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  1. Yeah too bad they don't give 4th official to AR's only Ref's when there crew was not selected and they need someone from the same continent
  2. He's on Geiger's team but they gave the game to the Mexican Referee because it's his 3rd World Cup
  3. When the British Premier League was on Free TV 300 to 500 million people in China watched it over the whole season but then they sold the rights to Pay TV and viewership dropped
  4. Well it comes down to this will Brazil make the final without Neymar and Sliva or faultier and go to the 3rd place match Brazil vs Germany Estadio Mineirao Belo Horizonte 17:00 HEAD TO HEAD: Brazil 12-5-4 GOALS SCORED: Brazil 39-24 OFFICIALS Referee: Marco Rodriguez MEX AR 1: Marvin Torrentera MEX AR 2: Marcos Quintero MEX 4th: Mark Geiger USA PLEASE No personal attacks we are here to discuss the game I can't find any reason here to argue expect regarding Calls Teams ETC
  5. Terrible choice but good to see mark geiger as 4th official maybe that means he will get the final!!!
  6. It was really fun till now the people that took breaks came back and started fighting again ( not you )
  7. Ruiz shot gets blocked robbed makes his shot 2-1 Dutch after 2 Robben I mean Costa Rica makes next shot now the Dutch ... Convert 3-2 after 3 4-3 Costa Rica must score
  8. The bullet trains are epic I would ride them everywhere next time I go to Japan
  9. Time to determine who will be in the 2nd semifinal Argentina vs Belgium 13:00 Estadio Nacional Brasilia Netherlands vs Costa Rica 17:00 Arena Fonta Nova Salvador I got Argentina and Netherlands but will be rooting for Costa Rica. Not even bothering to wake up early for the 1st game
  10. It's a close call originally I did think it was a yellow I suppose it was the right call. However I'm surprised you're not outraged whoever the player is that hurt Neymar did not receive a red card The AR was right there. Tomorrow will be terrible too you will see how many times Messi is fouled
  11. No he gets a red card for DOGSO if you even know what that is. Worst officiated game of the WCThis is according to the ref experts at big soccer World Cup referee forum go look for yourself
  12. Cesar should have been red carded just like the columbian player should have been for kneeing neymar
  13. Notable lineup change Co all time WC goal scoring leader Klose is back up at striker trying to get that goal
  14. You know the matchups the FIFA World Cup Continues today France vs Germany 13:00 Estadio de Maracana Rio De Janeiro Brazil vs Columbia 17:00 Estadio Castelao Fortaleza Going with Germany in ET and Brazil on PK
  15. Yeah who cares about what some Company thinks is the best sporting city
  16. Yeah but that's because the game really isn't in SF hence using SF Bay Area Hell Naw maybe for Best Soccer/Football League/Teams/Players but not for everything else
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