2016, will link Barra da Tijuca - the large neighbourhood in the west of Rio that will host the Olympic Park - with Ipanema in the south zone, providing easy connections onwards to Copacabana, the city centre and north zone. The tracks have been laid in the tunel that links Barra with São Conrado - it is the largest tunnel in the world that has been dug through rock between two metro stations. Another 300 metres of track will be laid every week. More than 1,100 sections of track - each 18 metres long and weighing more than a tonne - will be used to complete the tracks, in both directions, in the Barra-São Conrado tunnel. “The Line 4 project employs nearly 8,000 workers and when finished it will serve 300,000 passengers per day,” said Rodrigo Vieira, from the state government's special projects department. Line 4, which will have a total length of 16km, is one of the transport projects that has been accelerated because of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It is estimated that the new line will result in about 2,000 fewer vehicles per hour on the road during peak times. There will be six new stations - Jardim Oceânico, São Conrado, Gávea, Antero de Quental, Jardim de Alah and Nossa Senhora da Paz - that will integrate with the existing metro Lines 1 and 2. It will be possible to travel from Barra to Ipanema in 15 minutes and from Barra to the city centre in 34 minutes.
  7. LA is definitely more global than Sydney
  8. O well who do I want to win ...... Ugh just give it to Brazil or else they'll riot. 2nd choice ahh Netherlands
  9. I knew the ref would screw us in someway. Great run I will be at Russia 2018 hopefully
  10. Damn Wondo had that shot. Tim Howard deserves the best GK of the WC just for today
  11. Here comes my local mls team's best player US getting a little momentum
  12. Juergen has announced Jozy Altidore will not start today
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